Yuen Mi
Coffee galore at Fitzgerald Coffee BarI accidentally found a hidden gem, Fitzgerald Coffee Bar. I was  searching a shop located on the same street when I found this gem. Standing there with my hands were holding my bicycle suddenly I notice a tiny lovely coffee bar flashing its beauty from the other side of the street.  That moment when my eyes laid on this coffee bar, Fitzgerald, I knew I needed to get some luxurious drink which I got minutes later. I peeked with curiosity the drink menu card. There are so plenty amazing choices that left me confused which one to choose. When the man behind the bar asked me about my order, I asked him back, What is the coffee of the month?. When he told me it's Cinnamon Caramel Iced Latte, I nodded to settle my choice. A choice which I am glad I picked. The Cinnamon Caramel Iced Latte is the ultimate deliciousness in the mouth. The taste of cinnamon mixed with caramel enriches the taste of the latte and leave a hint of orange flavor at the end of the whole taste. Simply amazing! Simply perfect! If I was not in a hurry for something else I would love to order another glass of this Cinnamon Caramel Iced Latte right away. Maybe in another time with a slice of their home made cake, for sure. Oh, every month they have different home made cake. Don't we all love home made cake? The Tip Top Don't skip the Coffee of the month, especially this month (July) -Cinnamon Caramel Iced Latte- it's gloriously delicious! The location is perfect, a walk away from Ostend shopping street Address: Louisastraat 4C, Ostend, Belgium. Clik their Facebook to check the update of their menu One more thing, place your order at the bar and be ready for the fabulous coffee and drinks that'll be served for you.
Travel and have fun!I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world Wonderful World - Louis Amstrong Yes, our world is wonderful! The colors of the rainbow, the crashing waves on the shore of the blue ocean, the mountains, rivers, lakes, hills, the architectures and the people!  It's a wonderful world no matter where you travel. Despite the flaws each of the places in this  world has, the world silently keeps the wonderful part of it  in order for us to explore and  enjoy and have fun. Traveling is one of the way to witness how wonderful the world we have. Various ways are there for us to enjoy the travel and have a good time and fun at the same time.  So, here are some things to spice up your traveling and add some more fun: Change the routine for once Do an extremely different routine, at least for once while traveling. If you are not a yoga person, for example, try to join a day yoga class. Allow yourself to experience that unfamiliar routine in a fun way. Try a tour group or the opposite, traveling solo As the solo traveler you certainly prefer to go alone or at least with another person you know, but my suggestion is, try a tour group.  I did this  once when I traveled in Sicily three years ago. Although the freedom is less, but I can say it's worth to do. You will get to know new people, and by the end of the trip the bonding between the people in the group grow closer some even end up in a friendship. The same goes to those who often travel in a group or duo. Try to travel solo, only you and yourself. This is the message mostly for myself. I desperately want to travel alone without anyone else. I think solo travel needs more courage and motivation. If you are a solo traveler, I would love to hear your experience. Go locals Try to beat those tourist spots by exploring the hidden gems known only by the locals. Most of the time these hidden gems are a real paradise.  Taste the authentic food For the food lover, adventure yourself by tasting the authentic food of the city or town you visit, even if these cities/towns are your neighbour city/town. There is always well known locally restaurants or street food vendors that serve tasty and authentic food in every city or town. Be aware Having fun is one thing, keep your conscious for your safety is another thing. Make sure your belonging is under your radar, follow your instinct when dealing with the uncomfortable situation especially with strangers.  Last but not least Have Fun! Photo courtesy (Landscapes): Rose Sahetapy