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Healthy Eating
by @rohlfonlineventures
YouTube Superfoods for a diabetic diet reveals 5 super, superfoods that help with diabetes. This (no sugar) dark chocolate with a new, all-natural sweetener wins the day! Watch our Diabetic Diet Foods videos in our playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL41r-EMgIy-wvwH4OttuxW7ZoFlDr3wYR What's my favorite diabetic superfood? *Dark chocolate*, of course! Get monk fruit sweetened dark chocolate bars at https://amzn.to/2SZIFIs Yes, you can have your dark chocolate with a new, NATURAL sweetener that is safe for diabetics. To get the full benefits of dark chocolate without ANY sugar spikes, my choice is ChocZero dark chocolate bars available at https://amzn.to/2SZIFIs All of ChocZero products are safe for diabetics since they are made with natural (nothing artificial) monk fruit sweetener that is safe and delicious. Now, back to the other superfoods for diabetes - those special foods that contain a higher-than-normal amount of nutrients and can do wonders when added to a diabetic diet. In general, all superfoods are good for you, but if you have diabetes, some of them are more recommended for you. In this video find the top 5 superfoods to incorporate into your diabetes diet food list when you have been diagnosed with any level of diabetes or prediabetes. Read full article at https://www.munchforwellness.com/best-superfoods-for-diabetic-diabetes-diet-food-list-pt3/ Thanks for watching! # diabetesdiet #diabetesffoodlist #bestdiabeticfoods Get FREE Diabetes and other healthy and wellness PDF ebooks at https://www.munchforwellness.com/free-diabetes-pdf-ebooks/ MORE DIABETES FOODS VIDEOS 4 Strange & Weird Foods For Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes | Add To Your Type 2 Diabetes Diet! https://youtu.be/uIG8G8d4pkA Top 12 Foods To Nip Diabetes In The Bud Especially If You Are Pre-diabetic https://youtu.be/GFwhZaAf7OA What Fruits Can A Diabetic Eat? Low Glycemic Fruit is Nature's Candy For Diabetes! https://youtu.be/yZGQT0fQjbg Vegetables For A Diabetes Diet - What's Good To Eat For Diabetes? https://youtu.be/ECAJp6Rp59s Top 5 Super Foods For Diabetes Diet ?? No Sugar Dark Chocolate Wins https://youtu.be/CZyYwcC7c4E Foods For Diabetes - Use ONLY these Healthy Good Fats and Oil for Diabetes! https://youtu.be/QXKGhDaZgR4 ============================================ MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The author/ publisher of 'Munch For Wellness' channel media are not licensed medical doctors and are not providing medical advice, or diagnosing or treating any condition you may have. Always consult with your physician about your personal health, medical, hormonal and blood sugar related issues.