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Wood Fired Sausage and Peppers Pizza | ilForninoSausage and Pepper Pizza using a Wood Fired Professional Plus Pizza Oven by ilFornino! This oven is perfect for a home chef looking to make pizzas in the backyard. Today we are demonstrating how to cook Sausage and Pepper Pizza using the ilFornino Professional Plus Wood Fired Pizza Oven. To make this delicious Sausage and Pepper pizza, follow the following steps. 1. Prepare and spread the dough. 2. Assemble all your ingredients - cheese, sauce, sausage and peppers 3. Place your dough in the ilFornino oven using one of our 6” Turning Peels for the ultimate maneuverability. https://www.ilfornino.com/ilfornino-turning-pizza-peel-6-round-36-stainless-steel-handle-304-grade/ 4. Turn the pie every 30 seconds in order to get an even cook on your pie. 5. After 90 seconds your pie should be done. Enjoy your delicious wood fired pizza! Chef Tips: To cook any type of meat in your ilFornino pizza oven, please subscribe to our YouTube videos for cooking techniques. Here is a quick overview on how to cook the sausage and peppers in your ilFornino oven before preparing your pizza. 1. Place the sausage in a cast iron skillet or place it on top of your ilFornino grill (separate attachment) in the Wood Fired Pizza Oven. https://www.ilfornino.com/ilfornino-stainless-steel-cooking-grill/ 2. Cook in your Wood-Fired Pizza Oven for approximately 5 minutes (be careful not to overcook your meat as it will cook some more when you use it as a topping for your pizza) 3. Slice your sausage and peppers into small pieces so they can be used for toppings on your pizza. Don't forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe Get your Ilfornino Wood Fired oven from USA- https://www.ilfornino.com/ilfornino-pizza-ovens/ For Oven Accessories, Click here: https://www.ilfornino.com/accessories/ Want to know more about ilfornino, Check out our website- https://www.ilfornino.com Call Toll Free 877-302-6660. *Follow us* on Social Media Platforms: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilfornino Instagram: https://instagram.com/ilfornino.pizzaoven/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilFornino Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/107293896203239750024 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ilfornino/ #ilFornino #WoodFiredPizza #SausageAndPepperPizza #SausagePizza
Succulent Crab Boil in Wood Fired OvenilFornino wood fired ovens are extremely versatile. The types of food that you can cook are only limited by your imagination. This recipe is focused on creating a classical American Crab Boil, similar to those done in the Chesapeake Bay Area. The experience is to enjoy a very informal, yet delicious meal with friends and family. So bring you wooden mallets and you appetite as we recreate this iconic feast in your wood fired oven. Equipment: ilFornino Wood fired oven with a supply of wood (of course) A large stainless steel or cast iron pot that will fit comfortably though the oven opening. Some heavy-duty heat resistant gloves to handle the hot pot A small table or landing spot to accept the heavy hot pot after it is removed from the oven. A couple of wooden mallets (one for each guest to crack open the cooked crabs) or nutcrackers to get to the flesh A large colander to drain the contents Some butcher paper to cover your wooden table (optional) or a large tray or serving platter Lots of napkins and optional lobster bibs Ingredients: All ingredients must be as fresh as possible. Corn on the Cob – cleaned and cut in half or thirds. 1 ear per person Polish or your favorite Sausage (Chorizo as an example) 3 pounds cut into 1-inch pieces Small red or new Potatoes 3 lbs. left whole A couple of tablespoons of Old Bay Seasoning, Zatarain’s or your favorite crab boil spices. Add Cayenne pepper if you like heat. A couple of pounds of your favorite fresh Crab in season. Blue Crab, Snow Crab or Dungeness. Small Crabs left whole, large ones cut up. Peeled and deveined fresh Shrimp – medium size about 1 or 2 pounds (Can be left with tail on, or completely in shell - optional) Water to fill the pot without overflowing when all the ingredients are introduced. Rustic bread and creamy butter Lots of cold beer to wash it all down Method: Choose the largest pot that will comfortably fit inside your ilFornino Oven. Fire up you oven and get a roaring fire going. Once the wood has heated the oven and floor, move the wood to the back or sides, which ever allows you the most space for your pot. Place the pot with water into the oven and let it come to a rapid boil. Make sure the water doesn’t boil over on the floor. Add the Old Bay or other seasonings to the pot. Add the potatoes, corn, and sausage to the pot and boil for about 15 minutes Carefully introduce the crab into the pot, making sure they are fully submerged and cook for about 8 minutes. Carefully stir in the shrimp and cook for 3 to 4 minutes until they are opaque. Once the shrimp are done, carefully remove the pot and drain into a large colander in a sink. Dump all the contents on a paper covered table or a large platter. Serve with rustic bread and butter, and cold beer or beverage of your choice. Cautionary note: Make sure the water doesn’t boil over during the entire cooking process. The pot will be very hot, and very heavy. It is a good idea to have a table close by to place the pot as a temporary landing for its journey to the sink. Don’t wear you best suit or tie to this feast, as it will be hand-to-hand contact between your guests and the crabs. That’s the fun of it all. DIG IN AND ENJOY! Related products Add to Cart ilFornino® Professional Series Wood Burning Pizza Oven-One Flat Cooking Surface™ $1,895.00 Choose options ilFornino ® Elite Plus - Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Cabinet Black- Traditional Flooring $3,595.00 Add to Cart ilFornino® Platinum Series Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven $2,195.00