Anthony P Davis
Episode 035 - Writer/Director Richard Harrison - THE HONEY KILLER by The Viewfinder Podcast with Chris Hadley • A podcast on AnchorNOTE: Slight spoilers for THE HONEY KILLER toward the last five minutes of the podcast. This week's Viewfinder Podcast features what may be the most improbable story of filmmaking success ever told on this show: that of writer/director Richard Harrison and his award-winning 2008 comedy/thriller THE HONEY KILLER. Finally released on Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes over 12 years after it was finished, THE HONEY KILLER isn't just a Tarantino-esque action-packed story of revenge. The film's production and distribution processes were plagued by an inexplicable array of mishaps, disappointments and near-misses that almost doomed Harrison's first feature-length project to obscurity. Yet when audiences got their first look at THE HONEY KILLER on video-on-demand, the movie's unexpected success further added to its incredible history. That success has now propelled Harrison to work on a big-budget remake of the original 2008 film, as well as an expansion of the film's concept into a TV series (THE HONEY KILLERS). Harrison discusses his memories of making THE HONEY KILLER, as well as the invaluable lessons he learned about the craft and business of filmmaking while working on the film, on this week's show. Check out THE HONEY KILLER on Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes, and find more information about the film here: http://www.thehoneykiller.com/ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Movie/The-Honey-Killer-21561237464/ Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheViewfinderPodcast and on Twitter @ViewfinderPod Music by Audionautix.com
Episode 032 - Writer/Director/Actor/Producer Bri Castellini by The Viewfinder Podcast with Chris Hadley • A podcast on AnchorThe Viewfinder Podcast returns with an all-new episode featuring this week's guest, filmmaker and actor Bri Castellini. Through her production company Undead Burrito Productions, Castellini created and co-starred in the web series BRAINS and SAM AND PAT ARE DEPRESSED. Also under the aegis of Undead Burrito, Castellini wrote, produced, directed and edited short films such as ACE AND ANXIOUS and BUY IN. Behind the camera, Castellini has also directed episodes of other web series like BETTER WITH YOU and ROSALIE. In addition to her filmmaking work, Castellini has also served as community director for the web series content aggregator Stareable, and now serves as Film Community Manager for the popular indie film crowdfunding site Seed&Spark. Castellini is also an adjunct professor of the MFA Screenwriting program Stephens College, and serves in the same capacity as an instructor at LIU Brooklyn's MFA in Writing and Producing for Television. Find out more about Bri's work and her projects on her official web site: http://bricastellini.com/ Support Bri's work on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BrisOwnWorld Reach out to Bri on social media: TWITTER: @BrisOwnWorld INSTAGRAM: @BrisOwnWorld YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE5who1dSJJJtDtVuN1Q? Visit Undead Burrito's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/undeadburritoproductions Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheViewfinderPodcast