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Molly Burton
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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Wedding Guest OutfitWedding season is upon us! Yes, the most popular months to get married are June through October…thank you Google :). This isn’t the biggest surprise seeing that no matter where you live, the weather is usually gorgeous in early summer and fall.So you got your invitation and now the anxiety sets in. What to wear to a wedding?As a stylist, this is by far the most popular question I get asked all year-round. Looking for the perfect wedding outfit can be very frustrating especially when there is a specific theme or dress code. What you decide to wear varies based on the type of day and formality of the occasion.So let’s dive in to find out exactly what you should wear to a wedding.Dress Codes For A WeddingThere are so many dress codes that could be in fine print on your wedding invitation. There’s white tie, black tie, dressy casual, festive...seriously who makes these up! Here’s a rundown on what they actually mean.White TieIf you were invited to an event at the White House, what would you wear? Think super fancy threads such as an elegant floor-length ball gown, heavily ornamented jewelry, and dramatic hair and makeup.Black TieThis indicates a less dressy occasion than white tie. You can wear a formal dress, an evening floor-length gown or your swankiest mid-length cocktail dress.Black Tie Optional/FormalThis modern-day dress code gives guests more of a say. It means basically wear whatever you see fit...within reason of course. I wouldn’t go all out and wear a ball gown, but a cocktail dress or a full length formal dress is just fine.Cocktail Attire, Semi-Formal or Dressy CasualThese all basically mean the same thing: your outfit should be a cross between formal and casual. I suggest a long formal dress, dressy separates, a classy jumpsuit, or a cocktail dress.CasualThis wedding will more than likely be a laidback event. This DOES NOT mean you dress in anything you want….please do not show up in jeans! I recommend a chic jumpsuit or a lightweight summer maxi dress.FestiveNow this dress code can refer to a destination wedding or say a wedding at a beach or garden. Guests should wear lightweight fabrics, vibrant colors, and easy-to-walk-in shoes…preferably no high heels!Style Rules...Well More Like GuidelinesDress codes for a wedding are always tricky. But guests are also confronted with a mountain of style rules. It can be especially difficult if the invite doesn’t come with a dress code at all. Here’s some of the no-no’s or suggestions you should always be aware of.Don’t wear whiteNow most ladies know this, but let me remind you just in case you’ve been living under a rock or just busy with life (most likely the latter). You should avoid wearing any shade of white UNLESS the bride or invitation says otherwise. It’s the bride’s big day and we want to keep the spotlight on her!Don’t forget to consider the time of the weddingDaytime weddings are becoming more and more popular. If it’s in the late afternoon…12pm- 4pm to be exact, then it’s probably an informal wedding. Try a vibrant cocktail dress or a sundress for these times. When attending weddings that are in the evening, you might want to go a little more formal.Don’t wear anything too casualI know we touched on this before, but it is EXTREMELY important that you don’t show up to a wedding in jeans or a casual t-shirt. However, it’s perfectly okay to wear a classy jumpsuit, dressy separates, and/or flats. There are ways to be comfortable without being under-dressed.Don’t wear anything ridiculously shortRule of thumb: Your dress shouldn’t be any shorter than your fingertips when you put your arm straight down against your leg. Enough said…Now, if you have read through all this and are still questioning what to wear to a wedding, this part is just for you. Here are some go-to fool-proof options that you should definitely consider.What To Wear To A Summer WeddingFloral DressA floral dress is go-to that most people already have in their closet. They are always appropriate, no matter the cut (A-line, maxi, bodycon, etc.) Wear it with a clutch and the jewelry of your choice.Minimal DressTry a simple, minimal dress for an easy, no-fuss wedding option. Combine it with a structured hat or an embellished handbag to add texture to the outfit.Wrap DressA wrap dress can be very versatile and can basically be worn to any occasion. For a wedding, you can wear it over relaxed trousers for a sophisticated look. Or you can keep it simple and just pair it with elegant accessories.Little Black DressNo matter the time of day, consider wearing a little black (or neutral colored) dress…reasonably length of course. This sophisticated choice can be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry for a formal wedding or dressed downed with flats and simple jewelry for something a little less formal.Romantic DressNothing says wedding like a romantic dress. Try a midi or floor length fairytale dress in a lightweight fabric...think tulle or lace and in a soft color…think blush or teal. Balance it out with small modern jewelry and accessories.What To Wear To A Fall WeddingSparkle DressA sequined dress is always perfect for a party. Tone it down a notch and make it a little more wedding appropriate by pairing it with a non-patterned blazer and simple shoes and accessories.Vintage DressChoose something that has a vintage vibe. We're talking about a dress that looks like you just stepped out of the 60’s to show off your classic style.Chic JumpsuitWomen usually tend to buy jumpsuits in neutrals and softer colors…which I am definitely not knocking. But for a wedding, try to make a statement by wearing a jumpsuit in a bold, loud color. Talk about show stopper!Bright SuitSimilar to the jumpsuit, if you want to wear something that includes pants, try bright or pastel colored suit separates instead of wearing dull dark colors.Your Turn...Deciding on what to wear to a wedding can be very exasperating, but isn’t meant to be!What styles and cuts do you gravitate towards the most? Narrow it down to 2 options and think about what accessories and shoes you’d like to wear with each. Then pick your favorite option!Weddings are meant to be joyous and festive. Start the occasion off right by picking an outfit that reflects you. Most importantly choose something you feel comfortable and confident in.Keep Creative,Reen