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THE EG-SHOWErnst Georges is the host of the “The EG - SHOW” exclusively on YouTube only. “The EG - SHOW” features Ernst Georges take on the biggest educational and business success stories of the moment. Meanwhile, this show is all about Entrepreneurship, Business and How to Become A Self-Made Successful Entrepreneur either on Online Business Venture or Offline with Traditional Start-Up Enterprise. However, “The EG - SHOW”, including a lively educational debate with or without guests from all type Entrepreneurship Business Venture. Indeed, “The EG - SHOW” also addressing the issues, in-depth analysis about entrepreneurial and also present business stories no other shows in media platform will cover what so ever. As you already know, YouTube is the Greater platform to learn about everything non-stop and 24/7. That’s why the “The EG - SHOW” choosing this powerful platform to offer you the best show will ever imagine promoting you and your business. Because I believe in “The EG - SHOW” I can help whoever manifest a burning desire to become a very successful entrepreneur to make it. Keep in mind, whenever you living in the United States of America, in Canada, In India, In Haiti or any other place in the world. Regardless of your religion, your gender, your color or your financial situation you can become a successful entrepreneur. That’s the reason why “The EG - SHOW” put all kind of educational topic that fits your goal to help you fulfill your dream. Because, “The EG - SHOW” is to boost your confidence, to educate, and to motivate you to become the “Entrepreneur You Deserve to Be” It’s time for you to take action and unleash your true potential and reclaim your birthright and become an entrepreneur because you were born to be wealthy and successful. So let’s begin working together, “The EG - SHOW” will produce the content and advice you need to become a successful Entrepreneur for you for free. Never forget your part of the commitment which is: You have just to apply them with my magic formula: Persistence + Discipline = Success with a permanent action plan and collecting the reward for yourself, as simple as is. Like, Follow and Share “The EG - SHOW” and spread the word to others! Because you finally find free online support that working exclusively to help succeed as an Entrepreneur and help you become Wealthy, Happy and Healthy. Because we bring “Creativity Beyond Imagination” to help the jump to success! Ernst Georges
How To Start A Business Without CapitalHow to start a business without capital? It’s time for you to learn how to start a business without capital? Because the truth is business It’s not all about the money. Is more about your idea and your plan of execution to create something from something or from nothing at all. Keep in mind that no amount of money can do that for you, or can change you into a winner. If you do not have the state of mind necessary to become an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, never let the concept of no fund, no money, or no capital at all to stop you to take action to build your business out of nothing. Nevertheless, it can be so simple even ridiculously to learn how easy you can use some techniques and tips to raise capital for your business quickly. Watching this video will teach you how to: Get ready to hustle because you will learn: How to become an entrepreneur? How To Get Venture Capital? How to Take advantage of free advertising and marketing? How to use several ways to generate a buzz for your business without breaking the bank? How to use Social Media as a great way to gain exposure and interact with potential customers? You can also reach out to local media and offer your expertise. How to Build up sweat equity How to leverage credit card debt to fund your business? How to build your brand? How to avoid unnecessary expense? How to show everyone you know what you are doing? How to become a confident businessman or woman? How to build your business around what you know to become successful? Subscribe and share this video on social media to spread the word all over the world.
Should you become an entrepreneur?SHOULD YOU BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR? Part one: Entrepreneurs: Present and Past Part two: Is Entrepreneurship Right for You? Part Three: Identify Business Opportunities and Set Goals Define entrepreneurship. Learn about entrepreneurship in history. Identify the impact of entrepreneurs and small business today. WHAT IS AN ENTREPRENEUR? Definitions People who own, operate, and take the risk of a business venture are called entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the process of running a business of one’s own. Employees vs. entrepreneurs Why do people become entrepreneurs? Who is an Entrepreneur? What is Entrepreneurship? TYPES OF ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESSES Manufacturing Wholesaling Retailing Service Agricultural EXAMPLES OF MANUFACTURING BUSINESSES Apparel and other textile products Chemicals and related products Electronics and other electrical equipment Fabricated metal products Food products Industrial machinery and equipment Printing and publishing Rubber and miscellaneous plastic products Stone, clay, and glass products EXAMPLES OF WHOLESALING BUSINESSES Apparel Electrical goods Groceries and related products Hardware, plumbing, heating equipment Lumber, construction materials Machinery, equipment, supplies Motor vehicles, automotive equipment Paper, paper products Petroleum, petroleum products EXAMPLES OF RETAILING BUSINESSES Auto and home supply stores Building materials and supply stores Clothing stores Florists Furniture stores Gift, novelty, and souvenir stores Grocery stores Hardware stores Jewelry stores Retail bakeries Shoe stores Sporting goods and bicycle stores EXAMPLES OF SERVICE BUSINESSES Appliance repair Automotive repair Babysitting Bookkeeping Consulting Dance instruction Electrical services Exterminators Flower decorating House cleaning Lawn care Painting Plumbing Translating Travel agency Tutoring How many types of Entrepreneurial Businesses do we have? List 3 of them and give me an example of each