Andrew H. Campbell Omaha NE
Andrew H. Campbell currently works as an International Public Speaker/Author. Located in Omaha, Nebraska. Andrew has a Doctorate from Indiana Tech University.
Andrew H Campbell Discusses How International Peacekeeping Laws Are ChangingPeacekeeping operations are an integral part of the United Nations (UN) mandate. For many of its members, taking part in international peacekeeping missions is more about maintaining the legal order between the nations than out of each nation’s concern for its own security. However, recent shifts in the balance of power on the world stage have had a profound impact on UN peacekeeping missions. So much so that the laws governing these operations have themselves undergone fundamental changes. Dr. Andrew H Campbell of Bellevue, NE explains that currently “The challenges facing the UN peacekeeping operations are multidimensional and complex...we see it in the rise of violent extremism as well as the increasing role of regional organizations in providing peace. With these challenges comes a need to address international security concerns from a practical perspective.” In today’s environment, as nation-states are becoming more interdependent, cooperation among leaders is becoming more critical to satisfying states’ interest in an interconnected world. Recently, the role of the UN in certain regions has been marginalized. With the rise of non-state actors and organizations, the UN’s approach has come under scrutiny if not openly challenged by regional states. The reason is that regional and international institutions have an enormous impact on peace development. Faced with these challenges and a fluid global stage, the UN’s response was in the form of proposed changes not just in its peace and security architecture, but in the management system and structures as a whole. The UN reforms, which were recommended by a High-level Independent Panel on UN Peace Operations, aim to make peacekeeping operations more effective by focusing on the prevention of conflicts and quick responses as ways to stop disputes from turning into civil or international wars. At a time when the UN finds its role in international peacekeeping diminished, it’s important to understand the transformations that lead to this situation. More recently, peacekeeping approaches have undergone a change where there is more focus on human security. As a result, the priority of the UN now more than ever is to strike a balance between a people-centered approach to human security and a state-centered one. To get more info on this topic, please read the source material of this video: http://www.trueactivist.com/andrew-h-campbell-of-bellevue-ne-discusses-how-international-peacekeeping-laws-are-changing/ For more information about Andrew H Campbell and his work, please visit: www.andrewhcampbellomahane.com www.iplinstitute.com/ www.facebook.com/Andrew-H-Campbell-104082147675458 www.twitter.com/IPLInstitute www.linkedin.com/in/dr-andrew-campbell-ipli/ www.crunchbase.com/person/andrew-campbell-bellevue-ne