31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11 ⋆Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.Favorite Book When I was kid I use to read all the time. My parents would buy me a book and I could finish it in a day. I used to enjoy reading a lot. My favorite books when I was a kid was all the ones written by R.L. Stine. You could hand me one of those books and I could finish it in mere hours that is how much I enjoyed those. As I grew up though I needed to find a new author to enjoy. That is when I was introduced to Michael Crichton. I have read almost every single one of his books and I have to say I enjoy most of them. Some more than others and being able to seem them adapted into TV shows and movies has been fun. It was somewhat hard to choose a favorite though because he wrote so many good books. That is why after everything I finally chose Jurassic Park. My love of dinosaurs helped me decide this one. I felt that the book did well in portraying them. Plus when I read it I had really wished that a park like this truly existed. Out of all of the books he wrote it was by far my favorite, and why I chose it as my favorite. Don’t forget to pin this and share it with others. If you enjoy what you’ve read don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin and get notified when each post drops! Also don’t forget to click these and check out the other days of the challenge here: DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4, DAY 5, DAY 6, DAY 7, DAY 8, DAY 9, DAY 10
10 Ways to Boost Your Mood Instantly! ⋆Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.1. Sunshine in your home Everyone associates black with depression. The easiest way to turn your frown upside down is to just open the blinds and let the sunshine in. In a matter of minutes you will notice you are not as down in the dumps as you were when you were wallowing in the dark. 2. Listen to upbeat music If you listen to upbeat music it not only gets you moving for the day but how can you feel down listening to a song like Happy by Pharrell Williams, or Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake? 3. Make Your Bed Every Morning Simple enough… eliminate chaos. If you make your bed your bedroom will look a lot more clean and put together than it actually is. Doing this every morning allows you to start your day off in the best way possible. 4. Get Outside I work inside all day, my wife works at home and never gets outside. We can tell when that is starting to get to us. What we do is simply take a car drive and look at homes that we might get in our future. Other things you can do are go for a hike, bike ride, or simply just go for a walk to be outside. 5. Eat Breakfast Everyday I am sure you have heard of the word hangry! Well if you haven’t its when you allow yourself to get so hungry that you become angry. The best way to avoid that is to simply eat breakfast. Then you are good for the first part of the day and you have your morning energy. 6. Journal Everyday You’d be lying to yourself if you said that there was nothing that bothered you. Now if it is work don’t vent to a coworker because that is just going to come around to bite you at some point. If its a loved one that is bothering you well first try and talk to them, but also don’t vent to another family member about them because that will only hurt you as well. What you will want to do is get a journal and write in it. Getting your feelings out on paper will make you feel better and avoid you from any bad situations you could have possibly put yourself into. 7. Dance Get up and get moving! Just spend some time dancing, either alone or with someone and you will notice your mood change. Part of it is listening to the music but really I feel its just having fun and letting your body do what it wants to the beat of the song. 8. Go Tech Free! I know that this could be a struggle for many since in todays world we rely on our smart phones for so much. If you can though spend a day without using your phone, without going on your computer, don’t even use your TV. The day will seem longer but you will be able to create a much deeper relationship with your love ones. 9. Snuggle While going tech free you can take the time to snuggle your love one (human or pet). I’m sure you have seen the videos of the man coming home from a long stressful day of helping others and all that stress just disappears when he snuggles with his dog. We are meant to have a companion of some sort to help us through tough times and snuggling is just comforting. 10. Sleep (Nap) I am sure most of you have felt at some point overworked. Maybe you just stayed up too long and just can’t deal with anything. If you have time to then take a nap to give you a boost of energy to get through the day. If that’s not an option then as soon as you get home then make sure you can get to bed. Don’t try and watch anything on tv, don’t stay up to do anything. Your body wants 8 hours of sleep so try your best to give it that amount. It will thank you by not getting sick.
31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8 ⋆Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.A Difficult Time In My Life So first I wanted to apologize this month has been rough. First my daughter got sick, then my wife, then me. So I haven’t been able to get these out daily like I had originally planned. So this has been a mini difficult time in my life but not the most difficult time in my life. That happened roughly seven years ago… My wife and I were so excited because we were moving out of her parent’s house and moving into an apartment right next to the college that she was going to. It was also maybe a 10-minute drive to my work instead of a 30 minute one. We hadn’t been able to live on our own since our daughter was born because of finances so this was very exciting for us. So we got all moved in and had dinner that night, I can still remember what it was because we wanted to live more of a simple life so we made tacos. We watched some TV and all went to bed. The next morning was it went downhill. I woke up like I normally do and checked on my daughter. She was sleeping so I left her, I mean who doesn’t want a 4-year-old to actually sleep. My wife though was a little more difficult to wake up. At first, I thought she was just a little tired from the move, but then she was acting weird. I called the family asking what I should do because she had never been like this before. They told me don’t hesitate if you are that worried call 911. I did just that and she was taken to the hospital. I couldn’t go with her in the ambulance because I had my daughter who by now was awake and crying because “strangers” were taking her mommy away. So I had to calm her down and then take her myself to the hospital. As well as call my wife’s parents and let them know that she was taken to the hospital. When I got to the hospital my wife’s parents took my daughter so I could see how my wife was doing and it wasn’t good. Doctors said she had a stroke but it was a good thing that we got her to the hospital when we did so they could help. It was when I got there that I had the scare of my life though. I was checking on my wife seeing how she was and then all of a sudden she turned blue and starting having a seizure. It was then when I did what you see in the TV shows or movie’s and I screamed for the nurse… One Month Later… My wife finally was released from the hospital thankfully. Although she lost sensation in her left side and her mobility was impacted severely. She had to go to therapy for it . To this day though I get anxiety attacks any time I go into or near a hospital which is not fun. My daughter even tells me she remembers that day when the firemen took mom into the ambulance. That was my difficult time in my life… don’t forget to check out the other days of the challenge here: DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4, DAY 5, DAY 6, DAY 7
31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6 ⋆Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.Three Personality Traits I am Proud Of! Sorry for the delay in getting day 6 out. I have been sick and out for the count for a few days. I even had to miss work which is something I don’t like doing. Which is where the first of the three come into play. Hardworking: I am a hard working. When it comes to work, I am always the go to guy, you can count on me. When it comes to a project that I am doing, if I set a goal then I will not rest until that goal is hit. This got me the nickname of golden boy from a few people at work because every time I took on a new task I took it from the bad score it was at and turned it around “to gold”. Punctual: I am so glad that I have instilled this trait to my daughter. We now have a saying about being late. Early is on time, on time is late, and late is too late. It is because of this saying that when I go places with my daughter we are never late. Its a little more of a struggle with my wife because she doesn’t have the same belief. We manage though. Confidence: I didn’t always have it. I feel like it is true you do gain confidence with age. There are things that I have no problem doing now that I am in my late thirties that I would never have done back in high school. It’s fine though because I feel like I have come into my own. I have learned to, you don’t actually need to know what you are doing as long as you can act confident about it. Well I hope you enjoyed today’s challenge. Don’t forget to check out the other days: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE.
