twinspiration.coFavorite Spring Lipsticks
Spring is here and we are changing up our makeup habits! We love the dark, rich hues of fall and winter, but it’s always fun to change up your makeup routine. This spring, we’re focused on dewy skin and bright lips. We’ve always been matte foundation loving girls but lately, it’s been nice wearing lighter coverage foundations that give a nice luminosity to the skin. As far as bright lips go, we have some we’ve been loving that we’re going to share with you. We’ve also been into more berry-tones this spring. I know typically, berries are reserved for fall but we think they are perfect for spring as well. We also traded our dark, cool-toned nudes for more warm, light nude lip colors which go well with fresh-faced makeup. Read on to see what lip colors we’ve been loving recently! CHARLOTTE TILBURY SEXY SIENNA Although we usually don’t splurge on luxury makeup items, this lipstick is worth the money. First of all, can we talk about how beautiful this lipstick is?! The rose gold. The ridges. We love it all. Coral lipsticks are perfect for spring, but we always have a hard time finding the perfect coral. Because this one …
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