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Loyce Hollis
2010 10 31 Autumn leaves leave 4View Awards Count Visiting all groups... 100+ COMMENT GROUP -- -100+ viewed natural -- 500 + comment Group ---7PK2 - SIETE PEKADOS --- 700+ Faves 1-2-3--- -10ShotsToFame --14 Karat Gold -150+250-FAVES -- -1PocodMusica...y Muchas Fotos - -1st Photo Ever - -2 Hearts Award -- -200-Faves-200-Comments -- -2012 Joy in process --24 Karat Gold -29er Score : 24 awards, 7,68 average -2light -3 Stars Award -- -30-FAV-Bäume-trees-arbres -- -300+Faves 1-2-3 -- -3000 V + 120 -4 SEASONS MAGICAL REIGN - ALL... 4M's photographic dream --5 fave Picture Perfect -- -500 + comment Group -- -500+ Faves 1-2-3 -7 Score 21 points / 5 scores = 4,2 + 2 Award = 6,2 -700+Faves1-2-3(Post... --- AAAAAAAAAA All Things Earthy -- -A Constellation of Great Art Photograp... -A Feast for my Eyes --A group of honest people -- -A hug is worth a thousand words -- -A little bit of soap -A Lot of Water -A Moment of reflection -A Nature Canvas - A Photographer's Nature---A real Gem -- -A single moment of beauty -- -A Square --A Touch of Magic -A world of photography -- -A-BOKEH-OF-LIGHT -- -A-MOMENT-TO-REFLECT -- -A-New-Art-Gallery-THE-MOST-TALENTED -- -A-Place-For-Greatest-Photographers -- -A-Square -- -A-Square-Legend -- -A-Touch-of-Magic -- -Abdupoetica -- -ABelezaInterna░The... -ABOKEHOFLIGHT♤P1/A2No... -About-You -- Above All the Rest and Simply... --- -Above & Beyond L1 - L4 -- Above and Beyond 500+ --Above All The Rest -Abracos da Formiguinha Atomica --absolutely beautiful-absolutamente bello --Absolutely fantastic -- -Absolutely Perrrfect -- -academiahispanoparlantede... -Academy Tree & Alley --ACADEMY:TREE & ALLEY ---- Acciappasogni --Addicted To Nature -- -Admin Picks Level 1,2 --Admin Talk International --Administration Exquisite -ADMINISTRATORS' SCHOOL -Adventure-&-Travel-Photos-International -- -Aerial Perspective AFeastforMyEyes -AFOTANDO -AFOTANDO --After The Click ---- Aguamaniacos-Watermaniacs -Aidareh Group -- -Alberti dálto fusto-- -Albúm del Fotógrafo--- Album Of World Landscape -- --Alice´s Secret Garden -- -Alittlebitof... All About The World -- -All about perspective -- -All Beautiful Shots -- -All memories are welcome--- AMIAMOCI -- All Nature´s Paradise Level 1,2,3,4 --- All Photo --- All that´s beautiful --ALL YOUR BEST -ALL YOUR BEST SUPREME -all your best supreme --All-about-World -- Alla ricerca dell Anima --- -Allsilhouettesand... -AllTrollsLoveYesterday -Alpha Gallery -- Alpha Awards -- Alpha Awards from Sunriserjay -AMANTES DEL ARTE --- Amateures D´Art --- AMATOIMMAGINI-(posta1... -Amazing Nature 1,2,3,4, Hall of Fame Amazing-Reflections -- Amazing Landscapes --- -Amis Photographes Photographer friend's ---Amore & Fortuna-- Animali & Piante --- Anything You Like --- -An Awesome Shot and one year later -Antesqueodiaacabe:Seja...--- Antologia Poetica -- - Animali & Plante ---Anticando -- -Antologia Poetica / Poetic... Anything essential is invisible tot he eyes..---. -aquatic world -- Aguamaniacos-Watermanics-- -Árboles Genuinos -- Arboreal, the Art of Trees -- -arie'sfotofriendsNOinvite... -Art City --- Art Colour Fun --- Arte De Luz ----Art for Everyone! -- -Art Level 1-3 --Art Net Contemporary Artists -- -Art of Images -Art Photographers -- -ART PHOTOGRAPHERS Salon -- -Art selected by Administrators -- -Art with passion -Art Without End -- -ART-CLASS-AND-VALUE -- -Art-Digital*InviteOnly*P-...