20 Great Gift Ideas For Fathers Day ⋆Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.There are two ways you can go about getting a gift for Fathers Day. You can go the easy way and just buy something from the store. If that’s your game stay tuned because I will have a few things for you to check out that I think are pretty cool. First though we are going to check out the more meaningful DIY ideas. Do It Yourself (DIY) Gift Ideas Father’s Day Gift or Father’s Day Card- You Choose Finger Painted Fathers Day Card Dad You Rock Frame I Love You Key Chain Engraved Mousepad Rock Frame for Dad (different from #3) Daddy and Me Fingerprint mug! I love drinking out of a coffee mug so I really like this one! Galaxy Rock Fridge Magnets Spice Rub Personalized Wood Burning Those were 10 of my favorite DIY favorites, I hope you took a minute to check them all out. Now here are some of my favorite gift ideas for someone who isn’t DIY friendly. It’s ok I wasn’t for the longest time. Gifts You Can Get In A Store: Who doesn’t love a funny shirt? I love getting them for every occasion. This particular one can be found HERE. Like I said earlier I love drinking out of coffee mugs. So I personally wouldn’t mind having my daughter get me something like this which you can find HERE. This choice is inspired by my brother-in-law because he loves to cook. I personally have never been good at grilling but any time we have parties he is the one manning the grill. If you like this you can get more info HERE. Work stressful? Don’t kid yourself, you probably come home wishing you could get a massage. That is why I put this on my list. Everyday I am asking my wife to rub my shoulders. They would jump at the opportunity to no longer hear me ask them. If they don’t get it for me I might go HERE and get it myself! My wife is always getting on my case because I tend to lose one if not all of the items in this photo. THIS would be perfect for me because then I could put everything on it right when I got home. How about you? Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Well if you are and you can cook, then you should get THIS. I wish I could cook because then I would! One of the most amazing series of all time. If you love to read then getting the Game of Thrones books are a must! There are not many books that I recommend actually getting books and not digital versions of but this series is one of them! Now if reading is not up your alley. Then you can get the complete set of Game of Thrones. This is awesome! I always wish I had a way to hold extra screws close so I didn’t have to worry about it! Love THIS! For the last Fathers Day gift idea I got to go back to the shirt. I saw this and I just loved it. I know its not everyone’s cup of tea but for me I personally like showing off that I am a dad. I will update this list for next year if anyone leaves any suggestions in the comments on gift ideas that are good that I may have missed. Also don’t forget to SHARE this with your friends and family via the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest buttons!
5 Things You MUST NOT buy from the Dollar Store ⋆Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.5. Food Items When I am talking about food items, I don’t mean everything because the dollar store is a great place to pick up that theater candy before you go on that date with your significant other. What I am talking about here are the daily things you eat. Canned goods are one. You can get canned goods here, and it’s not horrible. The problem is today; some apps help you save money at grocery stores which will cut the cost of those items as well as the fact that they usually keep canned goods on sale. I almost always see most of the canned goods at my grocery store for under a dollar anyway so why make an extra trip and get them at the dollar store when I am just able to get them when I go grocery shopping? Then there is meat. Not all dollar stores carry it but the ones that do be careful about buying it. Now Im not saying that because it could be expired, that could happen at any store with bad employees. I am talking about price per quantity. This is how I do most of my shopping when it comes to anything anyway. You might think your are getting a steal because its a chunk of meat for under a dollar. You are wrong though pay careful attention to what the price is to how much meat you are actually getting. You may actually be spending $10 if you were to get a pound of it where if you went to a grocery store it could cost you alot less. 4. Medicine Now this is very similar to meat because you think you might be getting a deal because you are getting that bottle of headache pills for just $1 but nope you are wrong. I have found that the bigger quantities are usually the better buys. I have found getting a 500 quantity bottle of pain reliever pills from a bigger store is a much better buy, yes it will cost more than a dollar $15 but you are getting 500 where as when you buy from the dollar store you typically get 8 pills for $1. That means if you wanted 500 it would cost you over $60! 3. Tools Now I know what you are thinking. What why do you have tools on this list of don’t buy! I mean a hammer for $1 Who could resist!! Well, I have purchased a hammer from there for $1, and I have also bought one from Lowe’s for over $20. They did not last the same amount of time. Yes, they both did their job, but if we are talking how much use I got out of them for what they cost, then the price of the one from Lowe’s is still going down because it has yet to break. Whereas the one from the Dollar Store lasted about a month and then the handle broke on me. 2. Electronics I am saying ALL electronics because whether its chargers or headphones you get what you pay for. When it comes to the chargers, they typically will not charge whatever it is you’re trying to, fast enough, because, come on its a $1 charger. Then there are headphones. Sound quality is not going to be good coming out of a $1 headphone; let’s be honest; it just isn’t. The bigger issue I have with both headphones and chargers from a dollar store is the quality of them. I have bought them for my daughter once because I was low on money and she “desperately” needed them. Well, they didn’t last that long because they tore very easily. I have since learned my lesson and spend a lot more money on those two items. 1. Batteries Yes, this is my #1 DONT BUY from the Dollar Store. I know it can be tempting. I mean who could resist a pack of batteries for just $1. You should! That very inexpensive pack of batteries is going to cost you a lot more if the battery explodes inside of the device which you use it in. I have had that happen to me once. Lucky for me it didn’t do enough damage to ruin the item, but it was a pain to clean. Also most name brand and even some store brand batteries that cost more than $1 are a much better value because the charge itself will last a lot longer! There you have it! That is my Top 5 DONT BUY list for the Dollar Store. I know there are a lot more things that you shouldn’t buy from the Dollar Store as well as some you should. Leave a comment and share any other items you think you should never buy at the dollar store.
The Ultimate Guide to Living An Amazing Life Today ⋆Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.1. Set Boundaries Too often we are overwhelmed and stressed because we bite off more than we can chew and try to help everyone we can. We haven’t set clear boundaries with the people around us. This brings us down because we feel burdened and resentful of those people because we feel like we have to help them even though we don’t. Set those boundaries right off the bat and then you will see how healthy those relationships with those people will truly be. 2. Make Yourself A Priority Continuing from #1, if you don’t make yourself a priority, you haven’t set boundaries yet. So before you can continue, you’ll have to do that. It is nice to help others out but what good is life if you don’t… 3. Sleep This one I am horrible with. I currently am working retail so I don’t have a set schedule. This means one week I could be working morning shifts, while the next I could be doing closing shifts. You want to get roughly 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed and ready to go. If you get under 7 you can start to feel run down and at the very least you will get sick. Too much sleep, on the other hand, isn’t good either. 10+ hours and you will feel the same way very tired. I can’t tell you if you will get sick because personally, I don’t sleep that long so I have never experienced that. I do know though that it makes it so that you don’t want to get up and start your day, making it very hard for you to get things done. 4. Drink Water Another one that I am absolutely horrific at! I know it’s not an excuse but the retail life makes it so I drink lots of caffeinated drinks to make it through the day. Sometimes I don’t realize I have consumed too much caffeine until its too late. There are two different ways to measure how much water to drink. Either you can drink 8 glasses, or you can get a gallon jug and drink 1/2 gallon a day. 5. Make A TO-DO List I am all about lists to get things done. The thing is though you don’t want to break down your day into 100 things because then you will look at that list and feel overwhelmed and just say F* it! Then you have just done the opposite of what you set out to do. Make your to-do list 3 things that are MUST DO’s. When putting your list together ask yourself: Must this get done today? If the answer isn’t a for sure yes it doesn’t go on the list and you don’t do it today. 6. SAY NO! This goes for at home and at work. If it’s not morally right, legal, or you just get that funny feeling then definitely say NO. I don’t care if it’s at work or at home but sometimes you will have to say no to your boss. Hell, I have told my boss I didn’t want to do something before. Be prepared you might have to explain why you don’t want to but that is your right to explain. 7. Trust Your Instinct This one goes hand in hand with 6. So that “funny feeling” that’s your instinct, trust it. Others say its your gut, whatever you may call it listen to it. There could be a situation that you are new to that something just doesn’t feel right, you can do one of two things. You could either press forward ignore that feeling and said bad thing could happen, or you could trust your instinct and avoid whatever it was that may have occurred. 8. Ask For Help Don’t feel ashamed if you have to ask for help! Don’t let pride get the best of you. Look at it this way: You do not know everything!!!! Right now when it comes to writing my blog I am constantly asking my wife for help. She has been blogging for YEARS longer than me, so I am constantly asking her how do you do this, how do you do that. Maybe sometimes she wishes I stop asking her for help but my point is I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it. 9. Get Outside The next two will go hand in hand. I have noticed recently when I stay inside just for 2 days in a row that my skin starts to crawl and I need to do something. Stir Crazy, Cabin Fever.. call it what you want but the point is don’t stay inside for too long if you don’t HAVE to! Get out, go for a drive, go find something to do outside. 10. Get Physical This works perfectly with getting outside because there is no better way to get physical than going on a hike! Since I have moved here I only went to Garden Of The Gods, but there are so many other places that are hiking trails that I want to go on. Hopefully, I will go on them soon and share my experiences with them here. 11. Say Your Sorry (When it’s truly needed) I say that you need to say it when truly needed because this can swing both ways. If you never say it then there is going to be a ton of resentment because you never take responsibility for something that caused a problem. On the other side of things if you are always saying sorry for everything… I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry. Well then it just gets annoying and loses its value. 