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Report: Asia solar capacity to triple; five-fold wind capacity addition expected in the next five years - Energy Oil & Gas Asia | Oil & Gas sectors, Petroleum news, Energy newsTaiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand are major markets with combined solar capacity additions expected to triple in the next five years, while wind capacity additions are expected to grow five-fold in the same period according to Black & Veatch, a US-headquartered firm specialising in building critical human infrastructure in energy, water, telecommunications and government services. The company reported that three of these countries, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam, could become the fastest growing markets for renewable energy in the Asian region. “The opportunity for clients, including power producers, is in implementing technologically advanced, cost competitive and bankable engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) solutions. Deploying time and motion studies and drones, for example, has the potential to cut project schedule and cost,” said Mitesh Patel, the new director for Black & Veatch’s renewable energy businesses in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Patel says the company also sees the deployment of microgrids on the horizon offering utilities and large consumers of power the opportunity to proactively work together to help integrate intermittent renewable energy with fossil-fueled power. This approach will lead to the delivery of a stable and widely accessible power supply that can accelerate energy transformation and universal electrification. Off-grid solutions, like solar [...]
Air Products to build hydrogen plant in Texas - Energy Oil & Gas Asia | Oil & Gas sectors, Petroleum news, Energy newsUS-based industrial gas company Air Products plans to build a new liquid hydrogen plant at its La Porte, Texas, industrial gas facility to meet increasing product demand from several customer markets.  The liquid hydrogen plant will produce approximately 30 tonnes/day, will draw its hydrogen to be liquefied from Air Products’ existing Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline system network, and is to be on-stream in 2021. “The investment in this new liquid hydrogen production facility in Texas will assist with meeting current customer demand, as well as capture the increased growth that we see coming from several markets.  Logistically, our La Porte plant has several operational benefits which make the site selection for this new facility a good choice.  We are confident with this additional capacity that we will be able to meet the projected growing liquid hydrogen needs coming from the varied industries in the US for which a reliable source of this product is vitally important to our customers’ manufacturing operations,” said Marie Ffolkes, President, Americas at Air Products. Once liquefied at La Porte, the hydrogen will be delivered in trailers to customers in industries including: electronics, chemical and petrochemical, metals, material handling, float glass, edible fats and oils, and utilities. Air Products also has liquid hydrogen production plants operating [...]