--Art Mix Highlights-- -Art-Net Contemporary Artists - -Art-NetContemporaryArtists -Art-of-Nature -- -Art,andSoul4U -ART.scape -ART♦CLASSANDVALUE♦High... -ART2012 -Arte imaginacion y texturas --Arte in Italia e nel mondo -Arte in Italia e nel mondo - -ArteDeLuz -ARTEPURO --- Arte Puro--ArtforEveryone! -Artist-of-the-Year-Level1-6 -- -Artistic and High Quality Shots --Artistic Photography -- -ARTISTICPhotography ---- Artistic Treasure Chest-------ArtMix -ArtMixHighlights... -Artwithpassion -Asinglemomentofbeauty -Astratto-e-Dintorni -- -ATouchofMagic-P1/C3 -ATYOURBES - Auprès de mon arbre --AUSPICIOUSArt♫P1/C2 -Auto Focus 1,2,3,4,5 -Auto Focus Elite Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 -Auto Focus Elite Level 7 Autumn colour of love --avp&a 1-3 --Award & Fav-- -Award For Best Photo In The... -- Awesome Creative For Edinei --- -Awesome Nature´s scapes Awesome Nature's Scapes --Ayr Photos -AZ BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB--B for Beauty-- -B-Tourist Vietnam--- Beautiful Image Top ------b-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Bastano due parole-- Beautiful Earth Best of...--- -Bastano due parole -Bastano due parole -Bastanodueparole(Post1-... -Baum Arbre Tree -- -Beautiful -- -Beautiful and delicate Beautiful Capture Beautiful Colorful World... (Gruppe) ---Beautiful Earth (Best of Beautiful Earth, Exclusive Members of Beautiful Earth) -- Beautiful Image -- -Beautiful Image TOP -- -beautiful mornings / As belas manhãs -Beautiful Photo ( Post 2 -... -BEAUTIFULNATURE -Beauty Is Power -- -Beauty Of Nature -- -BeautyInOurLives -- Beauty In The Outdoors -- Because every picture ha a story to tell --- Beeston night & day -- -Belén de Escobar -Beleza-de-Pisagem --- Belissimi Paesaggi--- Best of Autumn/Fall -Best Magic of Nature Invited...--- Best of Beautiful Colourful World --- -- -Best of Blink Winners - -Best Of DAMN -- -Best of Me gusta tu foto -- Best of Nature Gallery - -Best Of Nature's Poetry -- -Best Parade - -Best Photographer -- -Best Picture, The -- -Best Reflections - The Best-Gallery B -- -Best-of -Beautiful-Earth' -- BEST OF MIMAMOR'S GROUPS... --- -BEST ORIGINAL SHOOTING1...--- Best Photographers -- Best Shots, The --- Best Visions--- -- Best Waterscapes --- Better Than Good 1,2,3 -- -big bang + big crunch -- -Big Fav Reflections BildervonBÁU -birkenhead Park Exhibition--Blessings--- -Blink Again For Interesting... -Blink Again Superstars --Blog photograph video -BLUE - Group No. 4 -- -Bonito é ser feliz --BRAVO-55555 -- -Breathtaking-Hall-of-Fame -- -Brigette's Beautiful Nature Gallery -- -Bright-Colours -- Brilliant Captures-- -Build your rainbow Transparent -- Green - Orange - Yellow - Red - Light Blue - Blue - Purple -BUTTERFLY AWARD ----- CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC - C&W Autumn Colours--- -calatorind prin ... viatza -Calling-All-Angels -- -CallingAllAngels♡✩♡by... -cameralenscompare - CANCER CAN BE BEAT ------- Captured Images --- Cazadores de Imágenes---- Centaurus ---- CertifiedPhotographer -----CERUL DE DEASUPRA NOAST...