Missing and forgotten for over 80 years: What happened to Charles Gazzam Hurd Sr. ?

There is not much information available on this case, but I will try my best. Background: Charles Gazzam Hurd was born on the 21st of September 1904, the third child and second son of George Arthur Hurd and Emily Lea Gazzard . He had a twin sister named Clarissa. The Hurd family was well-known in New York - Charles' father was a banker/ financier, his uncle Richard was a successful businessman, and his cousin Clement was a famous illustrator. In the late 1920s, Charles married the wealthy Marie Louise Schrieber (1908 - ), daughter of a state senator, and they had one son; Charles Gazzam Hurd Jr. , born in 1930. However, by 1937, the couple were separated, and Charles was living alone at the Kenmore Hall Hotel. He was working as a manager (or possibly assistant secretary) at the real estate and mortgage department of Dows Estates, Inc. (which I no longer believe exists) at 15 William Street, Manahattan. Disappearance: The 18th of February 1937 began as a normal day for Charles. He arrived at work on time, stayed until the close of business (abt. 5pm). He then drove approximately half an hour to a restaurant and night club on East 54th Street, Manhattan, where he ate dinner (alone). This restaurant was a while out of his way. He left before 9pm, after cashing a small cheque. He was then seen by witnesses getting into his 1937 Ford convertible coupe which had a New Jersey license plate of 'I-E 65231, NJ.', and probably looked like this. At about 9pm (on a route which did not seem to be his usual route home), Charles crashed his car into the pillar of an elevated railway structure at 3rd Avenue and 37th Street however, he appeared to have suffered only minor injuries and drove away. Charles was never seen again. At the time of his disappearance, Charles weighed approx. 180 pounds and measured 5' 10". He was wearing gray overcoat, a gray fedora and tan shoes. He had brown hair and blue/ grey eyes. Aftermath: Charles' case received surprisingly little press coverage at the time - one published 8 days after his disappearance and one short follow up article to mention that he had still not been found. This strikes me as odd due to the fact that I assume that a wealthy family such as his would have have the motive and means to make sure that his case stayed in the public eye, and other, more mundane events in the family (births, marriages, etc.,) had been written on far more extensively. On an unrelated note, Charles' wife Marie Schrieber remarried not long after his death. Theories: Due to the lack of evidence of any force, the most widely accepted belief is that Charles either chose to leave, or committed suicide. Oddly enough, it would not be the first time that one of Marie Schrieber's lovers killed themselves - in 1926, a former suitor of hers was found dead from suicide. Other more outlandish theories range from his employers having him killed to him being the infamous Somerton man. What do you think? Thank you if you made it through all of this post! Sources: