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Growing Your Wild Life
In Growing Your Wild Life we combine Travel & Self-development to make the best out of our lives while Growing together!
How To Plan a Round-The-World TripThinking of taking some time out and going on a once in a lifetime round-the-world trip? If so, here are my basic tips on how to plan it... Decide how long you are going to travel for How much time do you have to spend travelling? A new months, a year... maybe longer? This is the first thing to decide on when planning a long trip. Work out your budget/how you are going to fund your trip Do you have savings or are you going to have to do a bit of work on your travels? If you are saving up, how long will it take you to have enough saved? Pick out the main destinations you want to visit Choose your must-see destinations first and make a travel plan based around them. [caption id=attachment_3755 align=aligncenter width=558] Sort out your must-see destinations first![/caption] Think about how many stops you want to make How many stops you choose to make will depend on how long you are travelling for. Bear in mind that some round-the-world tickets only allow a certain amount of stops. Pick out any other destinations which would fit in with your must-see destinations Once you've got your must-see destinations nailed, pick out any other destinations you would like to visit and which would work with your current itinerary. Think about how long you want to spend in each location How long you can spend in each destination will depend on how long you are travelling for and how many places you want to visit on your trip. Do you want to do lots of short stops or do you want to spend time getting to know some of the places you go? Think about what you want to see and do in each place you visit This will help you decide how long you need to spend there... Check out flight costs and schedules Once you have your itinerary, it's time to check out flights - both in terms of prices and schedules. Shop around... both online and on person at the travel agents! It's time to check out some flights... Check out accommodation in each location Once you have decided on your itinerary, it's time to start looking at accommodation - for the first few destinations at least. So think about what sort of accommodation you want to stay in - hotels, hostels, AirBnB... You don't have to book everything in advance but bear in mind that if you are arriving in a popular destination at peak times, accommodation may be scarce... and what there is may be pricey! Book your flights and accommodation in key destinations So you know where you are going, so it's time to book your flights. It's also worth booking accommodation in your main destinations in advance if you can to avoid having to worry about it whilst you are travelling. Sort out visas/documentation for each destination Check out whether you need visas or any other documents for all the places you are visiting. Make sure you will have at least 6 months left on your passport at the end of your trip as this is a requirement when entering many countries. And if you haven't already got a valid passport, get one asap! [caption id=attachment_2318 align=aligncenter width=722] Check the validity on your passport![/caption] Arrange travel insurance Do not be tempted to travel without insurance - it's not worth it! You really don't want to be hit by a huge medical bill if you get ill/injured whilst travelling. Find out whether you need any immunisations/malaria prophylaxis Make sure you do this in plenty of time as some vaccinations can take a while to arrange. And be aware that you will have to pay for the majority of travel vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis so factor this into your budget. Sort out any medication If you take regular medication, you need to ensure you have enough for the duration of your trip. You make be able to get hold of some prescription medications on your travel, but not necessarily all. Sort out currency for the first few destinations I know we don't use cash so much nowadays but you do sometimes need a little bit, particularly in more remote destinations, so it's worth getting a little bit of money changed just in case... Arrange transport to the airport Don't forget to think about how you are going to get to the airport at the start of your trip (and back again on your return) - airport parking is not an option for very long trips due to the cost. If you can get family to take you, great! If not, check out coaches or taxis. [caption id=attachment_3445 align=aligncenter width=720] Camels... as transport options go, probably not the best way of getting to the airport!![/caption] So those are the main points to think about when planning your round-the-world trip - I hope my list is helpful! Now all that is left is to head off and enjoy yourself! Happy Travelling! Kate