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WHAT TO WRITE IN A JOURNALWHAT TO WRITE IN A JOURNAL. I was asked recently to make a video about this so here it is! Want to start a healthy journaling habit? Get a FREE guide here: https://penandjournal.com/7days Please stay in touch with me! Website: https://penandjournal.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pen.and.journal/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/penandjournal/ Before big events Are you preparing for a job interview, an exam, or a presentation to a group of people? It is stressful! There are many stressful situations that could like “final exams”. If you write about the stress you are feeling about the exam then you improve your chances of score better. The amazing power of expressive writing! Writing just before a big event about the stress of the big event gives you super powers! It’s in the research! After negative experiences Another time to write is after negative experiences. We tend to hang on to memories of when: our significant other said or did something that hurt our feelings. our boss or teacher unsympathetically dismisses our hard work. a friend or relative makes us feel dumb or embarrasses us. These experiences trigger anger. And although anger is not a sin it can get in the way of us being productive. Research shows that writing about negative experiences frees up working memory. Our minds can comprehend and manage more things without the stress! This is one of a couple big benefits to expressive writing Bookend your day! Morning bookend Many writers and writing programs have touted the personal benefits of writing in the morning. An example program is writing continuously for 20 minutes without stop or caring for the quality of the writing. Write about yourself. Write about how you feel. Write for your eyes only. I like to call this kind of writing “Grip-it-and-rip-it writing”. It is something I do each morning in my prayer journal. It works wonders on my day. Evening bookend The second part of this bookend approach is writing before you sleep. You guessed it, research shows that you sleep better with gratitude writing at night. So part of your nightly ritual after you brush your teeth(!) grab your pen and journal and essentially count your blessings. Write “I am grateful for…” you fill in the blank. You’ll sleep much better by filling your mind with gratitude. Research links can be found here: https://penandjournal.com/the-3-best-times-to-write-everyday/ KEYWORDS: what to write in a journal, how to use a journal, journal, how to keep a journal, how to journal, journaling, diary, keeping a journal, how-to (website category), journaling ideas, how to keep a diary, how to keep a journal tips, how to start a journal, writing journal, journal writing, journal ideas, journal topics, journaling prompts, how to write a journal, journal entries, ideas, quarter life, life coach,
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