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Pairing Wood with Modern Living Room DesignModernism has always held close the idea of clean-cut lines, minimalism, and an angular approach to design. The overall look is tidy, open, and airy - but can often leave a staunch modern space feeling cold and clinical. Organic materials like wood, greenery, and other natural materials held to bring a sense of warmth, a sense of home, and a sense of personal identity that can sometimes feel out of reach in a modern living space. Wood, in particular, can be key to maintaining the clean, linear lines so cherished by modernist ideals, but in a way that helps to contrast a man-made interior, with the organic richness of the natural world. In this post, we’re exploring how pairing wood with modern living room design can help bring warmth and relaxation into your space. Accent Walls Wood accent walls are an incredibly accommodating way to help balance the industrial influence of classic monochromatic modernist spaces. Adding a wood accent wall to a large and open modern living room is a great way to add textural contrast to an otherwise blank slate. Modern spaces are typically dominated by singular polished or sleek surfaces, so the addition of a wood accent wall creates a dynamic focal point from which to get your fix of texture and distinction. Furniture You don’t have to feature solid wood furniture in your modern space to take advantage of the warming and rich material in your living room design. Rather, using wood as a structural accent in modern furniture is a lovely way to pair and use wood in a subtle way to help break up the metallic, industrial keynotes of modern design. Couches and sectionals that feature wooden legs , for example, are a good way to bring the organic aura of wood into your furniture considerations and help to create a focal point from which to differentiate the contrast of materials. The same can be said for end tables, sideboards, entertainment units, and coffee tables. Further, the addition of wood to modern furniture design helps portray a desirable retro-chic aesthetic that’s attractive and timeless. Flooring Adding or revamping your current living room pace to include a hardwood floor is an excellent way to warm up a modernist room, but also to help break up the neutral or monochromatic colour palettes to successful in modern interior design. Playing with the hue of wood stains can help to elevate the perceived temperature of a modern space by utilizing red, Auburn or chestnut brown stains on woods themselves to darken them up and add a boost of colour - and on top of stains, there are many kinds of wood to choose from. Typical pine or maple flooring has a tendency to be light in colour, reminiscent of a light tan - whereas walnut or red oak are already dark enough to carry the warmth of the room. In this situation, it may be easiest and most desirable from a design perspective to treat a darker wood with a sealer, or a clear coat to preserve the material. On top of the colour, wood flooring also can develop a beautiful warm texture over time, as the wood is walked on, gently scuffed up by foot traffic and furniture arranging. Should your walls and floor be too opposing, introducing an area rug can help break up and soften the transition between wood flooring and a cooler colour on the walls by breaking up the contrasting colours, creating harmony between the two forces. Artwork Modern design is very much dependent on wall coverings and artwork, as it is about furniture design and structural considerations. Pairing wood frames, for example, with genuine modern artwork creates a harmonious juxtaposition that adds personality and identity to monochromatic art, black and white photography and minimalist contemporary artworks. --- Wood and other natural design elements made a huge splash within the interior design community in 2017 and 2018, and we predict that trend will continue to grow into 2019 and beyond, as designers and homeowners are only beginning to unveil how wood can be constantly re-imagined and used in modern living room design. As an accent feature, as flooring, or as minimal, impactful add-ons to a piece of artwork or furniture, wood is the first choice in a material used to warm up a classically modern space and give it a touch of personality, identity, and energy.
Interior Design PredictionsEvery time there is a new chance to refresh and change your space. Also, there are few components of the home stylistic theme will never leave style, inside plan patterns go back and forth, giving us something new to anticipate a seemingly endless amount of time after year. It's a great opportunity to grasp what works and bid farewell to what doesn't. To plan for another time of configuration patterns, we addressed home stylistic theme specialists and asked them what's in store—and what they're most amped up for in 2019. Even More Wood You may state wood is a conventional material that will never leave style. And keeping in mind that that is valid, the utilization of wood has developed in ubiquity a seemingly endless amount of time after a year, and we anticipate that that should proceed as we move into 2019. Regardless of whether you acquaint wood flooring with your kitchen or choose to add progressively wooden components to a restroom or eating space, we're in support of acquiring the outside. A Mix of Masculine and Feminine Leather couches and chairs are nothing new, we should expect to see more leather accents being used in unexpected places. When designing a space this year, don't be afraid to mix what may be considered masculine elements with feminine touches to bring more variety to your décor. Embrace Bold Backsplashes We admit that we love simple, clean white backsplashes. But more and more designers are welcoming boldly patterned backsplashes to their kitchens. We expect these fun and functional accents to be huge in 2019. Boho Is Back Boho is one of those structure inclines that travel every which way yet in 2019 we anticipate that it should return with a blast. Embrace your inner hippie and layer fun textures and prints to create a bohemian vibe in any room. We especially love this look in nurseries or children's rooms where you can add a little bit of sophistication while maintaining a fun, laidback vibe. Navy is the New Black Black is timeless and traditional, but one of 2019's interior design trends will definitely involve more navy elements at home. Consider ditching black furniture or accents and using navy instead. These navy side chairs offer a clean, modern look without feeling too heavy or dark in your space. Vamp it up with Velvet velvet has been back for a while now but we still can’t get enough of it. Tactile and durable with a hint of decadence, the texture will instantly turn a room from drab to fab. At its most vamp-like in deep tones, it brings a touch of gothic glamour to the home but it can be found in every colour imaginable to effortlessly blend with your interior. Scandi Simplicity Is Scandi ever out of fashion? We don’t think so, so of course Scandinavian style is still a firm favourite this year. Fresh, elegant and undeniably timeless, you can never go wrong with touches of Scandi design in your interior. We love the look so much that it was even one of our key trends for our own collection at the start of this year. Decorating any piece of wall or space needs a good amount of creative thinking and designing skills. Interior designers are the one who has the potential to make rooms and houses beautiful. Inifd Pune