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Blog Group
by @lucilcoo
Group Boards to Grow Your Pinterest AccountUsing group boards to grow your Pinterest account is an essential step in increasing your blog traffic. When I started blogging I had never heard of group boards. If you’re thinking about starting a blog or have just started one, this is one of the best investments of your time besides creating content. Not only are you able to reach more viewers but people don’t realize what a tight knit community bloggers have and they love helping each other out!It is extremely time consuming but oh so worth it. Usually, the owner of the board will leave instructions on what they want you to do before you join. Basically, they’ll want you to follow the specific group board, sometimes their personal Pinterest account, and then they’ll leave an email address for you to send your email that is attached to your Pinterest account. Sometimes they’ll need your Pinterest URL as well. Related → How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020 Some things you have to keep in mind when looking for a group board is the rules that come with joining it. Some boards only allow vertical pins, some don’t want you to pin more than a few times a day, and most will ask that you re-pin at least one other person’s pin for every pin that is your own.There have been many days I have dedicated to searching for group boards and asking permission to join. This can get discouraging when I only get a few replies back when I’ve sent so many emails. I’ve created a list of easy to join group boards that usually get back to you and accept your request within a few days. Because my blog niche is focused around being a Christian homemaker and mom, I’ve broken the list into three categories of Christian group boards, general blog promoting group boards, and mom group boards. General Blog Promoting Group Boards: Female Bloggers Free for All Top Blogs - Pinterest Viral Board ***Bloggers 'Post it' Board*** Pin Your Heart Out Group Board POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers promote here Everything Goes - Lifestyle Board The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging Forks & Folly Share Board Blogger Round Up Awesome Posts! (Group Board) THE BLOG NEST Blogs of Pinterest Blog Posts and Authors! Collaborative Board: Family-Friendly Posts BEST Blog Posts on Pinterest Online Business Promotion The Best In Blog Posts Group Board (Open) Mom Group Boards: Family, Fun, Food & Frugality! {GROUP BOARD} ~ MOM BLOGGER ROUNDUP ~ Parenting Bloggers Turbo Group Board Best of Parent and Family Life Moms Helping Moms group board Best Mom Bloggers Mommy Blogger Marvelous Mom Tribe | Group Board Mom Bloggers Unite Mama Blogs Group Board Motherhood + Lifestyle **Lifestyle & Mom Blogger Group** Parenting Survival Guide Family and Parenting Group Board Mom Truths Group Board Parenting Blogger BoardChristian Group Boards: Loving God with all Your Mind Christian Blogs & Websites Faith & Family Blogging for Jesus! Christian Bloggers Group Board for Christians to Pin Scriptures/Messages from the Bible Christian Bloggers Supporting Each Other **Disciples For Jesus** Faith and Motherhood Biblical Womanhood | Titus 2 Woman | Proverbs 31 Wife