Working Out with Lucy Wyndham-ReadIf you’re like me, you love to work out, but it’s a struggle to fit it into your daily routine sometimes. Getting quality workouts to most of us can equal spending an hour working out, and that doesn’t include driving to the gym, changing, working out, and showering. Perhaps you’re into workout videos. Those are fun, but you get tired after the same routines time after time. Before you know it, you get bored and quit. What if there was a way to choose a variety of different workouts that targeted various zones of your body or offered fun walking routines that gave you energy and a change of pace? I wasn’t sure what to do when I felt tired of my old routines, so I went looking on YouTube to see if there was anything good out. Lo and behold, I found personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read! Why do I love Lucy? She’s so encouraging and reminds you she believes in you Her workouts range from five, seven, ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty minutes or more She mixes HIIT with strength training to help you make the most of your workout Some videos offer varying levels of intensity She gives you a countdown and demonstrates for you before you start She tells you facts about the human body and offers great easy recipes for healthy weight loss The best part? If you’re not sure, want to try her out and see what she has to offer, you can jump in with her routines right here on Lucy’s YouTube channel. I’m honestly in awe of the wide variety she offers when you need a workout. Some folks mix it up, including two routines or more to get their morning and night workouts in (but really we all know it’s about finding enough time when you can, right?) If you’re looking for something specialized, Lucy offers paid routines for new mothers, folks wanting to drop a couple of pounds, someone wanting to get ready for vacation, and even a lazy girl’s plan! She’s also started a brand-new concept I’ve never seen anywhere else: a video calendar that offers a new fitness tip to try every day. If you’ve found yourself falling off the fitness wagon because you think you’ll never meet your goals or feel like fitness is for everyone else but you, it’s time to have a visit with Lucy and see how she can help you. Between her infectious smile and the variety of fun routines offered, there’s something for everyone. Check out this video perfect for folks of all ages, including women who are pregnant and post-partum, and do an indoor walk routine with Lucy! Are you looking for ways to get paid for working out but aren’t sold on the idea of becoming a personal trainer? Check out Amanda’s post on 6 Ways to Make Money While Getting Fit. Related