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16+ Most Popular Green Gemstones Used in JewelryThroughout human history, green color is associated with nature, life, renewal, growth, fertility, safety, environment, and energy. It is also associated with money, ambition, jealousy, and greed. As expected, green gemstones are associated with the same traits and characteristics. In general, green crystals are symbols of healing power, believed to enhance vision, endurance, stability, and growth. You have probably heard many times this color is relaxing, alleviate depression, anxiety, and tension. Because of that, it is often used in interior design. Green gemstones are often associated with hope, compassion, optimism, health, harmony, and adventure as well. Those green gems are closely related to energy and nature. Being the most dominant color in nature, you will not be surprised when I tell you that there are more than 100 different green stones to choose for making jewelry. Going through all of those green gemstones would be more suitable for a book than an article so I will narrow down this list to around 20 green crystals that are commonly used for making all types of jewelry. Content: Green Agate Gemstone Green Amethyst Stone (Prasiolite) Precious Green Emerald Gemstone Green Fluorite Crystal Green Garnet (Tsavorite and Demantoid) Green Topaz Stone Green Opal Crystal Peridot Gemstone Aventurine (Quartz) Crystal Green Sapphire Gemstone Green Tourmaline - Verdalite Jade Gemstone Moldavite Stone Labradorite Crystal Malachite Stone with Intriguing Patterns Green Diamond Green Agate Gemstone Green agate is a very affordable gemstone that is found in almost every jewelry store. It is a very popular stone that is used for making all types of jewelry designs due to its versatility and availability. In nature, this green gem comes with inclusions so if you find a green crystal with singular color, there is a high chance that that stone is dyed. This green gemstone comes with intense color, vitreous luster, and range from translucent to opaque. Being very affordable, the price of the jewelry made with green agate depend largely on workmanship quality. It is a very durable stone (Mohs scale 7) so jewelry made from this versatile green crystal will last you for a long time. Green agate is a great stone for keeping your space in order. This stone helps you clean your environment and body, helps cleaning toxins from the body improving your overall health. This stone will help you open your mind and understand life forms and plants. It is nowadays used often by vegans and vegetarians since they believe that this stone helps them make peace with the plant kingdom. Green Amethyst Stone (Prasiolite) There are many people that are mesmerized with the beauty and luster of an amethyst gemstone. As a matter of fact, in nature, such gemstone does not exist. In geology, we know of gemstone that is called prasiolite. This actual gemstone is not natural, it is man-made gemstone created by heat treating of quartz and amethyst stones. Those green gemstones look beautiful and come with recognizable luster and brilliance. They are very durable and suitable for creating all types of jewelry designs. On a negative side, if exposed to very bright light their color may fade so make sure not to leave your prasiolite on the sun for a long time. Green amethyst gemstone is used for strengthening calmness and peace. Some sources list this interesting crystal as February birthstone. It is believed that this stone brings growth, harmony, generosity, stability, and happiness. Being dominant color in nature, a green amethyst gem is associated with the promotion of balance, well-being, self-belief, and optimism. This crystal activates and direct the flow of energy to the Heart chakra and opens your mind and spirituality to nature. Precious Green Emerald Gemstone Since ancient time green emerald gemstone is classified as one of the precious stones together with sapphire, ruby, and diamond. This green stone is one of the most famous gems in the world and literally, every person heard of it. Natural emeralds are not uniform in color, their color varies from yellowish green, bluish green to deep green color, clouded with inclusions. Those inclusions are not classified as faults, they are used to distinguish natural from man-made gemstones. Inclusions inside emerald crystal can weaken its structure, so even though it comes with great hardness (7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale) inclusions can lead to chipping and damage of the stone. They are amazing stones used for making all types of jewelry and with a little care can last for a long time. Since ancient time, this green crystal is used as a symbol of good luck, fortune, love, for promoting prosperity, honesty, abundance, peace, harmony, and growth. Emerald is used as a crystal of balance, for healing, insomnia, and other sleeping disorders. In meditation, this green crystal is used for opening the Heart chakra and getting in touch with the inner self. This majestic gemstone is believed to help people enhance their memory, provides mental clarity, copes with claustrophobia and helps to recover from negative emotions and misfortune. Fines and most beautiful emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia. They are in most cases enhanced right after mining through the oiling process that enhances its color. Green Fluorite Crystal Fluorite is one of the most popular gemstones for gem collectors