12. Remove the STRESSER (Clutter) So this is something that I have just come to respect. The more I work at my day job and try to get that structured, the more I realize that my own home is a cluttered mess and it STRESSES ME OUT! So on my days off I pick a room and focused on that to get clutter free. After doing that I realized my stress levels went down. That is why I took the time and effort to create a cleaning schedule which you can read here: CLEANING SCHEDULE 13. Use A Calendar This works for many things. You can use it for the cleaning schedule that you can check out above. You can also use it for your finances. What every you decide to use it for is your choice. I have tried using calendar apps and finance apps to help like a calendar and neither have been as helpful as just a good old fashion calendar. This is because I can put it somewhere that I can physically see it 24/7 and that is what I need. 14. Laugh More I try my best to make sure I am doing this. At work I probably go a little overboard with this and can be goofy at times but I enjoy cheering people up and seeing them laugh makes me happy. Also me being goofy just makes me laugh more as well. 15. Read (More) I titled it the way I did because at this moment I don’t even read! It’s horrible. I was given a book for Christmas and I still haven’t finished that book. I know I need to read more because there is SO much that can be learned. Also they are a great escape from the real world if you need that. I was looking at the books that Game Of Thrones is based off and some of them are 1000+ pages. 16. Focus on 1 Thing At A Time At times I have been told I am UNFOCUSED. This hit me hard because I strive on being successful and being told I’m not doing something right is hard. That is when I decided that I needed to take things OFF my plate. I knew I could get them done but I figured if I focused ALL my attention on 1 thing it would make me seem FOCUSED. This is also when I decided to live by this: Since living by this now if I give myself a goal, I don’t just hit it. I DESTROY IT! 17. Tell people you love them I am horrible with this. I take people for granted and I shouldn’t. It wasn’t until my grandpa passed that it really hit me that life isn’t forever. Sometimes I forget that my parent’s are as young as they use to be. I try to call them as often as I can that way I can at least talk to them. Yet when we get off the phone they might get that love you 1/5 of the time. So if you are reading this tell your family you love them. Bare with me while I tell a few people right now: I love you mom, I love you dad, best wife ever love you! 18. Let It Go! So you have that person that is constantly annoying you with stupid things they do. Can you change them…probably not, so just let it go! If you enjoy the persons company then just enjoy their company and forget about the stupid stuff that annoys you. When you just let it go you will be amazed at how relaxing it is. 19. Live In The Present I don’t obsess of what is to come very often but I am guilty of obsessing over why didn’t that happen. This is a very toxic behavior and as said above you just need to let it go. Don’t worry about why something didn’t go the way you wanted or if things are going to go right in a meeting that hasn’t happened yet. Live in the NOW, do what you can that moment to make yourself happy and you will be grateful that you did. 20. Don’t Skip Breakfast I was doing this on occasion not because I wasn’t hungry but more because I didn’t want to make myself something to eat. I usually wake up extremely tired so pushing myself to do things in the morning is not easy. I began to realize though when I got to work I was weak and tired because I had not eaten yet. So I started making an effort to eat breakfast and that alone has given me more energy in the morning and I am now more productive in the mornings then I have ever been before. 21. Complain Less Guilty of this again… A lot of these I need to work on. I have noticed though complaining all the time does nothing good. You upset the people around you, you stay upset over whatever it is that is bothering you, and complaining about it doesn’t actually change the situation. The days I go without complaining I feel like a completely different person. I feel so calm and relaxed almost as if I don’t have a care in the world. 22. Schedule a Date With your Love Ones Life is busy, back in November I was working 6 days a week, every week. I didn’t really have time for anyone but me or my work. Towards the end of the month I started to realize that my wife was becoming disconnected, and my daughter was becoming more clingy than usual. Then recently I have made a conscious effort to spend at least one of my days off with my family and things are great! 23. Help Others Pay it forward. Haven’t you heard the stories online of someone going to any coffee shop or fast food place and when they go to pay they don’t have to because it’s already paid for. That is just one option of the many things you could...
