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Gongu ASMR
The ASMR moves my life since I met him ... Special channel to relax and have a nice time.💛😉😎😘 You can choose between bitter life or enjoy every detail that
Playing SNES & Genesis Online In 1994 | The Story of XBANDXBAND was a multiplayer network and modem for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis that was released all the way back in 1994! XBAND featured skill based matchmaking, the ability to send and receive email, instant message-like chatting, electronic newspapers, leaderboards, multiple gamer profiles, nationwide stats, and worked by adding network play to pre-existing games like Super Mario Kart, MK, Street Fighter, Madden, NBA JAM, and more! XBAND had more features than XBOX Live did at its launch, and it was all made possible in 1994 for SNES and Sega Genesis consoles (There’s a Saturn version too!). So what happened to XBAND and why wasn’t it a success? This documentary features new and exclusive interviews with XBAND’s developers, its users, and the team that’s worked to bring XBAND modems back to life so that you can play your 16 bit consoles over the internet today. Join me as we look back at the true start of online console multiplayer networks. This is the Story Of XBAND! Steve Biedlingmaier & Matt Hershenson names are misspelled in the Catapult credits. Please accept my sincere apologies. Check out Retro.live’s XBAND revival progress and their other projects at http://www.retro.live/ If you'd like to support my channel you can do so at ► https://www.patreon.com/WrestlingWithGaming My Other Gaming Documentaries ► https://goo.gl/q2RjA9 Follow me on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/WrestlesGaming