due to its wide range of colors. This stone is often called “The most colorful mineral in the world” as it comes in yellow, red, green, purple, white, black, clear, and brown. Green fluorite is very soft gemstone and because of that, it is not a common stone for making jewelry. If used, it is often used for making earrings and pendants. In case that you decide to buy a ring made from this crystal, pay additional attention as it can be chipped. Considering that it has a low price, every person should be able to afford wearing jewelry made from this interesting gemstone. Green fluorite gemstone is used for calming excess energy and soothing any emotional trauma. This stone is believed to be very effective for cleaning your mind from obsolete and bad ideas. It is also believed that this gemstone enhances effectiveness and helps with visualization. Green Garnet (Tsavorite and Demantoid) Garnet is a very important gemstone in jewelry and one of the most used. Colors of this gemstone range from pale red stones to deep vivid green specimens and every color in between. Nowadays, we distinguish two main types of green garnet gemstones: Tsavorite and Demantoid garnet stone. They are the most valuable variations famous for their durability, popularity, color, and beauty. Tsavorite is a durable, rare green crystal that is famous for its green color. It is often used as a substitute for emerald because of its brilliance and transparency. Demantoid crystal is found in nature in small sizes with gems larger than 2 carats being very rare. It comes with a vivid green color that ranges from pale to deep green, with brown and yellow inclusions like secondary color. Those inclusions add to the value of the crystal since similar are not found in any other gemstone. It is a highly brilliant crystal with great durability suitable for everyday use. This green crystal will help you with manifestation, bring prosperity into your life, improve vitality and uplift your spirit level. It is believed that it can help you find inner beauty both in you and in people that surround you. Apart from bringing prosperity into your life, this stone will also help you reduce financial anxiety. The positive energy of this stone will not help just you but also the people around you. It is used for healing since ancient time for dealing with heart problems. Green Topaz Stone Topaz crystal comes in nature as colorless stone. Due to the presence of inclusions (chromium in this case), it gets color. Green topaz is not very popular even though it comes with beautiful luster, light color, and high transparency. This green crystal in most cases does not come with inclusions that are visible with a naked eye. In order to bring out the brilliance of green topaz stones, it is faceted and highly polished. Being very durable stone with a rating of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, green topaz crystal is suitable for making all types of jewelry - rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Topaz gemstone is used for healing, the soothing and stimulating whole body. This stone can help you healing energy where it is needed the most. It is believed that topaz brings joy, abundance, good health and happiness into the life of the person wearing it. In the past, this crystal was considered a gem of love and good fortune. In the past, this stone was used for helping with digestion problems and disorders, especially with bulimia and anorexia. Green Opal Crystal Opal is in general one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry for making beautiful designs. Even though this gem is not that hard and durable. Green Opal is one of the most interesting crystals that comes in many different shades of green color with blue, violet, red, and yellow inclusions. Flashes of additional colors and inclusions exhibit dance of nature that will keep you mesmerized with its beauty. On a Mohs scale, this stone comes with a rating of 5.5 to 6.5 holding place in the middle of the table. Value of green opal stone is determined by its color. Since ancient times, green opal gemstone is used as one of the best crystals for detoxification. It is believed that its stimulates flow of body fluids, stimulates kidney and liver functions. Wearing this crystal will help you recover, relax and regenerate especially after exhausting mental activity. This stone can help persons with orientation difficulties helping them filter out confusing information. Peridot Gemstone Peridot is a specific gemstone that comes in just one color so we say that it is idiochromatic crystal. Peridot comes just in many shades of green color and it can come with inclusions of yellow shades. This stone is reasonably priced, comes with great durability so it is suitable for everyday use. In jewelry, it is used for making rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Since it can be damaged, it is best to buy peridot crystal that is mounted in a protective setting that will aid its longevity. This crystal is cut in almost all shapes, from round, square, marquise, and trilliants to the heart shape. Peridot is highly brilliant gemstone and can come with inclusions like black spots that are often not noticeable unless you take a look at it under magnification. Peridot is considered as a strong gemstone for detoxification and liver stimulation. This stone is believed to boost liver and gallbladder functions, together with improving metabolic functions, reducing digestive problems. It is also a great crystal