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by @jennifermaune
5 Ways To Mix Patterns Like A True FashionistaFall is here and with it comes chunky sweaters, bold colors, and amazing patterns! If you’ve ever wondered how to pair your patterns together to make a flattering and cohesive outfit, look no further! Here are the 5 easiest ways to mix your patterns like a pro and look like a total fashionista! 1. Choose One Print To Dominate & One Print As An AccentThis tip is pretty simple. Pick one of your outfit items to have a bold, bigger print, then pair it with other pieces that are either neutral or have a smaller print as an accent. Example: A blazer or jacket with a large/bold striped pattern, paired with a neutral top and then either a skirt or trousers with a smaller or more daintier print. Staying in the same color family when you pair your patterns this way will help make this outfit look chic and well put together.2. Play With The Scale Of Your PrintsPick two pieces, one that has a large print and one that has a small print. They don’t need to be the same prints either. Playing with the scale allows you to mix and match different prints that will still flatter each other.Example: Wear a bold striped pair of pants, with a blouse that has tiny polka dots. They can be from the same color family (black and grey) or complementary colors (navy and burnt orange).I think a navy and white pair of slacks with a burnt orange polka dot top would look amazing! Image via Pinterest3. Keep Your Prints In The Same Color FamilyOne way to take the fear out of mixing patterns is to keep them in the same color family. Blues with blues, black and white with black and white, red with red, etc. The patterns don’t have to be the same, but sharing the same color family will help your pieces to blend together seamlessly and look polished and put together.Example: Wearing a black and white checkered skirt, with a black and white striped top. Or a skirt with large, dark purple flowers, paired with a top that has tiny lavender stripes. 4. If Prints Are Too Scary, Play With Textured FabricsI get it, mixing prints can be really frustrating! In that case, mix your fabric textures. The textures of a fabric can totally work as a print, and mixing them is very on trend and looks extremely chic!Example: Wear a leather mini skirt with a white cotton t-shirt (a look I’m totally obsessing over at the moment) or a tweed skirt and leather jacket. Image via Pinterest5. Flannels- Easiest. Way. Ever.If all of these tips still scare you, then do the easiest way to incorporate print into an outfit. Use a flannel or striped shirt to tie around your waist as an accessory. This is the easiest way to introduce a small dose of print into your wardrobe. Example: Neutral (black or grey) t-shirt dress with a printed long sleeve shirt tied around your waist. Pair with booties or heeled sandals and you have an outfit that’s put together and super cute.There you have it! The 5 easiest ways to mix prints - or to introduce prints - into your outfit rotation. Once you start using prints in your wardrobe it becomes easier each time you do it! Next thing you know, prints will be the first thing you look for when you go shopping! Happy styling fashionista!