----ces petits rien Cést beau lávis --Champions Photography -- Cherish Your Dreams --- -Cherry on Top -- Chris of the World Gallery ---Chromophile Crew CHRONICINVISIBLEILLNESS/... -- Citron verd --- Click a Pic silver, gold --- Click Away --Click The Camera -- -Click!-- -Click de Momentos.-- -ClickaPic -- Clube da amizade ---Club-of-the-Prestige -- -ClubofthePrestige♪by... -Coastal World and Water Views. --Cob sto facebook --- Code of Excellence --- -Color Photo Award Colore mio mondo Colore mio mondo --Colore mio mondo .. by... -Colorful-landscape -- -Colour Art Award -- colourful autumn leaves -- -COLOURS IN YOUR EYES -come lo vediamo come lo vediamo -Comer,Rezar&Amar(Eat,... -comments Como io vediamo-- Comments Comments Comments -- -Comunidad Fotogula -- -Con sto facebook --- -CONCORDIANS -Conoisseur -- -Contact Group -- -Contemporary Art Society --cool hair, like my idol, warhol! -Copper Cloud & Silver Sun -- Coracon de Luna --- -Covert Painters and photoshop artists -Covert painters and photoshop... -Crazy & Genious Shot -- Creative Imagery-- --C&W Autumn-- --cRAzy aBoUT naTuRe 1,2 -- -Crazy&GeniusesShot!-... -Creative Imagery -Creative Impulse CREATIVE-OUTBURSTs -- -Creative-Photo-Group -- -CREATIVEOUTBURSTS▒INVITE... -CREATIVOS AFICIONADOS --creature and creations of.. --creative imagery-- -Creautitudes -- -Crème de la Crème-- Crown Photography 1,2,3 -- --Cuando sobran las palabras DDDDDDDDDDDDDD--Daily Post ---- Dalma&Friends -Damn I Wish I´d Taken -- -Dans mon jardin d'hiver pour... -Dazzeling shots --DD Best Gallery -DD for Defending ----Detalhes Tão Pequenos-----DDSNET -- Deutsche Fotowelt -- Diabetes -- -Deepavali --- Devine Captures ---Dia de luz festa de sol Diadeluzfestadesol/Day...-- Diamond Stars--- -DIBUJANDO CON LA LUZ -DIDI's GALLERY-- Didi´s Gallery-- Die Foto-Hut-- -Digital Camera Club --- Digital Club---DIGITAL EXTREMES -- -Digital Masterpiece --DIGITAL&HYPERREALISM... -Discovery Photos -- -Divine Captures -Dizanjersi -- Donna`s Magical Pix ---DON'T-WORRY-BE-HAPPY -- -Double Star Award -- -Double-the-Beauty -- -Doubled-Beauties -- -Dovesiamonati?-Wherewere... -- Dragon Best Group---Dragon Dagger Award -- -Drama!-Join-us -- -dream´s I´ll dream -Dreams come true -- -Dreams I Dream --Dream Photo ---Dreamlike Places--Dreams, Love, Life.... --Dream Places--- -Dream Works -- DREAMLIKE PHOTOS EEEEEEEEEEEEEE --Ebloussante Nature-----E X T R A C O L O R -Earth Creates -- -EARTH OF NATURE -- -Earth Planet Pulse -- -Earth-creates -- -EARTH-NATURE&LOVE -- -EARTHNATURE&LOVE•... -Eblouissante Nature / Brilliant Natu... -ECOLE-DES-BEAUX-ARTS -- -EE Gallery -- -Eidos - -El Gran Grupo de Flickr -- -El mundo por... --El rincón del fotógrafo-- -El Universo De La Fotos -ELEGANT-PHOTOART -- -Elite Club 1-6, Palace -- -Elite club Palace - Secret Room -- -Elite Gallery AOI Elite Magic of Nature Invited... -- -Elite Ring of Excellence ---Embrujo --- -Emerald-Society -- -EMOTIONAL AND EXCITING -En armonia con Naturazela -- Enciende tu phantasia-- -Enchanting atmospheres&... -Energia Positiva - Landscapes... >18.10,2011 -ENCIENDE TU FANTASIA---Energia Positiva >24.10.2011 -ENERGIA-POSITIVA-NATUREZA -- Enjoying Lovely Life---Eparke Award --EscritacomLuz 1,2,3,4,5,6 -Espacio Rural --Espíritu y Magia Fotografica ----- Europe!Europa! -Evergreen Beauty Group -- -ExaltedـــGlorious Nature -Excellent -- -EXCELLENT GALLERY. -Exemplary shots-- Exister cést vivre -- -EXOTIC IMAGE -- -Explore, Dream and Discover -- -ExploreTheBeautiful. -Expositio- des-Arts-Contemporain -- -ExpositiondesArts... -Exquisite Art --Exquisite Art 50+ --ExquisiteArt+50FavAW/FAV2..-- -- Extracolor-- Exotic World--. -EXTRAORDINARILYIMPRESSIVE -Eye's On The Camera--Eyes on the world-- Eyecatcher -- Eye of Inspiration --- FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Fairies and Wizards Eyes -- Fantasia-----Fantastic 4 --Fantastic Nature Fantastic-Nature-Gallery -- -Fantasy River Pure... (Gruppe) -Fantstic Yellow --Far Pavilio----Fasznation Earth Group --Fauna and Flora..--- Fauna and Flora Group --- -FAV 150 --Fav Bow-- -Fav/View - - FAV Lovers --Favorite-colors-and-lights -- -Favorite-landscape -- -Favoritecolorsandlights -FAVORITEPHOTOS(POST1AWARD... -FAVORITES:THE-BEST-PHOTOS -- -FAVOUR -FAVTOP20/49 faves ... Favtopentryo Febrero: Cumpleaños de Flickr... -- -Feed the sun -- Felix Friends --- -FESTIVALSOFLIGHTS/... -FIELDSOFLOVE -Finest-Gold -- -Finest-Nature -- -Finest-Trees -- -Five Gold Stars Level 1,2,3 -Five Stars Artistic --FLEURS-ET-PAYSAGES -- Flickr Special ---- -Flicker´s FAV -- Flickr´s FAV 500+ -- Flickr´s Finest Images-..---Flickr 2011 Achivement Award -- -flickr Award --Foto - Calidad ----Flickr Hearts -- -Flickr Hive Mind Group -Flickr OBSESSION -flickr photocontest --Flickr Shutter Space -- -Flickr Stars Flickr Sun -- -Flickr Travel Award -- -Flickr Wiki -- -Flickr´s Best --Flickr-Diamond -- -Flickr. DANN -Flickr. Masterpieces -- Flickr Sun -Flickr's FAV : 500+ -Flickr's-FAV-250 -- -Flickr's-Finest Images 1,2,3 -- -Flickr's-Picture-Perfect -- -Flickr's-PicturePerfect... -FlickrBronze-Silver-Gold-Trophy-Group -- -Flickrfriendsmeeting/... -Flickrians -Flickrs Fav 300 -- -Flickrs True Reflection - Excellence Award - Level 1-8 -- -FlickrSHUTTERSPACE -FLICKR WIKI ---FLICKRWIKI --Coresasmelhores... -- Flickr (unofficial) Flickr Friends--- Flickr's - Picture Perfect ---Flickr´s Pro Photographers -- Finest Nature--Flores Aves Paisagnes --- FLOORprimus -Flora arround the World -Fly me to the moon---Follow me my friends ---- F.O.O.F. --- -Forgotten-Treasures -- FotoArtCircle Level 1,2,3 --- -Foto che passione --Foto dell anima-- -Foto Excellentes -- -Foto Mania Foto Community - fotografi per caso ---Fotografíaspara Enmarcar --- Foto Art Circle---- Foto Hut -- --Fotopedia --Fotos con arte Sube 1 -Fotos con Mucho Arte -- -Fotos Favoritas del Mundo! --- Foto passione--Frame It! Level 1-10--- -francais-fr-francophone -FRANCO's-TOP-GALLERY -- -Franco'sSquareGallery-... -FANCO'sTOPGALLERY. -Free Admin World -Free Admin World Free Admin World --FREE NATURE -- -Free shot -- -FreeAdminWorld -Freedom Excellence --Freedom Hawk -Freedom-of-expression -- -FreedomExcellence+25FAV -Friends of El Tiempo -- Friends Forever -- -Friends who care -Friends are the glasses of... -FROM YOUR WORLD -Frozen Moments --Fugitivemoment – GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Galeria da Maninha do Marcão -Galleria de Maninha de Marcao -Gallery-- Gallery de la Gravure-- Galaxy--Gallery de la Gravure-- Gallery of Excellent Pictures --Gallery of Fantastic.. -- -Gallery of Fine Phtography -- -Gallery the very best of peace -- -Gallery-of-Dreams -- -Gallery-of-Wonders -- -Gallery of Dreams Admin... -Gallery of Wonders -GARDEN OF MY -Gate to Paradise Gesehen durch meine Augen-- Girl Power --Give Me 5 -- -Gli amici di Marina -- --Gli insetti preferiscono le ortiche -- -Gold-Sealings -- Golden Digital ---- Golden Diamonds Worth 1000 Words -- Golden Heart Society--- -Golden Hour -Golden Pictures Worth 1000 words -- -GOLDEN ACHIEVEMENT -Gold Sealings Golden... Goölden Landscape---GoneWithTheWind -Good Morning Happiness Gracias a Flickr GRANDES FOTOGRAFOS~GREAT... -----Gr8 ---GreatImages -GREEN --- Green Scene -- Group No. 3 (Post 1, Awa... -- -gremio de la fotografia por ilke100 --Group Photography Allué & Barrau... -Grupo Macronecico --Group Reflections ---GRUPOMACARONESICO -Günün-En-İyisi -- HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -H.W.A. -- Habla Hispana --- -HAIRYGITS NATURE GROUP HappyArtsPostcards -HaveaNiceDay -Healing-Light-of-the-Spirit -- -HealingLightoftheSpirit... --- Heart of Al Rass--- -Heart-&-Soul-Photography -- -Heart&Soul... ---henry und freunde ---HIDDENTREASURE -High Quality Images -- -HighEnergyPlaces... -Hit me with your best shot -- -Hong Kong Photos -- -House of image gallery -- -HOUSE-OF-THE-RISING-SUN -- -Hoy prude se un gran dia --Howard and Caz's ---- -I 4 PUNTI CARDINALI -- Hypotheoretical Awards--- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-I colori caldi della autonno -- I Like Your Style -- I Love Foto Hobby 1,2,3 -- Imperial Images -- -I NEED-A-TREE -- -I-Wanna-Be-There -- -I-Want-to-Stare-at-This -- !Captured Images---Il Club de Wallace --Il Tramonto e lÀlba Illuminations ---- Image Gallery --Images of Peace made by Heart -imagines et phantasmata -Immagine Art@ndWork -- -Imperial Gallery, The -- -Improvvisa inspirazione -- In my eyes --- -In touch with nature Innamoramento -- In Your Dreams ---Inspiration Group -- -INSPIREDCHOICE -Interessantissima --Into Your Heart Iperfocal -- -It´s not about you 11.10.2011 -- -It´s not about you -Italian Lifestyle --J ai deux amoures -- - -jesuscm's favorites Gallery - -jesuscm's favorites Gallery (Admin invite... Jotbe's Group JOY-TO-THE-WORLD -- -Juego solidario -- JURIEDEXHIBITION -Just Passing our time -- Just Open Your Eyes— KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK----Kades Kastoffs--- KARTPOSTAL11.10.2011 -- -Keep your eyes open -Kodachrome -- Key to your mind ---Kurt Peiser Gallery ---- Kuwait Work Shops LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL--L - for LIGHT is LIFE -- LÁrt Au Carré -L´atre della Natura --L'Angle-Des-Merveilles -- -L'arte della Natura - -L'arte della Natura - by -L'élite des paysages**Fleurs... -LA BOHEME -- - La Casa di Nadia & Valerio -- -La Fonte De La Vita --LA FONTE DELLA VITA - -La Meillor de ma Fotographia -- -La mia sonata - -La passion de l'image 1-6 -La Petite Galerie -- Ladrón De Momentos ---Landscape Beauty --L`Arte Au Carré-- -Landscape in the World -- Landscape, Seascape,Skyscape ---Landscapes,Sunsets,... -Las 4 estaciones&The 4... (Gruppe) -Lasciatemifotografare!!!..--Le Cercle --. -Le Jardin de Delices -- -LE JARDIN DES DELICES -le mie e le vostre - -Le temps passe... -LE-POUVOIR-DE-LA-NATURE -- -Legion of Final Levels-- Les pieds sur la terre --- -Les temps passe -Les-plus-jolies-photos-de-vos-paysages,uniquement -- -Lespiedssurterre!