that you can use for recovering from tobacco addiction. Since ancient times it was used for protection against jealousy, personal fears, help for transforming fury, anger, and other negative emotions. If you have been betrayed in love, peridot will help you recover and help in your current relationship. Aventurine (Quartz) Crystal Aventurine is a green variety gemstone of the quartz family that comes in many different shades of green color - from pale to deep dark green. This gemstone has an interesting “glitter effect” across the surface of the stone. It comes with flaky impurities that can be noticed. This effect is known as aventurescence - hence the name of the gemstone. Green aventurine comes with medium durability of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness but due to its compact structure, it can withstand a fair bit of abuse. This stone is known for its luster and brilliance. This green gem is amazing for all types of jewelry but fits suits totally amazing for vintage and bohemian designs. Green aventurine is an interesting gemstone for cleansing the heart chakra. It promotes security and emotional safety. This stone is believed to help stimulating adrenal glands, metabolism acts as an aphrodisiac. Since it is great for balancing blood pressure, people often wear this gemstone when recovering from heart surgery. In overall, this green crystal will bring your whole body into balance and provide support when recovering from surgery and infections. It is a comforting gemstone, great heart healer that dispels all negativity bringing your whole body and emotions into balance. Green Sapphire Gemstone Sapphires just like many other crystals come in different colors. For a long time, green sapphires were not very interesting in jewelry considered as a not desirable gem. In the past few decades, people showed a high interest in this beautiful green stone so popularity skyrocketed recently. In nature, the green sapphire stone is very rare and not that easy to find. Their color varies from pale to deep forest green color with blue or sometimes yellow hues. It is well known for its high brilliance and mesmerizing beauty. Being second only to diamonds, on a Mohs scale, this stone has a rating of 9 which basically means that it is highly durable. Thanks to its properties, it is one of the most sought after stones in jewelry suitable for making all types of jewelry, dominant, rings and engagement rings. Green sapphire is considered a stone of wisdom that honors trust and loyalty, promotes compassion, calms the mind and helps reduce mental tension. It is an amazing crystal that is used for stimulating hearth chakra, opens the mind to intuition, beauty, and joy. Since ancient times it was used as supporting stone. It will open your heart to compassion and help you improve your life. Green Tourmaline - Verdalite Tourmaline is one of the interesting gemstones used in jewelry for its range of colors. Green tourmaline is known as “Verdalite”. This gem is popular for its green color and comes in all possible shades. Crystals that are found in mint green color are considered as most valuable pieces. It is a pretty hard and durable stone with a rating of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. This green gemstone comes with a vitreous luster that shines very bight. It is often faceted in order to maximize its light reflection capabilities. Most of the versatile gems are not heat treated. Green Tourmaline gemstone is known to be beneficial for the immune and nervous system, eyes and treat bowel problems. It is used to help with losing weight, improves sleep and reducing panic attacks and claustrophobia. This interesting green stone is used also for balancing right and left brain hemispheres providing alignment to mental processes. It is used for dispelling negative energy encourages positive feelings, gratitude, grows the emotional body, inspires patience, compassion and tenderness. Jade Gemstone For the last few thousands of years, Jade is used as a synonym for green gemstones. It was one of the most prized gems in China where jewelry from this stone was made over 7000 years ago. Jade is known all over the world for its mesmerizing green color and waxy luster that simply makes people touch them. In nature, it is found in two varieties: Jadeite and Nephrite. Nephrite is an abundant green stone that comes with less quality while Jadeite is a gem with better quality and a bit higher price. On the Mohs scale of hardness, Jade comes with a rating of 6. Even though this does not look as that high, due to its compact nature it is harder and more durable than it looks. Most of the jewelry made from Jade are cut into cabochons, smooth cuts or carved. Faceting is not that common but you can find them as well. Since this gemstone has a very long history, people used it for many purposes from balancing nerves, calming brain processes and cardiac rhythm. It is used for energy recharge, protection stone from illness, healing guilt, for protecting children and pets. It is used for supporting love, trust, fidelity, and bringing peace. Jade is believed to help the cleansing whole body from toxins, balancing fluids, treating bacteria and virus infections. Moldavite Stone Moldavite is a green gemstone that comes in different colors, from bright green, olive green, forest to deep green. It is a very interesting and famous gemstone that has an unusual origin. It was thought that moldavite is formed from rock vapors after a meteorite impacts the Earth. Therefore, it was believed that it is an extraterrestrial gemstone. This gem comes with a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale, vitreous luster and once polished it shines with high brilliance. Almost all of this gree crystal is mined in the Czech Republic. Only the best quality gems are faceted and used for making beautiful jewelry while other mined stone is often sold in its natural state. Moldavite is an interesting gemstone that is used for easing doubts, calms worries and helps to find solutions. This stone works very well in combination with other gemstones and is one of the best stones used for making energy tools like wands, grids, and healing pyramids. It's an amazing meditation gemstone that improves telepathy and intuition. Moldavite is a great stone for diagnosis, rejuvenation, stimulation and for slowing down aging. It is believed that its energy impulses stimulate the brain, help to treat illnesses and respiratory problems. Labradorite Crystal Labradorite is a mesmerizing green gemstone that is known for its flashes of green color. This stone comes in all shades of green but opaque specimens are considered more desirable. It's a fairly durable gemstone that comes with a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mosh scale of hardness. This interesting green crystal is used in jewelry for making many different styles of jewelry. Most often, it is used for making gypsy and bohemian jewelry designs. Due to its specific formation and impurities inside the gem, this stone displays distinct “labradoresence” which makes this gemstone desirable, unique and very interesting. Labradorite benefits were always associated with the lungs and respiratory system. It is used for healing bronchitis and colds. It is also used for regulating digestion and metabolism, brain disorders, mental problems, reducing anxiety and stress. This green stone is used for calming mind, improves imagination, helps eliminate emotional drain and improves memory. It is a great aura protection stone used for preventing energy leaking. Malachite Stone with Intriguing Patterns Malachite is a very abundant green gemstone that is well known for its interesting banding and eyes. This green stone is one of the most interesting for its inclusions that form the most intriguing and amazing patterns. Considering its abundance in nature, it is an affordable stone that is used for creating interesting jewelry. Even though it is very beautiful, this green gem is pretty soft with a rating of just 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale which means that it can easily be damaged or broken. Because of this, it is advised to wear it as a pendant or earring. Since it is a very affordable and interesting gemstone, it is very popular so you may find this interesting green stone in many jewelry stores. Malachite is great protection gemstone that is used for absorbing negative energy, cleaning the body, clearing electromagnetic pollution from the home and surrounding. It was used in the past as a traveler stone helping people to overcome fears during the night, helps with jet lag, and protects drivers on the road. This stone is great for ladies as it resonates with reproductive organs aiding and regulating the menstrual cycle, cramps, helps to ease the labor. It is also used for easing rheumatic pain, helps with asthma, cold sweats, strengthens memory and helps you remember people names. Green Diamond Green diamonds are considered as exclusive colored gemstones that are extremely rare and sought after. This stone comes in different colors ranging from pale to deep green with a secondary tint of blue, brown and yellow color inside the stone. With the rise of interested in colored crystals, the price of this green gemstone rose as well to the point where only really wealthy persons can afford it. The green diamond is not expensive as pink or red but still, its price is pretty high. In nature, the green color of this gem comes from a long radiation time that occurred over a few thousands of years. Even though its color comes from radiation it is perfectly safe as it is not radioactive. Diamonds are considered as one of the best gemstones for healing the whole body and mind. They are considered as great supporting stones used for strengthening the mind and memory, good for balancing brain hemispheres, slows aging, deals with depression and jealousy. They are used for helping you to gain self-worth, helps during hard situations and difficult times.
10 Most Amazing Purple Gemstones Used in JewelryPurple gemstones are used in jewelry production for decades. Maybe they are not as popular as gemstones that come in red, green and blue color because there are so many of them. Purple gems are much rarer and often come with a higher price tag. Of course, there are exceptions and in the following article, we will share with you 10 purple stones that are totally mesmerizing. Whichever you choose as your next jewelry piece you will be more than happy wearing it. The symbolism of Purple Color in Jewelry Since ancient times, purple gemstones are connected with royalty, nobility, kings and queens, power and wealth. This is not ordinary color, purple depicts prestige, class, luxury, elegance and adds a touch of sophistication to every clothing combination that you choose to wear. Purple crystals are symbols of extravagance, mystery, independence, dignity, and wisdom. This is a rare occurring color in nature so the number of different purple