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Wood Fired Sausage and Peppers Pizza | ilForninoSausage and Pepper Pizza using a Wood Fired Professional Plus Pizza Oven by ilFornino! This oven is perfect for a home chef looking to make pizzas in the backyard. Today we are demonstrating how to cook Sausage and Pepper Pizza using the ilFornino Professional Plus Wood Fired Pizza Oven. To make this delicious Sausage and Pepper pizza, follow the following steps. 1. Prepare and spread the dough. 2. Assemble all your ingredients - cheese, sauce, sausage and peppers 3. Place your dough in the ilFornino oven using one of our 6” Turning Peels for the ultimate maneuverability. 4. Turn the pie every 30 seconds in order to get an even cook on your pie. 5. After 90 seconds your pie should be done. Enjoy your delicious wood fired pizza! Chef Tips: To cook any type of meat in your ilFornino pizza oven, please subscribe to our YouTube videos for cooking techniques. Here is a quick overview on how to cook the sausage and peppers in your ilFornino oven before preparing your pizza. 1. Place the sausage in a cast iron skillet or place it on top of your ilFornino grill (separate attachment) in the Wood Fired Pizza Oven. 2. Cook in your Wood-Fired Pizza Oven for approximately 5 minutes (be careful not to overcook your meat as it will cook some more when you use it as a topping for your pizza) 3. Slice your sausage and peppers into small pieces so they can be used for toppings on your pizza. Don't forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe Get your Ilfornino Wood Fired oven from USA- For Oven Accessories, Click here: Want to know more about ilfornino, Check out our website- Call Toll Free 877-302-6660. *Follow us* on Social Media Platforms: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google Plus: Pinterest: #ilFornino #WoodFiredPizza #SausageAndPepperPizza #SausagePizza