-Pésno... -LespPieds sir terre -LEVEL7-ZETAORIONIS-... -Life cycle of trees -- -Light Ray --Lighting Aspects -- Light Painters Society -- -Like a mirror without a memory -- -Listen to the secret melody of life -- -living in harmony with nature -- -Lo Mejor de Vivo por la Fotografia -- LO MEJOR DE LA FOTOGRAFI... ---LO ZODIACO / THE ZODIAC --- -LORD-BYRON -- -Los mejores momentos de tu día - -Los meyor momentos die dia LOS TROTAMUNDO -- -Lost con T- Perdidos Level 1,2,3 Silver Gold -Love For Life -- -Love for Life ! Love for Photography -Love it 1,2,3,4 -Love Our Earth Love-with-Gold-Ribbons -- -Love for Photography --Lovely FlickR-----Lovely Universe !!! -- -LovewithGoldRibbons -LOZODIACO/THEZODIAC.. --- Luna Dorada ---- MMMMMMMMMMMMMM---Mafia´s 50 Fav --Magic Eye-- Magic Universe---MAGIC MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE 1,2,3,4 –Magic Universe(ADMINInvite)... -Magic Universe Master pieces... Magicos Momentos En Tu Vida-Mail-AustauschKunst -Make Me Wonder -- Marculuescu Eugen Dreams of --Mankindisakindofstage...MarculescuEugen Dreams of..--- -Master Photographer --Masterclass Elite Masterfavtop MASTERFAVTOPGalleryof... -Me gusta tu foto!! -Me gusta tu foto!! -Meine persönlichen Lieblingsfotos -- Mes Favoris " Coup de Coer" -- Make Me Wonder--Memories are photographs that...-- Memories from the Heart-- -Metade /Half Meu País é.../My Country is... (Gruppe) -MeuPaísé.../MyCountryis...-- Meyor de Vivo por La Fotografia ----MINDING TOPPON ---- -Miracledelavie-Luizaand...-- Mirror Images & Reflections--- -Mirror Reflection --Mis Fotos Mis Sentimentos --MM - Artistic Photos Moon's Eclipse --Moon'sEclipseHighlights ---Mordus de photos Nature----Most Amazing Photos-- Mother Earth S.O.S------Moulin Rouge MSA Square Dance --Musica & Cine -- My favourite works of my Flickr friends – NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN------ Nasir's Elite Photos Gallery --Nasir's Elite Photos Gallery. -Nasir'sElitePhotosGallery...--- Nature´s Finest---National Geographic-- Nature --- Nature Creations ----- -NATURE -Nature Frameshot --- -- Nature´s Gallery -- Nature´s Garden Platinum--- Nature´s Garden-- Nature Green Star -- -Nature Heavens --nature is all - all is nature..-- Nature Magic --Nature Poetry Show Room --- -NATURE SANCTUARY --Nature´e Best ---Nature Live ------Nature´s Prime -Nature´s Poetry Show Room -- Nature´s Kingdom Wildcards -Nature Kingdom Choice--Nature Magic & Exceptionel---Nature´s Garden--Nature´s Poetry ---Nature´s Prime-- -Nature's Soul ELITE~Invite -Nature's Treasures .. Nature´s Kingdom -- -NATURE'S ELEGANT SHOTS[Fotos... -- Nature´s Garden--- Nature´s Poetry--–NATURE & PEOPLE IN THE... -NATURE•*´¨*alloverthe... -NATUREISWONDERFUL -NatureLiveADevotiontoNature!--Negatone-- -Nespyxel´s Top Gallery-- Net@Art -- --New Force of Photography -- Nice as it gets Level 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8 --- -- Night & Morning on Flickr --Non-BeachesThingsFromAll... -- No hay camino para la paz--Nothing Like The Sun-- New Sky Cloude and Sun -- Nuestras Fotografias---Nuovo Envy of Flickr---,Nuska Top Gallery --- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-Oceans of Talent --Odetojoy/Odeàalegria -Oghampoem.