3 Must-Have Money Saving Apps ⋆So I have told you how my family was put in a bind because of medical bills. I have to say these apps have been the best for me. Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission. 1. Money Lion First, there is MoneyLion. With this one my credit sucked but that didn’t matter. Whereas with most places you go to get money, they want someone with great credit so they know what they are getting themselves into. I was able to get a $500 loan with them. There is a catch though it cost! (Kindof) You have to pay back the loan every payday, as well as pay a monthly membership fee. The cool thing though, is they give you a savings account! Every day you can earn a $1 just by logging into the app. Also, they put roughly $50 a month into it so it’s like the membership fee is waived as well! Since using Moneylion I have got the savings account to over $700 at one point! Another benefit of using them is I have raise my credit score almost 100 points! If you would like to try them out you can get $20 just by using my referral link to join:https://bnc.lt/E1yh/UtxMlTMaHV 2. Earnin The second app doesn’t really save you money but helps you when you need money fast. It is more of a payday advance app. This app is Earnin. What you do with this one is link it to your work and then you can get “paid” the day you work. They have limits depending on the job as well as how many of coworkers you have using the app as well but I have never needed to use it for more than $100 during a pay period. You work your shift at your job, Earnin can track it (if you set it up to track immediately) then you can pull out money right away. Once you get paid from your actual job Earnin collects what you have taken, but it definitely has helped me with those “oh crap” situations where I didn’t have quite enough money. What is cool is once you join, this is where you can start to earn money. You get $20 just for trying them out and then anyone that tries it out with your link you get some money as well. If you would like to try them out you can get $20 just by using my referral link to join: https://earnin.app.link/kTkPuvqbHV 3. Drop. The third app I enjoy using is a rebate app, but you get rewarded with gift cards so you can save that money you would have spent. You get points for purchases you make at approved retail locations. For me what is cool about it is one of the approved locations is my job! So every time I buy a snack I earn points. There are hundreds of approved retailers that use it and I just went on the app while I was writing this to see which ones are on there and here are a few: Safeway, Walgreens, Dunkin’ Donuts, Postmate, XBOX, BlueApron, BarkBox and much more! Once you earn 5,000 points you are eligible to redeem those points for a gift card and those gift cards range from $5 to $100. You can get them to Amazon, Target, Groupon, Starbucks, UberEats, iTunes and more! Check out the site for yourself and get $5 in points from me when you join using my link: https://b.ewd.io/code?c=z3tjf
My Favorite Challenges For Improving Your Life! ⋆When it comes to doing things if you try and start something, it’s a lot harder to do if you don’t have a schedule for it, that is why I love 30-day challenges! It forces you to stay committed for at least 30 days and then from there you can do another 30-day challenge after that. In this list of amazing challenges, I will give you some for your health, which I find enjoyable, then there will be financial ones that everyone can use, and last but not least there will be ones for the family. Health: 1. Drink more waterThere are two ways to go about this. Eight glasses a day (easy to keep track of) or go with half your body weight in ounces (harder to keep track of). Both are good ways of drinking more water, and that gives us energy, flushes out toxins, helps weight loss and is by far the easiest, cheapest, and the best way to stay healthy without having to give anything up. 2. Brush your teeth twice a dayIt’s so easy, painless and something we should be doing already but so very hard to do and do well. Bacteria in the mouth can affect not just our teeth but possibly our body as well. 3. Floss every day This goes with brushing your teeth. The health of your mouth can affect everything. Work up to flossing your whole mouth though because if you don’t regularly floss it can be painful at first. 