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Laura Onstot
How To Avoid Looking Jet-Lagged After A Long-Haul FlightThere is nothing worse than stepping off a long flight looking like you haven't slept in days - particularly if you are meeting people at the other end or, even worse, going straight into a business meeting! So how do you step off a long-haul flight looking fresh and ready for anything? Read on... Get a good night's sleep the night before you travel Make sure you are well rested BEFORE you even step on the plane - getting a good night's sleep the night before you fly will help you fend off jet lag to some extent. Getting on the flight already tired out will just make any jet lag worse and you will arrive looking and feeling exhausted. [caption id=attachment_3668 align=aligncenter width=639] Look after yourself in-flight...[/caption] Stay hydrated Drink plenty of water during your flight to help you stay hydrated - this will mean you arrive feeling refreshed (rather than with that hung-over feeling you get when you haven't drank enough!). And avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible as they will dehydrate you. Get some rest Use your time on the plane to chill out and relax (much easier in business or first class I know!). Why not read a book, watch a film or have a nap... or all three if it's a very long flight? If you find it difficult to relax on planes (like I do), why not try something like guided meditation... there is generally a relaxation channel available on most airlines, so why not give it a go? And if you want to get some rest, don't forget to take ear plugs, an eye mask and a travel pillow... they may getting some rest on a noisy flight much easier! [caption id=attachment_3667 align=aligncenter width=508] Sleeping in economy is never easy![/caption] Don't drink alcohol The cabin air is always slightly dry as it is, but alcohol dehydrates you further, which is not good for you. Stick to soft drinks - preferably ones without caffeine in as caffeinated drinks will hinder you getting much rest during the flight. Or, even better, stick to water. Moisturise Take face and body moisturisers on the plane with you (just make sure you know the size limits you are allowed to take on board) and use them regularly to avoid your skin drying out. Make sure you apply some just before you get off the plane too so you arrive looking fresh and hydrated. And don't forget to apply some lip balm too... So, these are my tips for avoiding looking (and feeling) jet lagged after a long flight. Do you have any others to add to mine? If so, let me know in the comments below... Happy Travelling! Kate
How to survive a long bus journeyThe only thing worse than taking a long plane journey in my opinion is taking a long bus journey! At least on a plane there is a bit of space so you can walk around... and people serve you food and drink! On a bus, you don't get any of that - you have to take your own provisions (usually) and remain in your seat until the bus stops! And, often, there is even less legroom than in there is in economy on a plane... so how do you make the most of it? Here are my top tips for surviving a long bus journey: [caption id=attachment_3726 align=aligncenter width=450] On the road...[/caption] Wear comfortable clothing This one applies to any long journeys you make - always go for comfort over style! If you are going to try and get some rest you'll need to be wearing something you can sleep in. And make sure you wear layers (I always take a warm hoodie) that you can add or take off depending on the temperature on the bus, as they can vary such a lot! Take plenty of food and drink Unlike on planes and trains you won't get someone coming round and offering your food and drink from the trolley every so often so make sure you have enough with you for the journey. Although many long distance buses do make stops, food at service stations tends to be overpriced and isn't always that great... Take a neck pillow, eye mask and earplugs If you plan on getting some rest on the journey, a neck pillow, eye mask and earplugs are a must as buses tend to be noisy and the seats are usually somewhat less comfortable than plane seats (although that depends which country you are travelling in and the class of bus). You could even take a blanket so you can really snuggle down (and it will keep you warm if the bus is too cold). Pack your headphones I like to listen to music when I'm travelling as it helps me to relax so I always pack my headphones... and music also blocks out any unwanted background noise too. Unfortunately, I can't read when I'm travelling by road as it makes me feel nauseous so listening to music (or audiobooks) is the only entertainment I have. [caption id=attachment_1960 align=aligncenter width=653] Travelling by bus can be great fun![/caption] Choose your seat wisely Try and sit in the middle of the bus as it tends to be slightly less bumpy and you are away from the noise and heat of the engine. I also always like to be sat next to the window too so I can look out - and also so I don't get disturbed if the person next to me wants to get up and get off the bus if it stops (which can be quite annoying if you are fast asleep!). Do you have any other top tips for surviving a long distance bus trip? If so, let me know in the comments below... Happy Travelling! Kate