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What are some of the useful features of Gmail?Gmail is a useful mail platform that caters amazing ability for easy mail transfer for users worldwide. Even when there exists so many traditional mail platform, gmail is most widely used because it knows how to bring latest approach mailing features for its users. Gmail keeps on launching new updates and features for its users every now and then. All these features are mail focused and maintain to be easy and user friendly for its users such that they do not face any issues while using any of this application or feature of gmail but in case of issues, easy help can be obtained from Gmail contact Support number. Gmail is a wonderful platform that cares for its users and to make their experience worth it, it keeps on launching new and latest features for its users. All these features of gmail are introduced for its users so that they can enjoy an enhanced experienced while mail transfer with gmail. It is wise that users know most of them and apply them in their daily mailing use. Some of the interesting features of gmail are: Smart compose option – Composing mails in gmail is quite easy and it comes with smart compose option. It helps users to smartly write mails so that typing mails is not at all difficult for users. With easy compose option, gmail also let users add attachment easily. Clickable attachment – With gmail you can send and receive clickable attachment. This attachment can be accessed write in emails so that you need to separately open them to view them. Download them only if you feel they are important. This may include any sorts of attachments. Right click menu – Gmail also bring in enhanced right click menu option. With this users can easily use and apply different features available in gmail. This negates the need of separately searching and using these features. This comes with customized option for users and if they need help for the same, they may get it from Gmail Technical support number UK. Smart reply option – With gmail you need to type the same mail text again and again because gmail let you simply add the text of old mail to new mail. This negates the need of spending time of composing same mail message again and again. The smart reply option is worth using. These features available over gmail prove that it is a wonderful mail platform for enhanced mail transfer. The useful features of gmail are all user oriented but still if sometimes, users face any issues using any of these feature available over gmail, they may obtain easy help from Gmail helpline number UK.