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by @janicabacalan
The Doctor Says Never Ever Go with Your Gut. Are You Making These Mistakes?See Time Stamps Below In Craig Wasilchak's interview with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, he learns why it's important NOT to go with your gut. You will understand why the old saying "Go with your Gut" is pure rubbish. If you need to make a solid decision, listen to Craig's interview with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. To purchase your copy of Dr. Gleb Tsipursky’s Never Go with Your Gut: https://amzn.to/2Y3wqgP Time Stamps for Video Content: 00:22:54 - Intro of Dr. Gleb Tsipursky & Never Go with Your Gut 00:50:41 - Worst Advice = “Go with Your Gut” 01:29:29 - Dr. Tsipursky’s Expertise & Why It Protects You from Disaster & Loss 04:11:15 - What Causes Gut-Based Decisions 05:22:15 - How People Respond to Idea of NOT Going with Gut 05:39:17 - Reality of Gut-Based Decisions 07:08:16 - Pushback on Rational Thought-Based Decisions 07:58:29 - Why Being Comfortable with Gut-Based Decisions is Dangerous 09:13:07 - When CAN You Use Your Gut? 10:01:43 - Use Caution in THESE Areas 11:51:31 - 5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself for Sound Decisions 16:15:46 - What are Typical Problems Leaders Cause When They Go with Their Gut? 19:06:28 - Planning Fallacy & How to FIX It… Especially for Start-Ups 21:16:41 - What is the Entrepreneur Organization? 24:08:42 - Craig’s Mentoring of EO Accelerator Group 25:10:01 - Entrepreneurs Organization Forum… Do They Go with Their Gut? 26:32:08 - A-HA Moment 27:28:50 - The WORST Time to Make Gut-Based Decision & How to Avoid It 30:41:00 - Crushing B2B Story 31:46:53 - How LinkedIn Became Platform for Lead Generation & Craig's Resulting Process for a Measurable B2B Digital Marketing Strategy 34:36:17 - LinkedIn Bell Curve & 2020 Disruption 36:04:21 - Never Go with Your Gut on LinkedIn! 38:02:00 - The False Consensus Effect & How It Affects LinkedIn Content 38:33:00 - Tips for Creating Value with LinkedIn Content 40:01:07 - Creating Trust on LinkedIn 41:29:31 - Craig’s Mission on LinkedIn 41:51:25 - Where to Purchase Never Go with Your Gut & Why EVERY Entrepreneur Should Read It! Overview from Dr. Gleb Tsipursky: What brings down a business? Whether minor mishaps — like excessive team conflict or major calamities — like those that threaten bankruptcy, nothing drives a business towards disaster as fast as poor decision making. Behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience studies reveal that our flawed mental patterns — what scholars call cognitive biases — trigger the poor decisions at the root of countless business disasters. And that chestnut advice to “go with your gut” is actually a strategic error that destroys organizations and brings down high-flying careers. Take Elon Musk’s infamous tweet in 2018 about taking Tesla private — causing a massive shakeup and stock plunge. Enron leaders chose to use illegal accounting practices — a scandal that ultimately shuttered the former giant. Boeing made terrible decisions to cover up problems and rush production of the 737 Max. In so many cases, gut-based leadership extracts a steep price. Leaders today need effective tools to get free of the cognitive biases distorting a clear-headed strategy. Combining practical case studies with cutting-edge research, renowned leadership and decision-making expert Dr. Gleb Tsipursky debunks the myth of leading by instinct and provides powerful tactics to avoid business disasters in his new book. Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Career Press, 2019) is the first book to focus on cognitive biases in business leadership. It reveals how we can overcome these dangerous judgment errors effectively and uncovers the counterintuitive secrets to the success of pioneering leaders and organizations who do so. Dr. Tsipursky helps readers achieve these goals by drawing on his two decades of experience consulting, coaching, and training leaders as CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts. He also uses his background of over 15 years in academia as a behavioral economist and cognitive neuroscientist researching how to overcome cognitive biases in business decision making. Filled with real-world examples and compelling research, his Never Go With Your Gut builds a practical framework for dismantling the traps of bias, bad advice, and skewed judgment, providing readers with pragmatic, powerful, and proven steps to making the wisest and most profitable decisions. Craig Wasilchak is the founder and CEO of Crushing B2B Digital Strategies and a lead contributor to the Service Professionals Network. Crushing B2B Digital Strategies is a Dallas Fort Worth business that teaches executives how to utilize LinkedIn to brand their business and generate leads. Learn more about the Free 14 Step Process at #CrushingB2B: https://crushingb2b.com/solutions/14-step-crushing-b2b-digital-strategy-system/ Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/craigwasilchak/ Connect on #SPN: https://www.serviceprofessionalsnetwork.com/members/crushing-b2b/profile/