Susan Daniels
Beautiful Lives by Susan is a lifestyle health blog about Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome.
12 ways to help manage stress and anxiety - The Sacred SpaceStress and anxiety are becoming more and more common, affecting people’s mental health on a daily basis. It is always important you speak to your GP or therapist for professional medical treatment to help with overwhelming stress and anxiety. As Mental Health Awareness week is just around the corner (13th-19th May) and I am a huge advocate for self-improvement I wanted to put together a list of 12 ways to help you manage stress and anxiety. Everybody deserves to live their best life. Full of love, happiness, positivity and abundance. 1. Mindfulness You can have 1 to 1 therapy with a Mindfulness therapist or attend a Mindfulness workshop. Alternatively, there are many fantastic reading materials and YouTube videos to help you understand Mindfulness and how to adapt a positive mindset through Mindfulness. Although this may not work for everyone and is not a quick fix the long-term results can be life changing. Mindset shifts that will change your life 2. Write a journal Keeping a journal about your feelings and thoughts can help manage your stress and anxiety. Fill your journal with self affirmations, gratitude lists and tips for positive thinking. 20 Self affirmations to live by 3. Remove caffeine Caffeine stimulates the nervous system which can increase anxiety and panic attacks. Try replacing your coffee with a non caffeine alternative. 4. Have an action plan If you suffer from anxiety attacks or a lot of daily stress having an ‘action plan‘ to hand can help you overcome these attacks/stress when it strikes. Your action plan should be unique to you as different things work for different people, it may be a bit of trial and error to begin with. Things to add to your action plan are: How to ground yourself– You can do this by counting something around you such as tiles on a wall, touching your surroundings, looking outside and counting the clouds. Breathing awareness– Take 10 deep and slow breaths in and out. Focus on your breathing and count whilst you are breathing in and then out. It possible close your eyes and try to relax where there is tension in your body. Have an item at hand to reasure you– this could be crystals, music to listen to, your phone with someone to contact or rescue remedy from a health food shop. These are just a few examples of what i would advise and what would work for me. 5. Aromatherapy Essential oils that are proven to help with stress and anxiety are: Chamomile oil Lavender oil Rose oil Jasmine oil Frankincense oil Eucalyptus oil You can use them by putting them on your skin, smelling them, diffusing them, putting them in your bath or burn them. 6. Yoga groups Yoga group classes are a wonderful way to meet new like-minded people whilst exercising. Yoga is a relaxation exercise that may help reduce stress as it connects your mind and body. 7. Remove alcohol If you are facing stress on a daily basis it is quite easy to reach for an alcoholic drink to ‘unwind’ however alcohol is a sedative and a depressant that affects your central nervous system. Having a high or regular alcohol intake can make stress and anxiety a lot harder to deal with. 8. Rest The opposite to being well rested is exhaustion and exhaustion can cause anxiety. That is one of the many reason why ensuring your are mentally and physically well rested and recovered is vital. 9. Exercise Exercising helps reduce anxiety and stress. It produces endorphins which help make you feel happy! 10. Meditation Meditation helps you connect your mind, body and soul. It can help you learn to control your thoughts, connect with your body and enter into a deep relaxing state. I would recommend practising meditation and mindfulness. 11. CBD oil CBD oil has become increasingly popular and is now commonly being used to help treat anxiety and stress. 12. Herbal teas Herbal teas are a great alternative for caffeine drinks and enjoying a warm cup of herbal tea in peace is a lovely daily self-care. Herbal teas that help with stress and anxiety are: Chamomile tea (my favourite) Peppermint tea Lavender tea Caffeine free green tea Fennel tea Tumeric tea I hope some of these tips benefit you! I would love to hear your thoughts. Sending love and light, Alyssa x