Dr. Malcolm Brigden
r. Malcolm Brigden is a senior medical oncologist in Lethbridge, Alberta. Dr. Malcolm Brigden loves mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, cross-country skiing.
Malcolm B.Dr Malcolm Brigden has been senior medical oncologist at the Jack Ady Cancer Program in Lethbridge Alberta as well as an associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of Calgary. He received his medical degree from McGill University and pursued postgraduate training at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. He also has a master’s degree in biophysics from the University British Columbia. Dr. MAlcolm Brigden loves cancer research and enjoys reading and writing medical research papers. Dr. Brigden’s research interests include cost effective diagnostic testing, optimum cancer care follow-up and all aspects of community oncology practice. In collaboration with other members of the community oncology cancer care team, he has published a number of articles on the optimum functioning of community oncology programs including associated services and personnel such as social work, nurse practitioner services, advanced clinical pharmacy and physiotherapy. Dr. Brigden has served as a regional CPD educator for the Royal College of Physicians And Surgeons of Canada for Northern Ontario and continues to be active in wide variety of medical educational endeavors. Relevant recent publications of Dr. Malcolm Brigden: 1. Brigden M, An update on medical marijuana/cannabinoid prescribing in cancer patients. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. 2. Wilde M, Lesniak Walton S, Knapik G, Brigden M, Oncology social work services in the community oncology setting: The Jack Ady Cancer Centre experience. Oncology Exchange 2018; 17:12-16 3. Grant A, Walton SL, BSc. OT, MPH; Brigden ML, et al Rehabilitative medicine and physiotherapy services in community oncology- The Jack Ady Cancer Program experience. Oncology Exchange 2017; 16 : No1, 14-19 4. Rawson K, King J, Brigden ML et al. toward optimum use of oncology nurse practitioners in the community cancer care setting. Oncology Exchange 2016; 15:No 4, 21-25 5. Brigden ML, Dobish R, Chambers C, Howard N. Expanding the role of clinical pharmacists in community oncology practice – Results of implementation at the Jack Ady Cancer Clinic. Oncology Exchange 2014;11:18-22