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Bedroom Lighting IdeasWhat is the most important thing that affects the sensation of a room but is rarely seen as important? Lighting. We can change all the furniture we want, paint walls, but a poor lighting arrangement will relegate all of that and result in a poor impression of the room. It is essential to have a proper lighting arrangement, especially in your bedroom, since a lot of your time is spent in there. Moreover, you need different types of lighting depending on the ambience you want to give it. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a great lighting setup in your bedroom. Following are a few bedroom lighting ideas that you may want to consider: Ceiling Lighting This is the most common type of lighting that is used in most homes. It is your choice to install either a simple yet aesthetic ceiling light on the top of your room, or a complex beautiful chandelier. The best place it would be to install it in the centre of the room so that you can have light all over the room when you turn it on. Or, you might install it on top of your bed. (just be careful that it is high enough though). Alternatively, you may install multiple ceiling lights in the form of bulbs fit in a rectangle around the top of the room. Just think of something creative. The possibilities are endless. Something suited to your needs as well as appealing. Reading / Localized Lamps These are perhaps the greatest addition you can make in your bedroom to drastically change the lighting without spending a fortune. I mean who wouldn’t want an extra set of beautiful lamps to have besides the bed? Bed-time reading, checking the clock, or if you just prefer a little light while you sleep, these lamps are perfect. However, most of the time, the lamps themselves can be bought off easily at a local store. But you need to buy the lamp holder fittings and bulbs yourself. Or even if a lamp comes with the fittings, you may need to change it because you have the bulbs with a different socket. Or it might get broken while fitting in the bulb. For buying lamp holder fittings, there is no place better than They provide excellent lamp holder fittings at a low price and in a huge variety. Night Lighting I have stumbled multiple times into a wall or some piece of furniture while taking a night-time trip to the loo. Didn’t turn on the light because I didn’t want to awaken my sleepy mind and have a hard time falling asleep when I returned or maybe sheer laziness fully. Maybe you’ve experienced a similar situation too. What is perfect for such situations is night-time lighting. A simple strip of LED light strips that you can get anywhere for a reasonable price. Just attach them to the bottom portion of the walls along your bedroom and hallway. You can even get creative and have a coloured strip of LED lights if you want. Or you may just want to have a solid white colour of LED lights just like those turned on in a situation of emergency in planes and buildings. I mean, it is certainly an emergency sometimes, isn’t it? These are just some ideas. The ultimate choice of what types of lighting should be in your bedroom is yours. In the end, choose whatever ideas and designs you feel will integrate with your way of being and your style.