I think I figured out why July 18 is a significant Arrival date according to throawaylien, PART 2: "Close to the Side"

Ok everyone, strap on your heavy duty tin foil and jump in this weird rabbit hole I've found myself in regardingu/throawaylien and his abduction story. Just want to clarify that everything mentioned below is pure good ol' fun speculation, please do not take anything too seriously, this is nothing culty, please don't make any dumb decisions based on a reddit prediction! some of this is stuff i mentioned in aprevious post, so you can skip to the TLDR if you want. My whole idea hinges on a thread of comments made by a redditor named u/Throawaylien 7 years ago in an r/askreddit post about alien abductions. In these comments they stated that extraterrestrials would be Arriving (revealing themselves) on either July 8th or 18th of 2021. If you haven't read their comment thread I highly recommend you check it outhere (make sure you read alll of their comment replies to get the full picture). For some reason I just completely believe this person's abduction story. They mention the aliens showed him footage of all kinds of things including the construction of the Great Pyramids by humans. They even describe how the Egyptians brought the stones inside and raised them from within, which lines up with the obscure"internal ramp" pyramid construction hypothesis most people don't even know about. Along with throawaylien's casual statements connecting the aliens to Ancient Egypt, there are a tons of other theories about Ancient Egyptians, their precursor cultures, and aliens. The big example that comes to my head is the testimony from multiple credible people from Roswell who stated theysaw hieroglyphic symbols similar to Ancient Egyptian on supposed debris from the craft. Roswell also happened around July 8, 1947 (!!). The whole Ancient Egyptian connection to Aliens is another massive rabbit hole in itself. I recommend watching the documentaryMagical Egypt or Mystery of the Sphinx by archaeologist John Anthony West to learn more about that! Going back to throawaylien's statements, I was hung up on the specificity of the date, July 8 or 18. They had also mentioned there might be some kind of celestial alignment that allows the aliens to travel here quickly during that time. I checked to see what kinds of astrological events were happening on those dates and drew a blank everywhere until I had randomly stumbled on the wikipedia page forSirius , the brightest star in the sky, and probably the most important star for the Ancient Egyptians. I made an entire post about the connection between Sirius, the Egyptians and throawaylien's July 18 prediction you can readhere. Basically the heliacal rising of the star Sirius occurs on the Giza Plateau right on July 19. The heliacal rising of Sirius is the moment when the star rises in the morning sky right before the sun. The absolutely crazy thing is that the heliacal rising of Sirius occurs exactly every 365.25 days,perfectly relative to our solar year. The Ancient Egyptiansworshipped Sirius like a goddess (described as a triangle), and based their entire calendrical system on its heliacal rising (starting even before the Old Kingdom period). The heliacal rising also traditionally signaled the beginning of the Nile flood season the Egyptians survived on. This date is very important to Ancient Egyptian cosmology, and also got me thinking about something else throawaylien was confused about regarding the origins of the aliens: Their planet is, so they told me anyway, a very long way away. They couldn't explain to me how far, they said, becuase it was too far for me to understand and it was also"close to the side". I have no idea what that meant, but it's always stuck with me. Home is "Too far away for you to understand, but also close to the side." The line "close to the side" was weird to me as well, like wtf does that mean and why would this person make something like that up? It would be too random. I was reading more about the Sirius binary star system and came across another fascinating clue, the Gaia 1 star cluster. The Gaia 1 star cluster is a MASSIVE cluster of about 1200 stars located extremely close to Sirius. All the stars in Gaia 1 originated from the same molecular cloud around the same time roughly 6.3 billion years ago. They are all bound by a mutual gravitational attraction that constantly gets shifted by the pull from the center of the Milky Way. Astronomers only JUST discovered this star cluster in 2017 because it is located so close to the Sirius system that the brightness of the star obstructs our view of the massive Gaia 1 star cluster sitting RIGHT behind it. continued/TLDR: I believe the aliens we will come in contact with on July 18 originate from a planet located within the Gaia 1 star cluster that is also "close to the side" where the Sirius system and Earth are located. I personally think the Sirius star is an important galactic marker for extraterrestrials within the cluster, and they will use July 19th's heliacal rising of Sirius in Egypt for some kind of navigational path, and/or for a symbolic date that lines up with the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian calendrical system centered around Sirius.