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Lotus Evora GT, First Look, Way better than I could have expectedPlease watch: "Jeep Wrangler Sport | Wrangler JK Road Review | A Jungle gym of surprises and I'm an Idiot" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM_OYrhd13s --~-- Lotus Evora GT, Review, truly a Sportscar we are not worthy of (If you can find one in the U.S.) It's better than good and replaces 400 and 410 versions of the car, it now makes 420 horsepower Thanks to Simon at The Lotus hub, you can find him on Instagram https://instagram.com/lotushub?igshid=12x2q7vwl86nq John at Galpin Lotus, you can follow them on Instgram https://instagram.com/galpinlotus?igshid=8wf2wdmg6vlg or Visit their website https://www.lotuscars.com/en-US/dealer/galpin-lotus/ I’ve spent days, trolling over the details, playing them back step by step, second by second. Trying to understand how I ended up in this place, I never intended to write about cars, never intended to make it my mission to bring what I believe is real driving truth to the masses. Let’s face it, I’m an old man, the kind of man you imagine driving a Cadillac Escalade to the Golf Course, or spending hours polishing a Corvette in the comfort of my garage spending hundreds of dollars, experimenting with carnauba wax; perhaps driving a Sports Car in the local parade, with someone sitting on the pillar and waving to the masses who looked on in envy, at my ever cherished diamond. Looks can be quite deceiving, the aforementioned is exactly what I’m not; I’m a canyon rat, born and bred in the Apex, raised amongst the most glorious roads, the Petrol Gods could have gifted the world, I live for giving input with a delicate touch; stroking aluminum shift knobs, as I ratchet them into gear, pushing a car to find her weaknesses, as I dump a clutch on a downshift setting my entry speed to see how the lady I’m blessed with driving nips at me. Pushing the drive out of a turn; allowing the vehicle’s mind to drift outward, as it sets itself in place for the next set of esses, careful to find the balancing point of elegance, not through horsepower, but in the connection that ties a Driver together with a metaphysical moment. A manual transmission, and the rowing of gears, once a standard skill, in my time, an art; for our current generations, a Dark Art; simply black magic, they won’t get to truly understand the limitations of a vehicle, or be able to judge the essence of themselves, with the ever popular replacement of millisecond paddle shifters; faster yes, but as satisfying? I would argue otherwise, more deception, that’s what the modern era of automobiles is, purely deception, a series of electronic controlled aides fooling the driver into thinking all modern cars are the same. Allowing dealers to take the average petrol head on a 2 mile test drive, with the buyer understanding, that in the end; it’s almost all the same. That’s how I began this journey, much like my own pilgrimage to the Glorious Goddess of Petrol, I worshipped on my knees at her feet, I needed her, to make me feel alive, to give me something that would let me believe that I was simply mortal. Someone to bring back the memories of high octane, from what was once Sears Point Raceway, something reminiscent of when the Driver mattered more than the equipment, and it was a poor craftsman that blames his tools. Do you remember those times? Some of us do, the romance of the connection. That was alluded to in the Lotus GT, she brought those emotions back to me, and my passenger as well. I could feel his blood rise, as my vision narrowed, I was a predator, a hunter, and my companion the Spirit of Driving; you need to drive her to understand; I suggest you do. #EvoraGT #LotusCars #Lotus #GT #LotusEvoraGT