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Absurd humorist. Nutcase. Writes for The Junction, MuddyUm, The Haven.
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I am co-owner of Made From RI (www.MadeFromRI.com) & Made From RI Gallery (www.MadeFromRIGallery.com)
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Hi, I'm Abdessamad a freelance designer and writer based in Morocco. When not geeking over design, I'm likely geeking out over books, and technology
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Posts in learning to make handicrafts
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Looking for some inspiration!
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Takshila Learning provides online education for CBSE school courses(class 1st to 12th), Digital Marketing, bank PO, SSC , CA, CS, CMA, and so on.
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Posts in Blaze Church, prayer for the world, Throne Room - Cece Winans
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A Humanist Digital User Experience, That's The Way ! So We love Music, Poems, Fine Arts, Medias, Digital Business, Fashion, Fragrances
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Conjure Up Your Higher Consciousness!
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I am a full time internet marketer! I know hundreds of ways of making money online
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Blogger. Film and TV fan trying to provide some helpful information to a busy world
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We sell something for the whole Family. Hard working dads,moms,and for the kids we even have somehing for your best friend.Get your free item at our blog.
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Semi-vegan,backpacking trekker with a realization that truly "those that wander are, indeed, not always lost." Posts in computers,vegan,food,recipes,technology
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Mom of 3 - Digital Content Creator in NYC
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Travel, Travel blogger, Travel Vlog, On the road in Boston & Beyond, exploring the fun, interesting and odd sights around New England. Join us on Instagram.
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Look on the bright side with our dose of positivity and family friendly fun. Join us for "A High Five Of Happiness"
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Digital, Transmedia & Interactive Storyteller with a love of edtech, travel, nature, science, and culture. Sharing my stories through Roamancing & Ahimsa Media.