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Absurd humorist. Nutcase. Writes for The Junction, MuddyUm, The Haven.
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I love God first, so it's God over everything! Secondly, I am very passionate about my business... and that is to help others become financially free.
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Nondescript Minnesota male who is a huge social and occupational failure. That's my life, condensed.
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Semi-vegan,backpacking trekker with a realization that truly "those that wander are, indeed, not always lost." Posts in computers,vegan,food,recipes,technology
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the wild west was my land
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Have you ever feel like going to the frontier of the earth?
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Wir bieten dir an, deine affe spiele für Kinder kostenlos online zu genießen. Sie treffen sich mit Ihren Lieblingstieren, Feenfiguren und Comicfiguren.
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Love Songs and all Sorts of Music, Pop, Jazz, Country, Folk, Dance and enything else i like :) love animals and i am green
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Nurse, translator, melophile
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I consider myself to be an #artist in the making. A #Photographer and #Music Lover, Born in #DR raised in #NYC now enjoying life in #Orlando
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I love travel, art and everything with a vintage vibe, check out my blog >> https://lacartevintage.com/