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Amazing Gold Life On Earth
LIVE (10-05-20) TB JOSHUA BACK FROM THE PRAYER MOUNTAIN - LIVE BROADCASTEmmanuel !!! Hi My YOU-TUBE Family !!! Join Prophet TB Joshua in today’s live broadcast from the Emmanuel TV Studios and open your heart to receive valuable spiritual insight as we welcome him back from his time at the Prayer Mountain. Get ready also to listen to faith-building testimonies from viewers worldwide and worship Jesus Christ in the beauty of His holiness with the Emmanuel TV Choir. Be blessed as you watch and be moved by this amazing healing God performed through His anointed servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. Welcome To My Channel " FAN EMMANUEL TV " . I'm From Cambodia. Thank You Very Much For Watching My Channel. Again!!! You're Blessed While Watching These Videos. May Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Bless You All. I am so glad to be back and making this video a reality for you to watch again. This time, I am dedicated to researching videos and producing useful videos that will help alleviate your problems. Also a general human society. Why I dare say this because the programs available in the video have helped me and my family understand how to improve their pain-free lives through great training. Prophecy T.B. Joshua, Testimonies and Healing that I will Research and encourage others with shorter ten-minute sessions, more or less, in practice. Therefore, I hope that through these videos, you will truly enjoy and be healed (if you just have faith), anywhere and anytime you review its again and again. May God Bless You More and More. Please Click Subscribe, Bell and Share to your friends. As I need my channel to be monetize by YOU-TUBE company to run the advertise that I can earn income and work more on this position to serve you with the Message of God, Bible Learning And Entertainment Worship Song. If you are satisfied with either of these videos please leave comment in the Comment Box below. I answered as possible time, then I will try to Consider its and Build new Experience Videos later. And if you find these videos helpful and motivating to others, Please click Share again, please. God Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you. Thankful ! From Mr. STEVEN. CAMBODIA. --- For More Social Communications : 1# https://twitter.com/phengprosstudio 2# https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-healthy-asia-eroup-77b40b160/ 3# https://www.instagram.com/phengpross/ 4# https://www.pinterest.com/DrHealthyAsiaEroup/tb-joshua-personal-prophecy/ 5# https://www.etsy.com/people/4ylgajy3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T.B. Joshua Personal Prophecy. If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see PROOF that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Get ready to witness undeniable evidence of God’s Word and power at work as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity in today’s Sunday Live Service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. --- For more information: http://emmanuel.tv http://scoan.org http://facebook.com/tbjministries http://twitter.com/scoantbjoshua --- ➡️Share Your Testimony - https://i.emmanuel.tv/add-testimony/ ➡️Become An Emmanuel TV Partner - https://emmanuel.tv/partnership/info ➡️Join The Global Translation Project - https://www.scoan.org/translations/ ------ 伊曼紐爾!!!嗨,我的YOU-TUBE家庭! 歡迎來到我的頻道“歐洲健康亞洲博士”。我來自柬埔寨。 非常感謝您收看我的頻道。您在觀看這些視頻時很幸運。 願我們的主耶穌基督祝福你們所有人。 很高興回來,並將這段視頻變成現實,讓您再次觀看。這次,我致力於研究視頻並製作有用的視頻,這些視頻將有助於減輕您的問題。也是一般的人類社會。我之所以敢這樣說,是因為視頻中提供的程序幫助我和我的家人了解瞭如何通過良好的培訓來改善他們的無痛生活。 預言TB約書亞(Joshua),《證言與治療》,我將在實踐中研究和鼓勵與他人進行十分鐘或更短會議的鼓勵。 因此,我希望通過這些視頻,您可以在任何地方,隨時隨地查看它的過程中,真正地享受並得到治愈(如果您只有信心)。願上帝保佑你越來越多。 請單擊訂閱,響鈴並分享給您的朋友。因為我需要我的頻道由YOU-TUBE公司貨幣化,以刊登廣告,我可以賺取收入,並在這個職位上做更多的工作,以便為您提供上帝的信息,聖經學習和娛樂崇拜之歌。 如果您對以上任一視頻感到滿意,請在下面的評論框中留下評論。 我回答了盡可能多的時間,然後稍後我將嘗試考慮它並製作新的體驗視頻。 如果您發現這些視頻有幫助並激發了他人的興趣,請再次單擊“共享”。 上帝我們的主耶穌基督祝福你。 感激不盡! 史蒂文先生。 柬埔寨。 --------- Amen!
