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Flooring Design | Home Interior Design | HomeLaneYou walk on it all the time, and it's one of the defining traits of your home interior experience. The right kind of flooring can make or break your home. Here's a video to help you decide what would suit your home design, theme, and style, the best. Wooden Flooring: Laminate flooring allows you to enjoy a wooden-floor look and style without actually using any wood. It's easy to install, maintain and is even environmentally friendly! Moroccan Tiles: Intricately designed with a mix of decorative patterns, geometric designs and efflorescent motifs, these captivating tiles are heavily influenced by Morocco's art and culture. Typically, Moroccan tiles go brilliantly with bathroom, kitchen or entryway floorings. Marble Flooring: Although expensive, marble tiles are one of the most elegant flooring options for your home. They generally come in a variety of colours, can be polished to perfection and are environmental friendly too. One of the reasons marble is often used though, is due to its translucent quality and slight of glow. Chequered: Often giving out very glamorous vibes when used in black and white, chequered tiles work well for specific themes. They're easy to install, durable, and come in a variety of materials and colours to choose from. Grey Laminates: Similar to wooden flooring laminates, grey laminates are just another option in laminate flooring that go brilliantly with an industrial theme. They're easy to install, maintain and are largely durable and resistant to scratches, moisture and general wear and tear. For more expertise on home interiors for flooring, connect with us at http://www.homelane.com #HomeLane #HomeDesign #InteriorDesign #InteriorsMadeEasy #HomeInteriors #HomeDecor #KitchenDesign #ModularKitchen #Wardrobe #InteriorDesigners #FlooringDesign #Flooring