stones is pretty small. You can check our purple gemstone collection by clicking on that link or selecting purple color gemstones from the menu. Content: Diamonds Sapphire Amethyst Jasper Tourmaline Fluorite Jade Iolite Sugilite Spinel Purple Diamond Gemstone Diamonds are considered as exclusive gemstones that carry high price per carat. Purple diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive stones that can cost around $100.000 per carat. Those purple gems are commonly bought by wealthy individuals and gemstone collectors so there is a big chance that you will never even see them in person. Most of the stones that you can find in jewelry stores are enhanced or synthetic alternatives that are more affordable. Many people are not sure whether purple diamonds are natural or not. Diamonds, in fact, come in many colors in nature. They are often called "natural fancy diamonds". Their shades and color come from impurities that are found inside their crystal structure. In this particular case, their color comes from a very high presence of hydrogen during their formation. Their price and rarity resulted in the rise of popularity of synthetic colored stones. Purple Sapphire Crystal On the other hand, purple sapphires are much more affordable and often the first solution for purchasing a purple gemstone engagement ring. This purple stone comes in vivid purple color with high brilliance and shine. Most of the stones are heat treated in order to enhance their color but that is not the case with sapphires. They come with amazing natural coloring. This stone is a great choice as it is very durable, resistant to chipping, braking, and scratching. Purple sapphires are very often confused with amethyst that is much more abundant in nature. The easiest way to compare those two is by holding them one next to another. Only then you will see that sapphire is more brilliant with beautiful sparkle and clarity. Most beautiful setting for this gem is when surrounded by diamond halo. When talking about the healing properties of purple sapphire, people believe that it brings wisdom to its wearer, dignity, truth, honesty, spiritual mastery. It is considered as a gemstone of long life and judgment. This gemstone is used for bringing abundance, prosperity, helps people to focus and fulfill their dreams. Purple Amethyst Stone Amethyst is one of the most common and popular purple gemstones used in the jewelry business. It was considered as precious as a diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby in the past. Since large mining deposits were found, the price of amethyst gemstone dropped significantly. Amethyst stone comes in every possible shade of purple color with high luster and intense coloring. Since it is a bit softer compared to diamond and sapphire, it can be scratched, chipped or damaged. Considering its low price and beauty, it is one of the best choices for everyday wearing. Amethyst is found in nature in many colors and shades of purple ranging from pale to very dark color with a red shade within. In case that you expose this purple gemstone to bight light, it can fade over time so make sure to not leave your amethyst jewelry out in the sun. Amethyst formed in nature don't come in big clusters and crystals that are longer than 10 inches are pretty rare. When talking about healing properties, purple amethyst is prized for its power to soothe and stimulate emotions and mind. It is believed that it can help with emotional problems, healing, insomnia, nightmares, etc. It is considered as one of the best-supporting gemstones for overworked and stressed people that ease anxieties. Purple Jasper Gemstone Jasper is a well-known gemstone for its red color but in nature, this gemstone comes in different colors and shades. Purple Jasper is often found with interesting matrix patterns and inclusions that add to the desirability of this beautiful gemstone. Although it is not a very hard gemstone, due to its compact nature, purple jasper can sustain a lot of abuse and last for a very long time without being damaged. Since it is the pretty affordable gem you can often find it as a fashion statement used for costumes. In nature, Jasper comes in many different colors and every stone is considered as a piece of art. It is prized since ancient times and worn by priests, kings, queens, nobility, and shamans. Jasper was considered as sacred gemstone used for protection in the material and spiritual world. Purple Jasper is considered as a stone with long healing tradition for stimulating Crown chakra, as a stone of wisdom and authority. It is used for improving memory, helps to preserve dignity, decision making, studying, and focus. This is one of the best healing stones during long illness and hospitalization. It will help you gather strength and support during hard times. Purple Tourmaline Crystal Purple tourmaline is not that often seen as gemstone used for making jewelry pieces although it looks amazing. Tourmaline is a pretty affordable purple crystal that comes in a huge range of shades. This stone is vibrant and dynamic, especially when you look at those gems from different angles. This purple stone comes with high durability so with low maintenance it will last you a lifetime. This purple gemstone is known as Siberite as an association with Siberia where this stone was first found. Its color comes from manganese and iron inclusions. This combination is pretty rare in nature, because of that, tourmaline is one of those gems that gets heat