US Senate bill providing an additional $10Billion to HLS passes committee

Hey all, quick political warning before I continue, usually I don't think most people want this type of thing to pop up, but I believe it's important enough to put together, especially since it seems to have gone a little under the radar. So to recap, NASA last month selected SpaceX to build a lunar lander under the HLS program. Both Blue Origin's National team and Dynetics both lost out on the Option A contract and both filed claims against NASA to the GAO. Going through the motions of congress at the moment is a bill, S. 1260, otherwise known as theEndless Frontier Act of 2021 , that provides funding to a variety of technology and innovation projects to rival funding that China is doing. Currently the bill is very much bipartisan and supported quite heavily on both sides of the aisle, so there's a good chance that it will pass the Senate, which is usually the big hurdle to legislation the past several years. This morning during the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee markup meeting, senators Cantwell D-Washington and Wicker R-Mississippi offered an amendment to the bill that will provide NASA's HLS program with an additional $10 Billion in funds through 2026. By the end of the markup meeting the amendment was added to the bill and the committee voted on a bipartisan 24-4 to send to the full chamber. If approved by congress and signed by the President the money is expected to be used to offer Blue Origin's National Team a contract. If you want to read up on the approved document I'll link it below. Subtitle B, which is the general section of NASA starts at page 11, but the portion about HLS is from pages 14 through 17. What is everyone's thoughts on this? I'm just happy in general when congress decides to give NASA more money. Approved bill as amended by Senate Committee *whenever the bill text is updated at the library of congress I'll update it here!*