Stand By Me Filming Locations | Then & Now 1985 Brownsville & Cottage Grove Oregon ReshootThen and Now filming locations in 1985 Brownsville & Cottage Grove, Oregon -- from the movie Stand By Me. Subscribe and click the bell, to know when new Then & Now Reshoot videos are up. ▶WANT TO SEE MORE? WANT TO HELP? Subscribe: Patreon: PayPal: Watch the movie: ▶FOLLOW: Facebook: Filming Locations shown: -- COTTAGE GROVE, OR 0:03 Row River Trail at Mosby Creek 0:34 Row River Trail near Layng Rd -- BURNEY, CA 1:20 Near Eagle Mountain Ln -- MCCLOUD, CA 2:20 Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway -- BROWNSVILLE, OR 2:30 N. Main St. 5:42 School Ave & Butte St Want to help support this channel, and see more videos like this? Time and travel adds up, any help is appreciated: Patreon: PayPal: ---------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimers New footage was created by this channel's operator Jesse Nickell. When using parts of this video, please link to this video and/or channel. This video is of educational / historical significance, and therefore footage from "Stand By Me" is considered Fair Use. 1. The original footage that's used is included to create a historical contrast been 1985 and 2019, in the locations noted. 2. The original footage is from the much larger work, available for purchase: 3. The original footage is used sparingly. Only edited-for-length scenes in notable locations, are shown. 4. Any interest and value in the entire movie is preserved.
COLLAPSE : THE ONLY REALISTIC SCENARIO ? (A. Keller) [NEXT] S02 E04- TO SUPPORT THE INDEPENDENT [ NEXT ] SERIES: - Suscribe to our Newsletter : - Arthur Keller wishes to clarify his introductory remarks regarding the exponential function: EMAIL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER : @NextWebSerieDoc INSTAGRAM: next.webseriedoc #Collapsology #Collapse #Decline Arthur Keller is an aerospace engineer by training. He is now a consultant and keynoter on topics related to energy, climate and ecological transition. He's supervised the national committee on Environmental policy of Nouvelle Donne (a French political organization) and in 2017 he built the program of Charlotte Marchandise, a candidate in the French presidential election. He is a member of the board of the nonprofit Adrastia, which focuses on anticipating the decline of the thermo-industrial civilization. Arthur Keller is also an author and a screenwriter, who explores how storytelling can be a tool for raising awareness about the vulnerability of our societies and for mobilizing people around resilience strategies. WHO AM I? My name is Clément Montfort. I'm 32 years old and I'm a director. Between 2012 and 2016, I worked as a director and cameraman for French television. From now on I launch myself independently on Tipeee via my Youtube channel. In recent years, I have focused my energy on making documentaries about ecology and our future on this planet. These questions fascinate me as much as they frighten me. I think it is necessary to keep your eyes open in order to avoid the worst if possible. I invite you to consult my previous projects for France Télévisions. They are available free of charge on the Internet: La Guerre des Graines (financed by France 5) / Soigneurs de Terres (financed by France 2). After university studies, I trained in image and documentary filmmaking with the essential (!!!) team at LaTélé, founded by John Paul Lepers in 2007! "[ NEXT ]": MY CURRENT PROJECT IN TIPEEE FINANCING For more creative and editorial freedom, I have chosen to carry out my next projects on the Internet without a television channel, with participatory financing. This is the purpose of this Tipeee page. I've been working on[NEXT] for a year. This is a Web Documentary Series about our near future on this planet: biological annihilation of ecosystems, population migrations for climatic reasons, risks of oil shortages, in other words a series about the risks of collapse of our civilization. NEXT will also address the possible resilience of our society: new agricultural models, the use of low-techs (post-carbon or low-carbon technologies), alternative lifestyles, urban reorganization. "What is in store for us in concrete terms? How to prepare for it" will be the two main questions of this project. THE STARTING POINT: THE GALAXY OF "COLLAPSOLOGISTS" In April 2015, Pablo Servigne and Raphaël Stevens published their book "Comment tout peut se effondrer". They then launch a new intellectual current that they call "Collapsology" or "the science of the collapse of our civilization". From the English "To collapse", to collapse. Intrigued by their work, I decided to film them to discover their universe, the galaxy of "collapsologists". As early as the 1970s, Dennis Meadows, in his report to the Club of Rome, predicted a collapse of our consumption patterns and our society by the 2030s. What is the situation today and what should we expect in the near future? WHAT WILL THE MONEY RAISED BE USED FOR EACH EPISODE? To finance[NEXT] is to finance filming days and equipment rental, editing days and equipment, location days, investigation days, travel to filming locations. [NEXT] needs you. The financing is totally independent and without you, the project cannot exist. HOW OFTEN? HOW MANY EPISODES PER MONTH? I plan to publish 1 episode per month. [ NEXT ] A SOCIAL AND COMMUNITY PROJECT NEXT is a documentary web series that is being built at the same time as its community of viewers. Many episodes are already planned but despite everything, the project is to keep a strong link with the community to adapt the direction according to the requests and wishes of the group. We will organize events to meet and discuss the project.
