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18 Best Coffee Tumblers to Buy on AmazonIt's another early morning and you are rushing to leave to work. You grab your cup of coffee on-the-go just to realize it's cold 5 minutes later. Explore these coffee tumbler options for better mornings. There is nothing like making a delicious and fast cup of coffee -- this is why we came with our quality instant coffee after all, but a good coffee is only one part of the solution. Using one of the best coffee tumblers on this list will keep your coffee warm or chilled for longer hours and have the coffee's aroma intact. It is also a more eco-friendly solution instead of using paper cups when you want your coffee on-the-go. We spent hours of research on Amazon, so you wouldn’t have to. The result is our top 18 tumblers for your best coffee experience. Before we start, full disclosure -- we also sell an amazing coffee tumbler ourselves. It is an 8 oz MiiR tumbler, which will keep your drink warm for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. We sell it in our traveling kit alongside our premium instant coffee and a bamboo spoon. You can find it in a caffeinated or decaffeinated version of our kit. Learn more here. Ok, now let's explore all options: Santai Living This Bamboo Bottle by Santai Living is an exceptional product, since no one is like the other. Every bottle is made from eco-friendly gathered bamboo wood so each and every thermos has its own unique design. The stainless steel interior is will keep hot drinks warm for up to eight hours and cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours! For example, hat’s an entire day of refreshing instant iced tea. It is a new and upcoming international brand that we definitely recommend following. Get it here Contigo This traveler carries about 20 ounces and is designed to keep beverages safe on-the-go. No leaky lids or difficult to operate mechanisms. Just a simple press and release seal with a “spill-proof” guarantee. If it isn't convenient enough, the traveler lid is dishwasher safe! To top it all off the sleek, this traveler comes in twenty different colors to match your 20 daily moods. Get it here Coleman For those of you who enjoy camping, you’re probably already familiar with the Coleman brand. Not only does Coleman provide all of your outdoor furnishings and traveling needs, they have created an excellent traveling mug to take with you on all your rustic adventures. The “non-sweat” design of the Coleman tumbler, keeps drinks from melting in your canteen and they come in sizes up to 30 oz! Get it here Jura If you are looking for a classic design and convenience, this Jura Outdoor Tumbler is the right fit for you. The classy, matte black design is perfect for any setting or occasion. Jura has two different styles of lids for you to choose from: the slider and the flip lid. The slider features a quick press and slide chamber for quickness and ease of use. The flip lid was made to keep beverages contained so you don’t have to worry about any spills. In addition, the flip lid’s tight seal also helps to keep the beverage's intact. Get it here Mira Following the theme of classic designs and elegant forms, we have the Mira Stainless Steel Tea Infuser. Yes, you heard right; this mug comes with a mesh filter for straining loose leaf tea. Now, we’ve already made your life a little bit easier by providing delicious iced tea at an instant’s notice. But, the strainer also works for whole fruits and mint leaves so you can get the perfect fruit infused instant iced tea. Get it here Simple Modern Cruiser So far, we’ve shown you a lot of polished, monochrome canisters with stainless steel interiors. We decided to stir things up with this one. The Simple Modern Cruiser comes in forty two different colors and designs. Their spectrum contains everything from night sky graphics to marble, wood, ombre, and even reflective shimmering rainbows. It even comes with a reusable straw to match. Even more, the manufacturer claims to donate 10% of all profit to charity, so you can contribute to saving the environment while donating to a good cause in style. Get it here Zoijirushi The Zojirushi is a fan favorite with glowing reviews. Reports boast claims of drinks retaining their heat even with the lid open. The Zojirushi comes in rose gold and “bordeaux” brown, for the ones still scrolling for more fashionable options. The non-stick interior and removable stop function on the lid, makes it easy to clean and put back together. Get it here Zoku For our iced beverage lovers out there, the Zoku will help you turn your instant coffee into instant iced coffee! The instructions state that all you need to do is let the Zoku chill in the freezer before popping it into the insulating sleeve. Next, you pour your 10oz hot beverage into the sleeve and screw on the lid. According to the company’s product description, this process should take you no more than five minutes and does not require any ice additives so you’ll never have to worry about your drink diluting as it chills. No rush, no hassle; just quick and easy instant iced coffee goodness. Yum! Get it here Yeti This is another one for our outdoor lovers. You may be familiar with the brand YETI, which sells outdoor gear like coolers, backpacks, and tools but yes, also coffee tumblers and travelers. The YETI rambler is built for lasting quality and comfort. This travel mug comes with all the necessary ingredients - stainless steel interior and double wall vacuum seals, to keep your beverage temperatures steady. The manufacturer also says it has a “triple grip handle” for mitts and gloves to fit snugly around. Traveling in the snow? Don't forget