4. Meal PlanningThis can seem a little weird at first (NOT REALLY A 30 DAY CHALLENGE) This is more of a weekly challenge. You will need to set aside time each week to plan your meals and make a grocery list for the next week. 5. Eat breakfast every morningMy wife currently struggles with this because she doesn’t feel hungry in the morning but eating a good breakfast within an hour of waking up is very good for you. 6. Practice good posture Simple enough… every day remember to sit up straight and stand up taller! 7. Keep a food journal Write down every single thing you eat and drink in a journal. Journaling what you eat is habit forming and you have no idea before you know it you will find yourself eating better. 8. Take your lunch to workNow I know this falls in both health and wealth, but sometimes that can happen. Image though if you are spending $6 a day on lunch for work if you start to take your own not only are you going to save a lot of money but considering that usually, fast food isn’t a healthy option you are going to start eating a lot better! 9. Cook something NEW everydayNow this one can be a little difficult but if you love to cook, or if you have read the book Julie and Julia or seen the movie and wanted to do that then this challenge could be for you. 10. Sleep for 8-9 hours every night Coming from someone who is only getting 6-7 hours of sleep. Making it a priority to either go to bed earlier (or wake up later) every day is a must! Find the way to get your body the 8 hours of sleep it needs! 11. Work on a standing desk Standing desks aren’t for everyone, but if you find that you’re not getting around and just sitting too much, then you might want to try using one. 12. Take a cold shower Bbrrrrr…When you wake up, Yes it sounds HORRIBLE, but head for the shower and turn it to cold. The benefits of this are improved circulation, more energy as well as the potential for more… 13. StretchStretching is one of those very easy challenges to do if you just do it! Yoga is one way to stretch and can be easy to do. There are other ways to stretch as well which are good for the body, just make sure that you don’t stretch past the point of pain. Whatever you do commit to doing it for 30 days and you will thank yourself for doing it! 14. Walk for 30 Minutes a dayCan you walk 10,000 steps in a day? If you can, it will help your mood as well as strengthen your heart! The best thing is you can do it as fast or as slow as you want! 15. Take the stairsFor 30 days, NO ELEVATORS! 16. RunWork your way up to a 5k. 17. BurpeesThese are an awesome full body exercise but its very tiring. 18. PlankStart with just 30 seconds and work your way up to 3 or even 5 minutes by the end of 30 days!  19. PushupsThis is up to you but each day try and better yourself on what you did before until you can do 100 pushups in one set. It more than likely will take more than 30 days to reach this but the results will be very satisfying! 20. Situps, Squats, Wall SitsFind an amount or a challenge you like 300 situps? 200 squats? A 5-minute wall sit? Something challenging but that interests you and work up to your goal. Wealth 21. Set priorities for your day Best way to help with fixing your financial situation is setting your priorities. Each morning, decide on the top 5 things you want to accomplish. Write them down and spend a few minutes on how you are going to accomplish those said things. 22. Brainstorm Every day for 30 days, write down 5 or more things for anything. This will help clear your mind and get into the best financial mindset. It forces you to stretch your brain and strengthen the idea muscle. 23. Clean up your clutterIf you live in chaos you can never be successful. Clean up the clutter or you will always be living in “quicksand” and not be able to succeed at what you want and always be playing catch up. 24. Follow a budgeting system Doing this will help you realize where all your money is going and when you do that then you will never be surprised about bills when they come. 25. Follow a morning routine There is a lot to be said about setting a morning routine so that you can get your day off right. Pick a few things that you think would be great for you to do each morning and have fun doing them! 26. Follow a bedtime routine At the same time you need to have a good bedtime routine to be successful. Getting a good night sleep gets you prepared for the next day so consider no electronics, journaling, stretching or even reading your favorite book for 30 minutes. 