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by @rritlop
What is a Capsule Wardrobe? Benefit #1 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Saves Time Benefit #2 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem Benefit #3 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Eliminates Decision Fatigue Benefit #4 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Saves Money Benefit #5 Of A Capsule Wardrobe: Goodbye Negativity! Ready to jump start your capsule wardrobe? RELATED READS:If I’m honest, I have a history of being a bit of a hoarder. I’m talking jeans that I’ve had since high school sitting in the depths of my closet mocking me in hopes that someday I’d fit into them again. Then a couple of years ago I heard the buzz phrase “capsule wardrobe.” I saw all these pins popping up on Pinterest with these beautifully curated pieces that could be mixed and matched into endless styling options. As a minimalist, I knew a capsule wardrobe was something in my future. Little did I know that a capsule wardrobe wouldn’t just benefit my bank account, but also my overall life. Before we jump into the benefits of a capsule wardrobe though, let’s get on the same page… What is a Capsule Wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a cohesive wardrobe with just 30-50 items in it. Basically your entire closet works together. Every single clothing item is carefully curated to create endless styling options. A capsule wardrobe not a random hodge-podge of 30-50 items you picked up on a whim from the sales bin. It’s the pretty Instagram feeds where everything is different, yet feels the same. Why You Need A …