Linda Thomas
Using Dressers All Over The HouseI love a good dresser and I have a hard time passing them up when I find them in a thrift shop. Which is probably why I currently have six of them sitting here waiting for a makeover. Yes, six. #furniture addict I think dressers are the most underused and under appreciated pieces of furniture because we tend to confine them to the bedroom. Which is really a shame because they come in a zillion different and can be easily updated with a couple of coats of paint. And because they're so perfect for hiding clutter and extra storage, dressers are a great idea for pretty much any room in the home. [AdSense-B] THE KITCHEN This beautiful dresser is painted a gorgeous shade of blue and used as a coffee/beverage station in the kitchen. [caption id=attachment_4618 align=alignnone width=520] Caught In Grace[/caption] This thrift store got a makeover with turquoise paint before becoming a kitchen island. [caption id=attachment_4619 align=alignnone width=600] Nesting Gypsy[/caption] Even the HGTV 2016 Dream Home got in on the action using three dressers for extra storage in the kitchen. LIVING AREA We've used a dresser as a media center in our living room for the past couple of years and are in the process of doing a new one. Hides a million toys and most of my office supplies. This painted dresser is simple and perfect with a coat of white paint. [caption id=attachment_4622 align=alignnone width=553] Hunted Interior[/caption] Removing a couple of drawers makes a space for those unattractive cable boxes and dvd players. [caption id=attachment_4623 align=aligncenter width=400] Bright Green Door[/caption] DINING ROOM This vintage piece is stunning and holds a ton of stuff. [caption id=attachment_4624 align=alignnone width=585] Fry Sauce and Grits[/caption] Not actually a dresser but a full buffet. Too pretty not to share. [caption id=attachment_4625 align=aligncenter width=500] I Heart Organizing[/caption] A little blue paint and you've got some stylish storage in this dining room. [caption id=attachment_4633 align=aligncenter width=425] Little House of Four[/caption] BATHROOMS If you're a little bit handy or you know someone that is, you can totally turn a dresser into a vanity. [caption id=attachment_4626 align=alignnone width=564] HGTV[/caption] Vintage dressers make pretty and unique bathroom vanities. [caption id=attachment_4627 align=aligncenter width=380] Apartment Therapy[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4628 align=alignnone width=564] Redbook[/caption] FOYERS If you've got the space, dressers are perfect in the foyer for hiding all the stuff you're dragging in and out of the house on a daily basis. I painted this one for the foyer in our last house and it hid our winter gear and extra baby things, including a small diaper bag. I was able to drill a hole in the back for my phone cord so my phone was nicely tucked away in the drawer when it was charging. I love the pop of pink this dresser brings to this hallway. [caption id=attachment_4630 align=alignnone width=564] Decor Pad[/caption] The next time you're at a yard sale or in the thrift shop, snatch that pretty dresser up even if you've got a full set of bedroom furniture. You can find the perfect spot for it later ;) Have you used a dresser somewhere other than the bedroom? //