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Magic Lighting & Tooling: ReviewOur Lord & Savior when Eskom hits a blunder with the electricity we paid for. Magical Lighting & Tooling is the solar energy supplier we've been looking for! Magic Lighting & Tooling are a Lenasia based company established December 2018 who specialize in Solar + Electronic lighting & the various tools you may need. They specialize at the moment in alot of solar powered goods and lamps, so your rechargeable lights and solar lamps that act as lighting and has a USB port so you can charge your phone when load shedding hits. The brother & dad have over 50 years of experience in tooling. ESKOM Dropping the ball Does Eskom understandthis? Do they see the pain they cause? How do they feel? Load Shedding has really & truly become the bane of my existence . I run a budding 3D Printing business & the problem is that once the power cuts even for a milisecond the printer STOPS printing, stuck on that point. Unfortunately, it's a whole other coding mission to make it print from where it stopped. Therefore Load Shedding is an inconvenience that highly effects my business. What I can't for the life of me understand is WHY, why can't Eskom resolve this crisis already! They are using the same age-old antics they have always used. Where is the innovation? Where is the evolution? Multi-quadri-billion rand company & you telling me their ONLY solution to an inefficiently managed grid is to load shed? Pfft. They clearly need a wake-up call. Instead of lining the bonus pockets of their management, they should rather hire out a whole room of electrical engineering graduates to come together & resolve the problem! Period. It's called crowdsourcing, look it up yah dopes. I mean if a kid in from Malawi who read a book & became the boy who harnessed the frikkin Wind to power an electric water pump then what possible excuse does Eskom have for not resolving their energy crisis! Bring that boy here, he'll probably solve it for them! The problem is that they don't have any competition. No other company is challenging them for the market. To make them fight harder or push the boundaries of their science. Which is why I was so ecstatic to find a local supplier that is combating load shedding by providing cost effective solutions for the people. One of their offered products is a Remote-Controlled Music Led Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker Built-In Audio Speaker!I mean what even?! a Whole Light & Speaker in one! hahah this is such a creative solution to load shedding. Atleast you'll be entertained & have light wabone. Imagine the LIT blackout parties one could throw. Check out all these DOPE products I scored from Magic Lighting & Tooling!✅A Solar rechargeable Power bank ✅An Outdoor Solar rechargeable Motion Sensor Light ✅A Solar rechargeable Camping lamp with 10 in 1 USB charger Solar rechargeable Camping lamp with 10 in 1 USB charger Features Include:High capacity maintenance free rechargeable battery (1300MAH) providedCan be recharged with Solar Panel attachmentCan be used during emergency power outagesRotating switch can adjust LED brightnessUSB port available to recharge Cell phones! I dig the look of this, it give a dope look to the standard lights they selling out there. I like that it's a classic design of a lantern but with Lights instead of flame. The BEST part of this Redisson Camp Light is the 10 in 1 USB charger it comes with! Wow, I don't even know what some of those plug into lolol. One even looks like those old Motorola flip phone chargers haha. I love multi-purpose products. Solar rechargeable Power Bank I've never used a solar powered anything before, always had the perception that they would take too long to charge or I wouldn't have the bandwidth to wait/fit into my schedule. Since getting these however, I'm enjoying them so much. Since my car is out all day in the sun where I teach, it's an easy opportunity to charge the power bank. Now that it's fully charged, I'm charging my phone as I type. It's the perfect portable accessory for when load shedding hits or even just on-the-go as your phone is literally the one access to entertainment you have, laptops never last long so tablets & phones are saviors during that time. And the power bank in turns saves your phone while it's serving you. Plus while your phone isn't entirely waterproof, apparently looks like the power bank is! Outdoor Solar rechargeable Motion Sensor Light Features Include:Light detection - only works when under dim or no lightingMotion detection - turns on to motion of movement within its perimeter fieldSolar Panel for self sustainable energy So recently our own motion light that you can see in the pic just above, stopped working. Now while I'm not as paranoid or cautious as my 'rents, it is very annoying to come home at night & have the driveaway in darkness. Especially when you have to unlock the garage. I also enjoy the principal & energy efficiency of motion detection lights. That way it's not unnecessarily on all the time. It might look small but it packs a wallop! And that's the point right? You don't want something heavy & bulky or easily spotted. “I; Enricoh Alfonzo; undoubtedly, vehemently, and whole-heartedly recommend Magic Lighting & Tooling to everyone.” Already addicted to the Magic Lighting & Tooling products. So convenient & trendy. What catches your eye from the Magic Lighting & Tooling lineup? CONTACT INFO WhatsApp and cell 065 883 9586 and email magiclighting4@gmail.com. MLT does deliveries in Lenasia and Lenasia south and uses PostNet to PostNet countrywideIt's R99 for the PostNet to PostNet services for across SouthAfrica. ❤️️Share the love & follow for updates on latest specials, events & excitementT Facebook@Magiclightingandtooling © Enricoh Alfonzo ~ Alfonzo Words I’d love to keep connected with you! Follow on Twitter | Like on Facebook | Join my Instagram community | Watch me on Pinterest | Subscribe to blog post Updates |~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres
10 Ideas for Displaying Common Objects as Unexpected Works of Art on WallThere are plenty of ways to give life to bare walls. With some creative placement, a colorful collection of vintage bingo cards, weather vanes, a gnarled branch, mismatched framed mirrors or anything else you like can become an eye-catching wall installation and an expression of your personal style. Take a look at these 10 ideas for displaying common objects as unexpected works of art. EmailSave 1. Weather vanes. Collections of almost any kind have the potential to make great wall pieces, but objects with interesting patterns, colors, shapes or expressions especially add character to a room. Take a look at this collection of metal weather vanes mounted with brackets in the foyer of a home in upstate New York. Each animal stands out against the white wall, while the different patinas pick up tones from the side tables’ metal knobs and the warm wood of the floor. Each vane is unique, but they all work well together in a grouping. EmailSave 2. Vintage board games. Drawn to the colors, typography and original wooden construction, interior designer Kress Jack picked up this set of vintage bingo cards at a flea market. “I knew they would make a great art installation somewhere and just waited for the right project,” Jack says. The right project turned out to be a family room in Mill Valley, California, for clients who wanted a game room feel with vintage flair. Jack created narrow shelves for the bingo boards by mounting sections of quarter-round trim with the flat side up. EmailSave 3. Nets and other tools. Old farm implements, boat paddles, glass floats, fishing nets and other tools and equipment all tell a story. As wall art, they can add a sense of intrigue to a room. For example, you might not instantly recognize the pair of Portuguese eel trapsabove this fireplace in Portland, Oregon. They’re hung with plenty of room to breathe, letting their graceful form and rich texture of the weaving stand out. EmailSave 4. Mismatched mirrors. The owner of this relaxed home in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, used a collection of vintage mirrors set on a pair of rails to adorn a large wall in the living room. The mirrors face the front of the house, reflecting light from the living room windows and defining the eclectic vintage style of the interior from the get-go.To make a mismatched collection of nearly anything work well together, look for elements, colors or materials that establish a theme. The white frames and vintage styles tie this collection together, even though the mirrors vary in size and shape.See more of this home’s collections of flea market finds EmailSave 5. A strip of dramatic wallpaper. Using a single strip of wallpaper as floor-to-ceiling art can be a great way to introduce a colorful accent or rich pattern without fully committing to covering the walls. To make this look work, go for papers with bold color washes, dip dyes and large, fantastical prints, such as botanicals or birds. Avoid single colors, which can look more like a partially painted accent wall than art, and skip the small-scale prints, which will get lost from a distance. If you’re