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Welcome to our tech blog techhillss.com. Name of the blog already gives you pretty idea about what you can expect from this site. It is a tech blog.
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The webs pages I add to my blogs are those I find fascinating, outrageous and entertaining. I don't necessarily agree with others opinion.
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I am a mechanical engineer. Just because of my love for physics, switched my carrier to theroetical physics, therefore, persuing my degree in masters of physics
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I like learning new things as it relates to worldly phenomenon. Anything about self improvement and emerging trends is up my ally.
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I am a man It depends on social gender, but I have doubts about men and women. Neutral is my place.
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Great Horizon Trails is a Kenyan Tour Operator and Travel Agent and have maintained a strong presence in the market since it came to operation ten (10) years
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Thanks for visit my website. I love to share information or idea such as market product, awareness, travelling, tourist place, photographer and writer.
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