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"Burning Down the House" originally appeared in SPIN's November 1986 issue. To get to Imports Etc. you once had to walk through a garage. Now you just need to know where it is. Located on a side street in Chicago's Printers Row, the city's only record store dealing exclusively in dance music hangs its little yellow sign on a sealed-off garage door. New 12-inch singles share bin space with old Philadelphia soul and obscure Italian imports that sell to collectors for up to $20. Most of Imports Etc.'s customers are DJs. They come here for house music. At C.O.D., a dark, run-down juice bar on Chicago's North Side, DJ Frankie Knuckles spins for a cramped room full of sweaty blacks jacking their bodies in furious sexual pantomime until eight AM. Knuckles drops out everything from a Teddy Pendergrass record except the voice. The crowd reacts like they're at a revival meeting, screaming in response to Teddy's testimony. They worship Knuckles as the man who invented house music. On WGCI, Farley
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