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Here are 5 Questions To Ask To Change Your Life: When did this feeling start and why am I calling it into my life right now? When was the last time I felt totally free and joyous? What’s the lesson I’m supposed to be learning right now? How can I create more space to express myself fully and attract exactly what I want? Do I need an extra opinion? How To Make Lasting Change In Your Life: RELATED READS:This post is in partnership with Basis, thank you for supporting brands who support TCM. As always, all thoughts, opinions, experience, and advice is my own. Stuck. Confused. Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Anxious. All words I’ve thought about my own life and situation more times than I can even remember. Which makes sense, as millennials we grew up in an achievement based environment. You get an A, you get on a sports team or some other extracurricular, you get into college, you get – get – get. Achieve. Achieve. Achieve. Only once you’re out of traditional school – the achievement milestones become fewer and further between. Queue anxiety and questioning everything about our life path. Unfortunately, most of us didn’t actually learn to build up our self esteem based on *who* we are – but rather *what* we’re doing. It’s no wonder millennials have been voted the most stressed our generation for years according to the American Psychological Association. Before we jump into the questions to change your life… I do want to point out, that the five questions I’m about to break down for you that can totally change your life are just one approach. It’s also important to talk with other’s …