27. Wake up early (hard)Wake up and get to work! I am an early riser, so this is not a challenge for me. If I am not tired I am up at 5:30am on a tired day it will be as late as 7am but the earlier, the better because you can get more done. I like it because then I can be done by 9 am and then take a little nap before having to go to work at 2pm.4 28. No complainingThis one is very hard. You are behind on bills, your internet is about to be cut off, and you can’t stream the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. Sure, it feels good, but being someone who is a chronic complainer, we seem to do it daily, and negativity will not get us the type of life that we want. 29. No credit cards, pay only with cash Do you want to improve your financial life? STOP USING CREDIT CARDS!!! Spend some time so you can budget how much money you can spend but hide those credit cards or even throw them away for this challenge. That way, you have to pay with cash. 30. No shopping Very similar to a NO SPEND challenge or the “stay away from Target” challenge. Before you start to decide what falls into the “acceptable” category and what items fall into the “off limits” category. 31. Start a blog This one can be beneficial if done right. Blogs can be done just for fun if you want and if that’s the case use one of the free sites and don’t put a lot of thought or effort into it because you’re just doing it for fun. Though if you want to make money with it eventually, then you will want to plan it out like you are planning out a new business. Make sure you use the right web host, design and promote – all in 30 days. 32. Write a book Do you want to be called an author? Write a book! Finish it and publish it and you are an author, now it might not be good but at least you can call yourself an author. If you take the time and effort to get feedback and make sure its well done then you can even make some money with the book you publish! 33. Watch a TED talk every day TED talks are usually 15 minutes or less but there are some amazing ones out there. You are probably wondering how this wound up in wealth. The answer is: Watching these will help get you the answers you need to advance in your career and get that promotion you have always wanted! 34. No fast food I know for some this would be an easy challenge. Although for others it’s part of the daily routine due to the career they have chosen. It is so easy to get, and the fact that it is cheap and addicting makes it hard to shift into meal planning which is less expensive and better for you. 35. Take a photo every day Take a photo of something that makes you happy, and something different every day. You can search for various places for different challenges for photos. If you want you can even sell your photos for some extra money. 36. Listen to audiobooksFor 30 days, find your favorite motivating books or self-help books and commit to listening to them. Doing this you will learn so much, and it will help you in your career. You will thank yourself when you are done. 37. Meditate Commit to 10 minutes a day for 30 days. Clearing your mind is the best way to be successful. 38. Money Saving ChallengeThere are so many different 30 day challenges to do to save money. The first and easiest is start the first day with $1 and each day just add another $1 until you are putting $31 in on the 31st. It ends up being $496 after the whole month. 39. Learn a language Learning a foreign language can take a long time, and for many, they give up, but it’s essential for us because it makes us smarter. The best thing about it is if you know more than one language it will benefit you when looking for a job. Knowing multiple languages in areas where there is more than one language spoke is very important. 40. No gossipingGossip is so much fun. I should know, I’m guilty of doing it. It bonds you with others, but the problem is that it can give you a bad reputation or you can even say the wrong thing to the wrong person and all of a sudden you can find yourself from #1 in the workplace to done. Family 41. No devices at the dinner tableBecause it’s time to connect with family not followers, connections or fans. 42. No cursing Because, oh f*ck. I just said the f*cking. F- Word. Sh*t.4 43. No social media/ mobile deviceI’m a social media junkie, and because of that, I am always on my phone. I am constantly checking all the social media platforms seeing what everyone is posting and not that I...