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Kickstarter – funding BrasskangarooWe are joining kickstarter, so if you are a member of brasskangaroo or just considering, then you can help us build and develop our site by backing us now on the popular funding kickstarter site.  Kickstarter allows you to back business ventures covering a huge range of innovative and interesting creative topics and by talented teams that need some financial assistance to get their ideas out there or to make the most of their potential. That matches us ideally, we are a small team of creative professionals based in the UK, we have previous successful experience in this area with our sister site Article Alley which back in 2010 was a huge success story, but that was badly impacted by Google and their Panda algorithm and until now we have not tried to develop an alternative. To make our site a success we need to employ professional writers to create the high quality and polished content that nowadays attracts visitors and matches the requirements of Google, we also need to build on and develop a number of referring websites. Our Ahrefs score is currently modest and we have 948 backlinks from 47 domains which is tiny compared to the likes of Medium.com and boredpanda. It is a start though and we are pleased with our recent progress we just need funds to develop and make the more / the most of our site and its potential.  A very similar picture can be see on Moz the other high quality link analysis tool. So we are fund raising starting this week on Kickstarter with the aim of raising an initial £35,000 to develop quality content and build on our intial links, we are offering to create quality content including images and videos for backers that back us with £40 and inclusion in a hall of fame for backers including a link back if requested to those backing us by £100 or more. We really are hopeful that this will give us the funds needed to develop faster and get further than we expected in 2019. Our kickstarter campaign can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/highlandspring/brasskangaroo-professional-publishing-with-a-diffe Fingers cross that we will reach our funding target!
Google and its indexing budgetGoogle the leading Search engine has two closely inter-related concepts those of its crawl budget and its indexing budget, these determine how many pages of a site Google is prepared to crawl in any given cycle and more importantly how many it is prepared to index. For small website or blogs it is not any issue as all domains are given at least a few 100 pages which for most sites are fine. However larger sites such as Article Alley and our own Brasskangaroo site this presents an issue as a site grows then unless the crawl and index budget also increases then only a % of the site will be indexed at any one time. What determines the crawl and indexing budget for a site? Google seems to use factors such as incoming links and the length of an article plus user metrics to determine which pages justify being included. So it is important to use your robots file and make use of the noindex tag to exclude pages that are of low importance for example blog category of tag pages are great examples, they are useful for a human user but don't add value from a search point of view and consume valueable crawl budget. How to increase a websites crawl budget? The biggest factor appears to be your sites backlink profile, a large number of on topic and strong links ie ones with a high Moz or ahrefs score means that site enjoys a higher crawl budget, just how high that is depends on how large a site is, clearly if a strong site has a limited number of pages then everything will be indexed, if it has millions of pages and a high Domain Authority score then a high proportion of a sites content will be indexed but not necessarily all content. If a site is crawl budget limited should I still publish content there? The answer is clearly yes but just publishing is not enough, you need to build internal links, which can be done by developing followers or comments if the site offers thoses types of features, building external links to your content from your own blog or social media sites such as Reddit or Twitter also seems to help but is not as effective as building internal site links.
Senior Finance roles in the transport and logistics sectorDo you operate in the Transport and logistics sectors of the UK?  Finding it a tough with the increases to the Living wage and auto enrolment?  You are not alone.   The answer or part of the answer to your profitability issues maybe to look at bringing in a senior finance professional with a proven track record in the Transport and Logistics sectors? It doesn't need to be a full time position you may not have considered it before but it is possible to recruit a part time FD or even a part time Finance Director who job shares with several companies known as a Portfolio Finance Director. We work closely with a company called FD Capital who specialises in just this sort of role, they have a couple of great people on their teams with experience in £40m scale transport companies, so very familar with the challenges you face and options such as joining pallet networks or changing your fleet to smaller vehicles to overcome the acute driver shortages in Class 1 and Class 2 roles at the moment. Brexit of course is not helping one bit, but things do change and we can expect at least clarity of the situation in the coming months and once the UK is finally out of the EU our new trading relationship and the availability of drivers from the EU and Eastern Europe in particular will become clearer. Often having someone on board who is used to the nature of our industry is a big plus and someone who can begin to challenge costs for you is a huge benefit, whether it is business rate relief, making R&D claims or just finding ways to structure the business in a more tax efficient way, these little differnces all add up, particularly at a time when the whole industry is facing the challenges that we do at present.