Full Song : Keh Gayi Sorry | Jassie Gill | Shehnaaz Gill | Avvy |Nirmaan | New Punjabi Song 2020Another Original Song for you guys with Shehnaaz Gill. Hope you all like this one :) #JassieGill #JassiGill #KehGayiSorry #ShehnaazGill ♪ Available on ♪ Tiktok : Spotify : Amazon Music : Resso : Apple Music : Gaana : Wynk : JioSaavn : Hungama : Song - Keh Gayi Sorry Singer - Jassie Gill Feat - Shehnaaz Gill Music - Avvy Sra Lyrics - Nirmaan Master & Mixing - Avvy Sra Guitar & Strokes - Shomu Seal Presentation - EYP Creations Digitally Managed By - EYP Digital Lyrical Video by - Aman Kalsi Graphics by - Aman Rajowal Special Thanks - Arvindr Khaira Digital Distribution - Believe Photoshoot - SC Creations Special Thanks - Manish Sharma Stay Connected with me ! ► Subscribe to my Channel : - ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Snapchat -
KURTA PAJAMA - Tony Kakkar ft. Shehnaaz Gill | Latest Punjabi Song 2020Anshul Garg presents ‘Kurta Pajama’ by Hitmaker @Tony Kakkar ft. Shehnaaz Gill. Singer : @Tony Kakkar Music : Tony Kakkar Lyrics: @Tony Kakkar Music Produced, Composed & Arranged by Tony Kakkar Starring: Tony Kakkar & Shehnaaz Gill Produced By: Anshul Garg Director / Choreographer : Rahul D. Shetty (RnP) VFX Creative Director - Prathmesh Sampada Parab & @Prathmesh Chaukekar Assistant choreographer: ALISHA SINGH & JITENDRA GAJARE Dop : Deval Samantha Video Supervisor: Raghav Sharma Project Manager: Piyush Chandak Operative Camera - Arun Kumar Editor : Nitin Fcp Production House : Yogesh Kumarr Productions Wardrobe stylists- outro by Akshita and Anulika Choudhary Dancers costume : Denis Mirani Choreographer Asst. - Jitu Gajre Shehnaz outfit - Gulabo Jaipur, Maya culture Jewellery: Rimayu Distribution: Believe Digital Poster Design : Vicky Sandhu Digital Promotions- Underdog Digital OST : Sangeetkaar Lyrics: Kaali gaddi KALE SHEESHE KALA AINAK PAYA KALA CHANDIGARH TERE KARKE AAYA NAYI TE REHENDA SI AMBALA MUNDA MAIN PUNJABI KUDIYAAN KAINDI LA LA LA LA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA JIGGLE IT MY GAL JIGGLE IT JIGGLE IT ME TELL YA GAL JIGGLE IT JIGGLE IT MY GAL JIGGLE IT ME JUST LOVE IT WHEN YA GAL JIGGLE IT SIT UP ON IT LIKE CHAIR Lakkha vich ek ae Mitthi jiwein cake hai Tu kudiyan di queen ae Baki saari fake ae Main chori chori takda Sona koka nak Da Karda tareefan Fan tere lak Da Tere liye main chadta soni burger ande wala KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA JIGGLE IT MY GAL JIGGLE IT JIGGLE IT ME TELL YA GAL JIGGLE IT JIGGLE IT MY GAL JIGGLE IT ME JUST LOVE IT WHEN YA GAL JIGGLE IT SIT UP ON IT LIKE CHAIR KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA TONY TONY TONY KAKKAR AHA AHA YEAH YEAH KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KURTA PAJAMA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA KALA #KurtaPajama #TonyKakkar #ShehnaazGill
Tu Aa Jaana - Palak Muchhal ft. Mumbiker Nikhil & Shanice Shrestha | Latest Hindi Song 2020Voilà! Digi presents 'Tu Aa Jaana', sung by Palak Muchhal and starring Mumbiker Nikhil & Shanice Shrestha! #mumbikernikhil #shaniceshrestha #palakmuchhal #latesthindisong2020 #tuaajaana Stream ‘Tu Aa Jaana’ on audio platforms: Gaana: Wynk: JioSaavn: Spotify: Amazon: Apple Music: Resso: Hungama: Credits: Singer: Palak Muchhal Starring: Nikhil Sharma & Shanice Shrestha Music Composers: Sanjeev-Ajay Lyricist: Sanjeev Chaturvedi Music Producer: Ashique Elahi Mixed and mastered: Chakir Hussain @ Paresh Music Music managed by: Kashi Kashyap Assistant mixing engineer: Saikat Sarkar Guitars: Britto Khangchian DOP: Onkar Chavan Editor/Chief AD: Ayu Agnihotri EP: Elvis Anthony Assistant Director: Nidhi Kamath Makeup: Manveen Rekhi DI Artist: Sunil (Colorbar) Line Production: Sidhaant Sachdev Productions Special Thanks: Karishma Chhajer Director: Sidhaant Sachdev Producers: Girish Jain, Vinit Jain A Voilà! Digi Production! Follow Voilà! Digi: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: For enquiries: Upcoming projects with: Palak Muchhal Gajendra Verma Ankit Tiwari Nikhil D'souza Sonu Kakkar Jonita Gandhi Amit Mishra Tanzeel Khan Karishma Sharma and others
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