renting, using liquid starch to mount the wallpaper will allow you to remove it later without damage to the walls.t EmailSave 6. Eclectic tapestries. Think beyond quilts and traditional tapestries when you consider textiles for wall art. Anything woven with interesting details, like the pieces of metal in Moroccan wedding blankets or tiny mirrors in Indian tapestries, can make great wall accents, adding texture to a room.In this home of an interior designer and her daughter, a vintage shawl with long fringe hangs half as wall art, half as a canopy, and adds to the colorful, bohemian vibe. EmailSave 7. Wood slices. Cross sections of tree trunks and branches arranged in a river-like design across this wall bring a natural, organic element to the contemporary living room. The design is particularly eye-catching because of the graphic bullseye look of each piece of wood. Using light-colored wood such as birch would give a more subtle result but still add rich texture. EmailSave 8. License plates. A group of vintage plates hung as a collection looks more grown-up and intentional than a single plate. The interior designer of this Denver home used a set of vintage plates from Colorado and elsewhere to give an in-between space in the living room more character. EmailSave 9. Natural branch. A pale branch silhouetted against a dark accent wall creates a distinct display in this midcentury modern room. It can be tricky to figure out how to mount wooden branches. Smaller pieces with sections that lie flat to the wall can be attached with long screws. Heavier branches require mounting brackets or wiring. EmailSave 10. Handkerchiefs. A framed collection of silk handkerchiefs enlivens the wall of this living room in Ibiza, Spain, and picks up the bright cobalt, turquoise and red of the rug. To get the scarves to lie flat, the interior designer used floating glass frames. One standout scarf framed or hung from a wooden poster hanger could also anchor the room. EmailSave Tell us: What everyday objects have you turned into wall art? Share your photos in the Comments.
DecoCrated Fall 2019 Unboxing - Home Decor Subscription BoxDecoCrated Fall 2019 Unboxing - Home Decor Subscription Box The Decocrated Home Decor Subscription Box is the only reason I update my seasonal decorations each season. I actually decorate early or on time, instead of rushing to get some quick decorations out before my halloween or thanksgiving parties... Summer & Winter Box used in my house - watch minute 11:43 Coupon code: PINKENVELOPE10 for $10 off So the Decocrated Fall Subscription Box is officially my 3rd DecoCrated box and I seriously thought it couldn't get any better than the last box however I was wrong. This Fall Decorations subscription box is amazing!!!!! I received 9 items in this box but 5 of them are front & back or multi use so I easily have 13+ different decor looks shipped to my door for only $79.99. For your budget conscious peoples, this is $8.88 per item and only $6.15 per look (because the front and back items serve 2 purposes). For all you getting on saying, "I can find that HomeGoods cheaper." 1) No you can't. I'm a HG shopper. You really can't. 2) Please make sure to add in your time. Time is one of our most precious commodities (hence why I LOVE subboxes). Sorry...off my soapbox ;-) My favorite aspect of this box is that is covers Fall and Halloween. So in September I will have all the Fall decor showing. Then in October I will swap and flip it over to show the Halloween decor. Then in November I will swap it back to Fall. You guys have no idea how happy this makes my little decorating heart. I LOVE, like LOVE LOVE, to decorate for Holidays and DecoCrated makes it so much more fun! Check out the photos below to see what I got in my Fall Home Decor Subscription. See my 1st DecoCrated box here - Winter Home Decor Subscription https://youtu.be/YpGnremZWVw See my 2nd Decorated box here - Summer Home Decor Subscription https://youtu.be/SkOT2rIYmlU #decocrated #homedecor #subscriptionbox **Follow me on Social Media** Instagram: https://instagram.com/thepinkenvelope Twitter: https://twitter.com/thepinkenvelope Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/thepinkenvelope Facebook: https://facebook.com/thepinkenvelope Blog: https://thepinkenvelope.com Email: samantha@thepinkenvelope.com *Disclaimer: these are just my opinions and I apologize in advance for misspelling, typos & overall nonsense! This post may contain affiliate links. We earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase using one of our links, which helps to support the blog. All opinions are my own.