Tricky - 'Black Steel' (Official Video)Subscribe to this channel: http://bit.ly/trickysubscribe The new album 'Adrian Thaws' out now. Click here for details http://smarturl.it/TrickyAlbumNews Listen to the first single 'Nicotine Love' here: http://smarturl.it/tricky-nicotinelove Taken from debut album, 'Maxinquaye', and a comprehensively reimagined cover of the Public Enemy song "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos', 'Black Steel' is another highlight from that groundbreaking debut album. Unavailable on YouTube until now, this is the official video from the 1995 release. Reviews of new album, 'False Idols' draw a connection with the highlights of Tricky's career to date and the material on 'Maxinquaye' in particular. "False Idols is a sterling return to the form of Maxinquaye, full of sinister, infectious grooves of strings and sparse piano lines with his trademark mumble hiding behind the soulful lead vocals of female frontpersons... throughout, there's a fresh impetus to Tricky's musical muse that enables his dark imaginings to connect again with beautiful simplicity." The Independent 4/5 "Tricky's 10th album is a welcome return to the menacing sound of Maxinquaye. 'I'm Ready', on which that familiar sprechgesang delivery is somehow both metronomic and distended, is exemplary, but the whole record -- dosed with menace -- sounds hungry." The Guardian 4/5 "It's fantastic, filled with enough smoky seduction and downtempo grooves to fuel '90s-themed key parties. Come to think of it, it should satisfy old-school Massive Attack fans more than the last couple of Massive Attack LPs" Time Out "His best since the untouchable Maxinquaye, False Idols confidently returns to a simpler, yet contemporary version of Tricky's working formula." MusicOMH "That's what False Idols represents. Tricky is a hip cat again. The great thing here, though, is he did it the old fashioned way: he just put out a great fucking record. False Idols is a massive triumph musically. There is no filler, in many places it sounds timeless. We're a third through 2013, but I'd be shocked if this record is surpassed by many at year's end." Pop Matters 8/10 Follow Tricky online: Facebook: http://po.st/trickyfb Twitter: http://po.st/trickytwitter Soundcloud: http://po.st/trickysc Website: http://www.trickysite.com Instagram: http://po.st/trickyinstagram
Bea - Sway (Official Music Video)Bea - Sway (Official Music Video) Bea's album Old Habits, featuring "Sway" available everywhere: Apple Music: http://bit.ly/BeaSway Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2sn1Bmj Follow + Like: Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/bea Website: https://www.beabeabea.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beaplaysguitar Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beaplaysguitar If you like the video or my music, please give me a thumbs up + subscribe: https://www.bit.ly/bea_youtube ----- Video Credits ----- Directed + Edited by Bea Talplacido (https://www.beabeabea.com) Cinematography by Benedict Talplacido (https://www.instagram.com/benevalt) Produced by Kathleen Mason / Kmase Productions (https://kmaseproductions.com) Wardrobe Assistant: Sophie Long Cast: Clayton Keiber, Linda Tran All music + lyrics by Bea Shot at The Kester Homestead, Memphis, NY (https://www.thekesterhomestead.com) ----- Sway Lyrics ----- Typical you to be talking the way that you do to a cynical me, I know better, or so you would think You still have a way to aim right where I can't seem to let what I know make the least bit of sense I pictured you following her to the end of the world while you paced around the table and made it so painfully clear You gave me the keys when I begged you to say exactly the words that would drive me away The back and the forth is the worst of the pain These are the last of the words that I'll say I won't say that I hate you I never could hate you I just won't be here this way next time you sway You were around when this music was everything true and every truth that I sang was always for you But you carried the weight of the people you love and the weight of you walking on me was too much Now there's a song and our voices will always be close The part where our voices are touching is the part that hurts most That makes this the end of our sad little tale From the first time you called me to the last thing I'll say All Music + Lyrics by Bea Talplacido ©℗ Bobot Songs/Battlescarlet Records #bea #beabeabea #beaplaysguitar