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Wooden Breakfast TrayI absolutely adore the idea of eating breakfast in bed… but with a toddler that’s hardly ever realistic. However, Clay, Ezra and I do enjoy lounging on the couch together when the weather is too hot, or to watch Friday night movies! The couch is our hangout place, Ezra’s trampoline and also where we eat majority of our snacks. When Ezra started crawling we 86’d our coffee table to allow him more room to roam. Without a coffee table we ran out of spots to put our drinks and food when hanging out on the couch. We don’t have room for storage in our studio apartment, so something like a fold-able table tray was out of the question. I also wanted something that looked good when sitting out and could be used for both decor and function. A breakfast tray was the perfect solution! But realistically buying one that I loved was going to be too expensive (for me at least). I decided to make my own and add it to the blog as a DIY! Altogether, my breakfast tray cost me only $13 to make and took a day to complete (with paint dry time included). This is an simple weekend project that will add a cute detail to your living space while not breaking the bank. Below, you’ll find my complete step-by- step tutorial for your own DIY Breakfast Tray!   Materials: Round Wood Slice (Home Depot) Handles (Hobby Lobby) Wood Stain Sandpaper Polyurethane Paintbrush Rag 8- 1/2″ Screws Screwdriver Start by clearing a work space in a well ventilated area. We will be sanding and painting, so I would suggest NOT doing this in your living space. Take you sander and wood piece. Using a sander or sandpaper, smooth all edges and surfaces on the wood. It should already come sanded from Home Depot, but there may be blemishes on the surface that become more prominent when you add the stain. After you are done sanding, wipe all the dust off with a rag. Make sure all the dust is off before heading to the next step. After the wood is smooth and dust free, it’s time to stain. If you want to make sure the counter or surface you’re painting on stays clean, spread out a trash bag or even a sheet of parchment paper underneath before staining. Make sure whatever you are using as a barrier is leak proof. Newspaper will leak right through and won’t protect the surface where you’re working. Staining Wood Take your stain can and open it carefully so as not to spill it. Use a screwdriver or even a pair of closed scissors to wedge is open. Using a paint stick, stir the stain to mix the contents. Apply a coat of stain using your paintbrush, covering the top and the sides. Let the stain sit for a few minutes and wipe away any excess with an old rag. Once the stain is completely dried on the top and sides, we need to stain the other side! Take the wood and set it to the side while you put down a fresh trash bag underneath. If you leave the old bag down, spots of stain from the bag will transfer to the freshly stained side, giving it weird giraffe spots. That’s not a good look… for anything. Place your board back down on your fresh bag stained side down. Repeat the staining process for the top of your wood. Make sure to let it dry completely according to the directions on the can. If it’s tacky to the touch, it’s not ready. Top Coat Polyurethane Hopefully this tray will be getting some use, so waterproofing is a must! Polyurethane is not only one of the most difficult words to spell, the product itself is a miracle worker. I used Minwax® poly for my project, which came with surprisingly specific instructions. To apply poly to your wooden tray, paint a layer on with a paintbrush and let it dry for 3 to 4 HOURS (and that’s fast- drying)! There’s a lot you could get done in that time: grocery shopping, a pedicure, watch Titanic… After the first layer is dried you can also add a second layer and allow to dry again. After the second layer is done drying, lightly sand the surface to even the poly.     Adding the Hooks The final step for your wooden breakfast tray is to add the hooks! You can find hooks at Hobby Lobby in their dresser handle section. There are a ton of great options! And there are always some on sale. The hooks I bought for this project were originally $13. That would be almost $30 just for the handles! Thank the good Lord they were reduced to $3.49, so for both I only spent $7. If you are heading to Hobby Lobby for your hooks, don’t forget to download their 40% off discount code, always listed on the top of their webpage.      Measure out where you want to place your handles and mark it with a pencil. Double check the measurements first to make sure that your handles are evenly placed on your breakfast tray. With your screwdriver and screws, add the handles to your tray. Use your breakfast tray on you bed, couch or counter top to display decor or use for the day to day!   Thanks so much for reading this week’s DIY post! If you love what you saw, please share on Pinterest and social media♥ Want to give it a try? Don’t forget to snap a photo and upload to social media with #beingmrsmcintoshdiy. I’d love to see your results! Til next week! Spread the love