your quality coffee with this one. Get it here Stanley Keeping on the trend of camping gear, Stanley is one of the leading brands in vacuum bottles, flasks, food jars, and camping cookware. The Stanley classic big grip is very similar to the YETI rambler except, the Stanley is predicted to keep drinks cold for up to twenty hours. The Stanley also comes intact with a clip feature, which allows you to clip the traveler onto packs and bags. Get it here RTIC RTIC is another familiar name to campers and travelers. Known for their backpacks, coolers, and camping accessories, the RTIC tumbler comes in seventeen different shades and advertises a full 24 hour heat and/or chill retention. It also comes with a transparent lid so you always know just how much beverage you have left. Easiest way to know when you need more coffee! Get it here CamelBak The last of the camping gear tumblers is the CamelBak Hot Cap Travel Mug. Complete with a “360 degree cap” which allows the user to take a sip of their beverage from every angle of the cup while also claiming to be “leak-proof.” For all versions, 12 to 20oz, the cap is dishwasher safe and the mug is designed with double stainless steel walls for yet another no-rust, no-smell product. Get it here Swell Back to the more innovative designs, Swell comes in chic marble decor, gradiented grays and blues, metallic golds, and primary colors. The design is meant for an easy grip and is BPA free (BPA is a chemical found commonly in plastics and interferes with the body’s endocrine system). Get it here JOCO JOCO is another plastic-free option for the environmentally conscious. It is a 12oz glass jar, with great reviews calling it the “perfect size.
Top Women's Handbags Trends In New ZealandTop women's handbags trends in New Zealand - Staying in touch with top fashion trends, make your aura magnificent. And when it comes to buying the stylish and trendy handbag for women, every lady craves for the exclusive style of handbags. There is a number of astonishing style of handbags that leaves the ladies awe-struck. In this aspect, the Bambi boutique offers the most staggering range of top women's handbags trends in New Zealand. Being trendy elevates the temperament with a glassy gaze. The distinctive handbags style in different designs, materials, and occasionally have to boost up the fashion industry. Ladies look around for the unique masterpiece every new time that often make them stay in link with top fashion line statement. Let's scroll below to check out the astounding range of best women's handbags trends in New Zealand. Top women's handbags trends in New Zealand There is a number of stylish and trendy handbags style in the market, the exclusive innovative style is making the ladies grab the trendy fashion. Let's know more below about women's handbags trends in New Zealand. Belt Bag The trendy belt bags are trending in the latest bags style accessory for women. The fresh belt bag options are on their way to retailers. The strapped to your waist is there in the bag, so your hands can remain deep in your puffer jacket's pockets. The belt bag style is the most trending and fascinating style of bag for women. Furry and Fuzzy The furry and fuzzy handbags style Faux fur, shearling, and the like covered backpacks, belt bags, and crossbody are trending these days with its innovative style and designs that provide ravishing glance. This style is the most impactful on every handbag next season and extends the cozy theme of your wardrobe even further. Duffle Bag Another staggering style of the handbags is a duffle bag with its all-new different look. The bag is quite spacious and stylish with its long and deep pack design. You can carry this imposing handbag anywhere and get all your important stuff with you with the ease of duffle bag style. Most innovative and classy style. Spacious and trendy. Easy to carry. Crochet Impressive crochet handbags are another trendy handbag style this season that with all new latest designs. Whether you're searching for a casual tote to bring to the beach or a semi-fancy one for dinner, there are more than enough crochet options to meet every desire. Miniature Stay hassle-free with your mini accessories and shrinking them into pieces no bigger than your palms. The runways were dotted with miniature crossbody bags that probably hold nothing more than a few coins. While highly impractical, these tiny purses are dainty and cute for special occasions. Lanyard Bags Touristy accessories are in style, layered two on one chain. The bag is quite fancy and useful at the same time as it is a completely different style ever, that grabs the attention to the fullest. Lanyards allow you to carry the necessities without lugging a tote around—a plus if you're planning to attend any concerts this summer. Magnificent glance. Handy and comfortable. A classy look with stunning design. Single Loop Handle This single-handle bag on the runway is grabbing the gaze of every lady. The classy and astounding design especially when the material is luxe leather. The understated, innovative design has already made its way to popular retailers which have increased the demand for a particular style in the market. Conclusion The aforementioned are the most stylish and staggering top women's handbags trends in New Zealand. Thes stunning handbags style are striking above in the market that offers a magnificent gaze and makes everyone to turn their head. Bambi boutique offers an extremely astonishing range of handbags collection that makes every head turn around. Go through the most ravishing handbag style and trends this season to stay with fashion top-line.
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