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The web pages I add to mix are those I find interesting, ironic, outrageous or entertaining in some way. I don't necessarily agree with their views.
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A daily dose of art, culture, and technology.
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We have created a platform for online advertisers to easily create and serve display advertising and for publishers to monetise their traffic.
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Janice and Susan are family lifestyle bloggers & social media content creators who have been blogging since 2006 at
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Posts in Food, Recipes, Beyond the Chicken Coop, It's What's for Dinner, Comfort Foods
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Posts in History & Historia, Middle East - Oriente Medio, Social & Political, Literature, Philosophy
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Posts in Appetizer Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Main Course Recipes, Chutney, Dips, Raita, Salsa, Sauce Recipes, Dessert Recipes
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A nomadic style/travel blogger obsessed with cute animals & all things geek.
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By profession, I am a blogger and writing is my passion. I write blogs on various subjects like insurance, finance, election, education, automobiles and more.
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Posts in Blaze Church, prayer for the world, Throne Room - Cece Winans
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Looking for some inspiration!
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A Humanist Digital User Experience, That's The Way ! So We love Music, Poems, Fine Arts, Medias, Digital Business, Fashion, Fragrances
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Posts in Dish Network Subsriber, BarkBox is a monthly subscription service of toys,
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Making Everyday Family Meals Extraordinary
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Posts in Health, Environment, Apartment, Mental health, For later
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Nondescript Minnesota male who is a huge social and occupational failure. That's my life, condensed.
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Posts in My Food Veda, Three Sixty Degreez, A Legacy of Bliss
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