-- Ombre e Luci Shadows -- -Once in your life --Only Best Landscapes ----ONLY THE BEST OF NATURE Opera Gallery --Opera Premiere Gallery...--- Optical Excellence--- Oracle of Great Photography-- -Oracle of Perfection --Oradaydım -Orgogliosodiessereitaliano --ORIGINAL GOLD SEAL---Our Beautiful Planet-- Our Best Photos on Flickr-- --Our colourful life -Our Wonderful and Fragile... -Outstanding Landscapes & Sunsets Outstanding Mirror Images... --- PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP------- la paz es el-- Paesagi del Mondo ----- Painting with Mother Nature -PaintingwithMotherNature-... -Paisaje Puro / -- Paisatges unics ---Petit Musée der Kurt Peiser-- Puntuame -- Pure Landscape PANEM ET CIRCENSES / BREAD... (Gruppe) PANORAMA FOTOGRAFICO -paololivorno'sfriends -Paolollvorno´s friends -- Parisinita & friends –PEACE took over my heart -Perchè..? -- Pensieri fotografici --- Perfect Beauty -- Perfect Beaty II -- Perfect Photographer ---- -Perfect Touch ----Petit Musée de Kurt Peiser ---Phoenix Gold --Photo Garden --Photo in Focus -- Photographers -- -Photographer´s Paradise --Photographer´s True Taste --Photographer´s World -- Photographers gone wild -- Photographic World ( Post 1/ Comm 2 ) PhotographsFromYour... -- Photography is Love---PHOTOGRAPHY PLANET --PHOTOMAIS -Photos and Calendar[1/...--Pics for Peace --Pictures from my friends --- Pictures lovers --- -Pianeta Terra /Planet Earth ---Pictures By You---Pictures from my friends --- pintou tudo de amarelo --pintoutudodeamarelo/... -Porfolio Landscape Porfolio Landscape --Preferences & personal --Preferencesandpersonal... -Prestige Nature Competitions... -- Prestige Photography --Prestige units --- Primavera, Verano, Otoño e.. -primus inter pares -- peo photo ---Postcard Moments--- POWER OF IMAGE --- -Puentes & Reflejos --- pure nature ~ Natur pur... QQQQQQQQQ Q8 Flickr Quality Surroundings---- Qualifizierte Members Only (1,2,3)--- -QualitySurroundings=... -QUALITYSURROUNDINGS --- Queue Gallerize -- Queue Rte -- Queue Share ---- RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ---Real B U Tee RECOLIX -REFLECTIONS / DISTORTIONS REFLECTIONSofLife♣HIGH...Reflections Of All Kinds -- -REFLEXO ----Remember That Moment☆Level 1,2,3,4,5.-- Rhapsodic Poems of Homer ---Richard´s Top Gallery --Rios de Agua Viva Roby Private -Rolye group -* SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS --- Saariy's Quality Pictures---SATURNAWARD -SCENES OF LIVE -Scenic Splendor - -- Schitta Group--SCREAM OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER -- Score me in colors -- Seasons on me SelectedArtbyAdmins•re-founded...--senza tempo--- Serena e Catia---Shadow & Light --Sharing Art ----Shimmering Light----Shining Hearts --- Shooting Stars Awards ---Show Case Images-- -Show Room's Best (Admin... (Gruppe) –SHOW THE BEST. –Sideby Side Society彡Friends... --- Sillhouette Phtography -- Simply Beautiful --Simply..... Beautiful --Simply Nature----Simply Superb----SIMPLY..WONDERFUL Simply Beautiful Photo's --- Simply Superb --- simplicate - Nature---- Sleeping Time Simplesmente Belo --- -- Skies-Sunsets-Reflections in... 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