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charles mutahira
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The Significance Of Financial Reporting In Microsoft Dynamics GPIrrespective of the fact whether you are trying to grow an entry-level software for accounting, collecting and reusing an outdated solution for legacy or just simply bored of paying the maintenance fees to the vendor who has no value for money – the time to introduce a proper reporting software has come.  The Microsoft Dynamics GP is a deliberate way of elaborating and using an easy business solution that has the power to effectively support all your business ambitions.  Role of Microsoft Dynamics GP In Your Business If you are working on a core business platform which requires comprehensive yet potential built-in opportunities that have quick reporting approaches, then Microsoft Dynamics GP is the tool for you. Here you would be able to acquire the confidence that your capable Management Reporter is being used for all the activities of production, distribution, and assessment of all the procured financial statements.  Microsoft Dynamics GP Offers Complete Transformation  Nowadays, all the major web clients are apps work on mobile platforms where the connection to the world is the strongest. The clients get to connect to various companies from anywhere, anytime around the world.  People also get the opportunity to work from various electronic devices without any kinds of hassles. The new console for web services always provides an extended web access without a worry about curbing the security and control.  This particular prospect makes sure that the business receives complete support and an overall growth. There are easy accommodations for new processes and various new lines of ventures which scale out to meet all the high demands without worrying about the performance of the main technological investment and Microsoft products.  Risk Reduction Solutions By Microsoft Dynamics GP Most of the users across the globe have their trust in Microsoft that it would always deliver innovative and profound business solutions to them. Like all other Microsoft Dynamics products, Microsoft Dynamics GP has also fulfilled all the expectations of the users. All the major reports on this tool have a visibility with a Power BI, the viewer, Currency Tracking and various e-Banking solutions.  Using Microsoft Dynamics GP Leads to Business Enhancements  With the effective business solutions backed up by Microsoft, the financial reporting platform comes out with a wide range of effective solutions that adhere to the needs of the specific accounting tools. Plus, the advent of viewing the information around in the software also becomes easily secured by the role that it provides the right information to the right people.  Due to these particular reasons, the Microsoft Azure Solutions in UAE are quite popular and widely used around.  
#1 biometric software for gym & fitness studiosEasy Gym Software is GST ready billing software for the gyms and fitness studios. Easy gym software gives alerts for payments, inquiry & walking follow-ups, absent clients, birthday & marriage anniversary & renewals. Easy gym software sens automatic SMS & emails. You can also run promotion campaigns via bulk SMS & email marketing options available in the software. Biometric integration makes your gym & fitness studio management fully automated. It will prevent access of clients coming into your gym with an expired membership. Manage your client's workout plan, diet plan, and body measurements easily. Get live feeds of clients coming into your gym. What's new in 2019? With Easy Gym Software biometric utility, more than 1 biometric can be synced with easy gym software. #1 biometric software for gym & fitness studios include: 1) Automatic suspend access after membership is expired. Suspend access on the defined section of the gym 2) Automatic/manual copy of fingerprint / RFID tag from one machine to another 3) Sync attendance at easy gym software from your all devices 4) Give access to limited sections of the gym/fitness studio. If you have multiple sections and give access to a particular section(s) of your gym, Easy gym software is the perfect choice for you. What's new in 2018? Now let your client's book group class online via your own website 24/7. Easy Gym Software is Trusted by 500+ gyms in 18+ countries including India, Qatar, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Nigeria, Nepal and many more. Live Demo: https://gymmanagementsoftware.in/
YouTubeEasy Salon Software is leading online salon management & spa management software. It includes everything you need to manage your salon. Easy Salon Software manages almost everything automatically and gives you robust reports to analysis and work on your next marketing and client retention. This video tutorial of Easy Salon Software helps you understand and use the following functions of Easy Salon Software. 1) Dashboard: In Easy Salon's dashboard you will see daily numbers of client billed, total collections and other metrics needed. On the dashboard you receive alert for payments, the birthday of the client, beauty products running out of stock and also easy salon helps you retain clients by giving you names of clients not coming from 1 month. 2) Manage: This is a master database of all like your employees, services, products, coupons, packages and so on. This tab is visible to admin only. 3) Appointments, Service slip & billing: We have enhanced and very quick billing system. Now create appointments and create service slips which work as draft bill and really helpful in managing your service provider work schedule. With service slip function you can store how much beauty product/cosmetic is used for service so you can analyze each consumption and each unit individually. Billing which is basic and primary function but in Easy Salon we have made it more powerful with bringing coupons, e-wallet, packages, discounts, automatic client data fetch at one place. 4) Products & beauty products: In easy salon software you can use the bar-code scanner to add products and make the entry for new purchases for beauty products from your vendors. You can grant/ store usage of beauty product. Also, easy salon software smartly manages your stock level. Current stock: Add stock - beauty product use in the salon - beauty product sold to salon client 5) Easy Salon Software' reports: We give you robust reports for everything you need, these reports can be customized as per your need and requirements. Easy Salon Software is one place online solution for managing your salon & spa. Easy Salon is trusted by 250+ salons, beauty parlors, massage centers, and spa worldwide. We are providing our software solution and around the clock support to our clients in 150+ cities of India & other countries like Maldives, Malaysia, Qatar, Mexico, UAE, Mauritius, Nigeria and many other cities worldwide. We have active clients in all the above cities and nations.. So what you are waiting for? Try FREE online demo of Easy Salon Software: https://13designstreet.com/salon_software For best salon & spa software Call / WhatsApp: +91-98883-35156 mehak.13designstreet@gmail.com