Formula One

F1 Pit Stop In 2-Seconds: An In-Depth Analysis

Formula One pit crews are now completing pit stops in just over 2-seconds with the record being 2.02 seconds in 2017, a little slower than the 2016 record of 1.92 seconds thanks to the larger tyres. In this video, I take an in-depth look at how 23 people come together in perfect harmony to complete the perfect F1 pit stop. F1 is competitive on all fronts with teams developing strategies and techniques to gain time wherever they can. The F1 pit stop is an area teams focus on training pit crew and developing bespoke tools to optimise their time in the pits. New content weekly! Subscribe here: ★ Find more Race Driver Reacts videos (including my reaction to incidents throughout the season and classic races such as Senna v Prost, Schumacher v Hill and tons more): ★ LEARN TO DRIVE FAST! Are you a sim, track day or racing driver? Check out Scott's free 25-part driving technique tutorials to learn the secrets of pro-drivers: ★ NEED SOME KIT? Check out the Driver61 Motorsports store where you can find everything you need for racing, including racewear, car prep and workshop equipment: This video is part of a series called "Race Driver Reaction" series. Got an incident modern or classic you'd like me to critique? Let me know in the comments! Thanks to Legal Eagle's Real Lawyer Reacts ( and Dr. Mike's Real Doctor Reacts ( for the inspiration. All clips used for fair use commentary, criticism, and educational purposes. See Hosseinzadeh v. Klein, (SDNY 2017). Original footage sources (Fair Use - commentary and analysis): Ferran Hernandez DHL Beginner Sim Kit Wheel: Wheel: Pedals: Rig: My Recording Stuff Great camera for the money: Microphone: Light ring: