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How to do Binding or Serging on an oriental rug #rugs #carpetsBinding a fine Persian oriental rug in Palatine Chicago, Illinois, the restoration process on an Oriental rug is time consuming as all repairs are manually done. Apart from repair, we undertake cleaning and sell all types of hand-knotted rugs, we do Rug Appraisals and work with designers to the trade. IMPORTING THE GLAMOUR OF THE FAR EAST SINCE 1979 Rugport Palatine provides one of the area's largest selection of hand-knotted Modern, contemporary, antique, masterpiece, transitional and traditional oriental rugs, in Palatine Chicago Illinois and Michigan (Petoskey, and Grand Rapids) with over 60,000 square feet of rugs and 20 million dollars in inventory. At Rugport we pride ourselves on going the extra mile in customer service. Oriental Rug cleaning and restoration are some of our services done.โ€‹ - ANTIQUE PERSIAN RUGS are our speciality, we also do Rug Cleaning and Restoration. Website: https://www.rugport.com/ Contact: https://www.rugport.com/contact.html Collections: https://www.rugport.com/collections.html Modern rugs: https://www.rugport.com/modern-rugs.html Transitional: https://www.rugport.com/transitional.... Traditional: https://www.rugport.com/traditional.html Persian Rugs: https://www.rugport.com/persian.html Textured: https://www.rugport.com/textured.html Tribal: https://www.rugport.com/tribal.html Vintage: https://www.rugport.com/vintage.html Locations: https://www.rugport.com/locations.html Social-media: https://www.rugport.com/social-media.... Blog: https://www.rugport.com/blog #rugs #carpets #orientalrugs #chicago #rugport #Persian