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Curious About Beer and Wine
by @curiousclaire
Wine Tasting in TuscanyTuscany is part of the central region in Italy. In the past, it was known as a major center of the Renaissance. Present day, it is known for producing incredible wines. While in Tuscany, we had the opportunity to visit 5 different wineries. We stayed in the Chianti Classico region, so all of the wineries we visited were in the Chianti region. Mazzei Winery Castello di Fonterutoli was the first winery we stopped at in Tuscany. They have a gorgeous state of the art facility and have been making wine since 1435. For €25 a person you get a fabulous tour of the facility and you get to sample 4 wines. Our guide Andrea was wonderful. My favorite wine was the Seipi. Bindi Sergardi Bindi Sergardi has been around since 1349. Our guide Clemente gave us a lovely tour of the vineyard, the storerooms, the cellar, and a private tasting. This tour included 4 wines to taste, a meat and cheese plate, and bread. It cost €30 a person. My favorite wine was the Chianti Classico. Castellare di Castellina Castellare di Castellina has been around since the 1970s. They produce about 400,000 bottles a year. The tours were fully booked, so we visited the enoteca and did a wine tasting. The best part was it was free! My favorite wine was the Chianti Classico Riserva. Poggio Amorelli Poggio Amorelli included a tour of the facility, 6 wine tastings, 2 balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and truffle oil. This tasting cost €25 a person and was well worth it for all the tastings we got. My favorite was the Chianti Classico Riserva. Castello Di Monteriggioni Castello di Monteriggioni winery opened in 1964. This tour included s short visit of the vineyards, a tour of the facility, 4 wine tastings the last was a dessert wine with biscotti), and an individual meat, cheese, and fruit plate. We were blown away by the amount of food included. This tasting only cost €20 a person! My favorite wine was the Chianti Classico. Another plus was this winery was located right next to the castle town Monteriggioni! Make sure to take time to walk around the town. Winery Rankings Based on Wines Bindi Sergardi Poggio Amorelli Castello Di Monteriggioni Castellare di Castellina Mazzei Winery Winery Rankings Based on Value 1. Castello Di Monteriggioni: €20 Euro/Person Included a winery tour, 4 wine tastings (1 white, 2 red, 1 dessert wine with biscotti), and an individual meat, cheese, and fruit plate. This was our number one value choice because it included a lot for an inexpensive price. 2. Poggio Amorelli: €25 Euro/Person It included winery tour, 6 wine tasting, 2 kinds of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and truffle oil and some bread, meat, and cheese for the table. We felt that for the price, this included a wide variety of samples and we got to see several parts of the facility. 3. Bindi Sergardi: €30 Euro/person It included vineyards and winery tour, 4 wine tastings, bread, meat and cheese plate. Although the most expensive of the group, our guide spent a lot of time with us and there was plenty of snacks to go around. The pours were also very generous. 4. Mazzei Winery: €25 Euro/Person Included winery tour and 4 wine tastings. We felt that compared to the other winery (Poggio Amorelli) that was the same price, we got a whole lot less. However, our guide Andrea Zanibelli was outstanding! 5. Castellare di Castellina: Free Enoteca Tasting Included the tastings of 3 wines. Even though this tasting was free, it was very short and less informative. The pours were also very small. Other Articles You May Enjoy Staying at Castellina in Chianti