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Tips For Planning The Perfect Cruise HolidayWhether you are planning your very first cruise or you are an old hand, preparation is an important part of the cruising experience, which begins with selecting your cruise from the list of many available voyages. Then you have to consider what to pack, which can seem like quite a challenge for a first-timer and, with that in mind, here are a few tips from the pros on how to plan the perfect cruise holiday... Choosing Your Cruise - Online cruise operators will have a long list of available cruises, and bear in mind that some cruises are designed with retired people in mind, while others cater for the single traveller, and, of course, there are the family-oriented cruises, which are great for young families. If you search online for a leading cruise holiday operator, you will be able to view all their available cruise destinations and durations, allowing you to choose one that best suits your schedule and your budget. And if you can leave at short notice, there are some great last-minute deals to be had, due to cancellations. Booking Your Berth - You've finally found that cruise departing from Sydney, or anywhere else in the world. Of course, there are many cabin options, and if you really are a sea view person, you might want to consider booking a sea view cabin. If you are planning to spend a minimal amount of time in your sleeping quarters, then opt for a cheaper cabin but, if you like the idea of entertaining, a cabin with a balcony is a must! Think About Essential Items - Of course, once onboard, you are at the mercy of the stores on the ship, which can be quite expensive, so stock up on things like sun protection products, shampoo and conditioner, shaving gear, wipes and anything else that you think you will use on a regular basis before you board. If you have rechargeable batteries for a camera or MP3 player, make sure you take your charger, along with charging cables for your laptop or tablet. Don't forget the essentials... (Image Source: Pixabay) Stay With Ship’s Time - If the cruise involves crossing time zones, things can become a little confusing and, should you decide to take a port excursion, you need to return by the time stipulated, otherwise the ship will leave without you, so bear this in mind! When you are onboard, you can easily check the ship’s time from one of the many clocks, and prior to disembarking at port, there will be numerous reminders regarding the time of departure. If you are new to cruising, a quick Google search should lead you to a beginner’s guide to booking your very first cruise, which is well worth a read. Consider The Drinks Package - If you like a drink or three, consider taking the alcoholic drinks package, which is priced at a daily rate, regardless of what you drink (with a few exceptions). Aside from saving you some money, the drinks package means you don’t have to reach for your wallet or purse every time you order a drink and, once you know the daily rate for this package, check the bar prices and you will quickly discover if this is likely to save you money. Have you ever been on a cruise? Do you have any more useful tips to add to those above? Let me know below... Happy Cruising! Kate *This is a collaborative post which may contain affiliate links. *Kate Loves Travel does not own the copyright of any of the images used in this post.