treated pretty often as that enhances its color. It is often used for healing headaches, migraines, skin disorders, helps with weight loss efforts, enhancing vitality. This stone absorbs and cleans negative energy transforming it into positive. This will lift your energy levels and spirit. Tourmaline is a gemstone that promotes tolerance, kindness, helps to conquer fears and challenges. Purple Fluorite Stone This is a gemstone that is used in jewelry for making all kinds of jewelry pieces. Even though purple fluorite has amazing color, luster, and transparency it is not that often found in purple color. Of course, we do our best to add purple gems all the time so check our collection. Since this stone tends to be softer than amethyst or sapphire, when worn as a ring, you should understand that you may damage it or chip it with sharp blows. This fluorite crystal is considered as one of the most peace giving dedicated to the mind and connecting with the spirit. It is believed that clears the mind, stimulates the third chakra, helps to focus during meditation and boosts psychic abilities. Purple Fluorite is used since ancient times as a stone of protection, defending from evil spirits, curses and for protection from nightmares. Purple Jade Gemstone Jade is most famous for its green color but as a matter of fact, it comes in many different colors. One of the most beautiful is purple for sure. There are two varieties of purple jade gemstone known as Nephrite and Jadeite. Nephrite jade stone is abundant in nature and less expensive while Jadeite is considered as a much higher quality gemstone that is also more expensive. Purple Jade comes with a smooth, waxy luster and can be found as opaque or translucent stone. Purple Jade is prised for its metaphysical and healing properties since ancient times. This stone is used for boosting creativity, as a talisman of protection, good luck, long life, dispelling negative energy, and balancing nerves. It is known as a great cleansing crystal that helps kidneys, removing toxins from the body and balances alkaline ratios inside the body. Purple Iolite Crystal Purple iolite is very abundant and really sought after gemstone that comes with the most amazing purple color. Those gems are totally stunning and for their beauty rival much more expensive gemstones, even sapphire. Purple iolite is a highly brilliant gemstone that is found in almost every type of jewelry. On a negative side, it is not very hard and due to its cleavage, it can be cracked or chipped if struck. It comes with a low price mostly because of its abundance. In our opinion, purple iolite is best when used in setting as ring or earring since when it catches light this stone has most amazing shine and sparkle. Iolite is considered as a great supporting stone, good for detoxification, reduces fat deposits, helps the liver and regulates digestion. It is also believed that this stone enhances nail and hair growth, helps with problems with nerves, numb limbs, reduces the pain and can help with healing headaches, migraines, dizziness, and disorientation. Purple Sugilite Stone Sugilite gemstone was discovered in Japan and immediately categorized as a rare gem. In other regions of the world, small deposits were found as well. As expected, it is not mainstream gemstone and it is rarely used in jewelry. We decided to mention this gemstone because of its beauty and uncommon veins, patterns, and patches that make this purple stone stand out. Sugilite is not durable and can be damaged easily. If you decide to purchase jewelry made from it, make sure that you choose a type of jewelry that is not easily struck or damaged. Sugilite is used for waking Crown chakra and aligning all chakras. It attracts healing energy and helps counter emotional and mental stress. In case you find yourself in a hard situation, this stone will bring you to light letting you know that life is more than just a current bad situation. This stone will offer you comfort, optimism and hope, encouraging confidence and forgiveness. Purple Spinel Gemstone Purple spinel is not highly sought after and demanded purple stone but it is very beautiful. This gem comes in many different shades of purple color with mauve and lilac shade considered as most attractive. Purple spinel is very durable gemstone and pretty affordable which makes it good for daily wear. Since it is brilliant gem it is commonly cut into faceted shapes that improve its brilliance. In the past, spinel was confused for ruby and sapphire. It was recognized as a different gemstone back in 1973. Because of that, many famous crown jewels that are believed to be rubies are now recognized as spinel. Most famous of them all is huge 170 carat Black Prince ruby in the British Crown Jewels. Purple spinel is considered as a healing stone of the whole body. It is used for removing pain, migraines, relieving symptoms of epilepsy, assists with Parkinson disease. This stone is also great for emotional healing as it reduces the feeling of being isolated, helps you to recover from a difficult situation in life. There are a few more purple gems that can be found in jewelry stores. Most common is purple agate that can be found in many different color varieties. Purple gems go really well with all metals. Metal color determines the style of jewelry so if combined with white metals like silver, gold or platinum it gives modern look to the gem and adds to the contrast. When combined with rose gold or yellow gold it looks vintage and classical.